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Beneath the Mistletoe by W. Lynn Chantale


Product Description

Romance on the Go TM

Maddie has harbored a secret crush for her suave and sexy dance partner, Max, but confessing how she feels could end a great partnership.

Max has lusted after Maddie since their very first dance six months prior. He has no problem acting on his feelings, but she belongs to someone else.

When circumstances leave Maddie open and available, Max and Maddie could get their Christmas wish, a dance beneath the mistletoe.


Max jerked her against the hard wall of his chest, his fingers grazing her cheek. “Where are you tonight, Madeline?” He placed his hands on her waist, lifted her high in the air, and she scissored her legs above his head.

She smoothed her hands down his back, the damp cotton warm beneath her hands. He did a three-sixty with her overhead in the splits. A quick toss and she rotated like a yo-yo. He caught her in his arms before dropping her in a swan dive, her nose mere inches from the hardwood floor.

He set her on her feet. A frown marred the perfection of his face.

“Sorry.” She gasped a breath before executing several pirouettes. She over-rotated, missed her cue, and tripped over Max’s foot. He grabbed her around the waist.

“Enough!” He stalked to the music player, stabbed a button, and the music abruptly ceased. “Are you trying to twist an ankle? You know the steps. The routine is complicated enough without you daydreaming.”

Panting, she hop-stepped to her gym bag, grabbed a towel, and blotted the sweat from her face. “Sorry.” She inhaled a ragged breath. Somehow, she had to rein in her wayward thoughts. But every time he touched her all she could think about was tracing the muscles in his arms, and the sensual mambo they rehearsed didn’t help. Each time his pelvis brushed hers, she wanted to wrap her legs around his waist. And the moment when she did—a sigh escaped her lips—she imagined the way he would feel deep inside her. No, she couldn’t tell him what was really on her mind. What if he didn’t want the same thing? She couldn’t bear another blow to her ego. She lowered the towel and was caught by his piercing blue stare. Her gaze roved over him, reading concern in his eyes and the firm set of his jaw.

“Sorry?” He shook his head. “We perform this routine in less than a week. And with all the rehearsals we’ve missed we can’t afford to waste any more time. Talk!”

Silence hung between them while she gathered her thoughts. All she had to do was open her mouth and blurt out the truth, yet she hesitated. Verbalizing her feelings would change everything and having a little bit of Max was better than having none of him at all.

She followed his movements when he crossed to his own bag and retrieved a bottle of water. His biceps flexed as he raised the bottle to his full luscious lips, and his throat constricted when he swallowed. She patted the towel along her face again as desire danced through her veins. Keeping this secret from him was harder than she expected.

“Let’s just finish this rehearsal and go home,” she said, tossing her towel aside. She strolled to the center of the dance floor and waited.

When he didn’t cue up the music, she faced him. He sat on the long narrow bench lining the one mirrored wall. A scowl tugged at his mouth and her heart sank. Max wasn’t going to finish rehearsal unless she told him what was wrong. 

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Product Reviews

  1. Long and Short of It Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2014

    Madeline had always planned on getting married on Christmas Day. She’d thought this was the year, until she’d ended up breaking her engagement at the last minute. Sheer determination had her still attending her work Christmas party when all she wanted to do was stay away. Seeing her ex with the woman he’d been cheating on her with was not a good way to spend the evening. The fact Max was present – and her strongest temptation – also didn’t help matters. Max was her dance partner and boss – so she couldn’t avoid him forever. When they start to dance though, everything else falls away. Maybe there’s a Christmas miracle in the works for Madeline and Max after all.

    Steamy and sensual, this is one Christmas story sure to get your blood pounding. Dancing is a very enticing sport and the author does a great job describing the chemistry sizzling between Max and Madeline. There’s a small sub-plot about Madeline’s ex-fiance, which I found realistic and refreshing in that they could argue, but not drag things out. I enjoyed how the author showed the fall out between the two of them but didn’t make it a major distraction, more just tying up loose ends.

    I also liked how despite the short length of this story, I really felt as a reader that the emotion, chemistry and connection between Max and Madeline was present. It’s there with their every touch and dance, the magic they create together. I was a bit disappointed that Madeline couldn’t work out her own head and feelings, that she had to resort to other measures. I can’t imagine a woman not being able to think about her own emotions and feelings and sorting them out – so I couldn’t relate to that, but the chemistry and passion she and Max shared made up for that shortcoming.

    Sensual and passionate, this short story has plenty of build up and one smoking hot consummation scene toward the end. Readers who like plenty of characterization, a slow burn building to an erotic climax could well be satisfied with this. I thoroughly enjoyed it and about from a few small niggles found myself eagerly turning the pages and seeking more. This is a sizzling hot romance with a traditional and sweet ending. I feel it will appeal to many readers

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