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Allison Grey

Allison Grey is the pen name of an author who also specializes in horror fiction. Like the many characters Allison creates, she’s found great pleasure in writing in different genres, becoming as multi-layered as her characters, and letting every part of herself shine through. With Allison’s love for both horror and romance, it’s no wonder she found herself writing the love stories begging to be told from the paranormal world she so embraces.

As an adolescent, Allison typed away in her room for hours, blushing at the thought of the love scenes she wanted to take so much further. She finds incredible satisfaction in being all grown-up and able to take that blush to a graphically satisfying end.

Allison lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, an occultist of great inspiration to her work, and their young son, an adorable little boy whose possessed Allison’s fiery personality since birth. She hopes to return home to the South soon, and spend her days writing novels on a screened in porch, so nature’s little vampires can’t get in and distract her from the ones she’s weaving into her story.

Allison also models in the gothic and alternative genre, and dreams of finishing her M.F.A in the next few years, so that she can teach her craft and encourage the natural-born writers she comes across to spread their wings as authors. Her website is in progress and will be up just as soon as she masters those tricky domains.