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Black Scar by Karyn Gerrard


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Blackthorne Clan, 4


Born a Thrope, a wolf shape shifter, Marcus Steele never imagined his life taking such a dangerous and heart-wrenching turn. Newly turned into a Vampire, Marcus became the victim of an attack of The Concealment from a member of the Blackthorne Clan. Now horribly scarred, Marcus also has to deal with the changes of his new life-state. The last thing he needs is to feel the Mate Bond.


Logan MacNeil is a Faepyre and a skilled healer. She is called upon by the Clan to assist in Marcus’s recovery. His extreme youth and potent injuries call to her long buried heart. Having love and lost centuries ago, she swore she would never take a mate again. Yet Marcus has stirred emotions in her she doesn’t wish to feel.


Many obstacles stand between them. Logan has many healing powers and skills. Will they be enough to heal Marcus and his emotional and physical...Black Scar?

Be Warned: m/m sex, bondage





“Since I am Thrope and Vampire, I must disgust you. Throw in my wrecked face and crippled body and I haven’t a hope in hell with you, do I?”

Logan sat back in shock. He seriously thought they had formed a sort of bond? Before she could try to form a reply, Marcus swung around to face her. He cupped her face and captured her lips with his.

Logan had not been kissed by any man in a very long time. The contact was a shocking jolt. His lips were warm, moist, and insistent. His tentative first brush scorched her insides. When he deepened the kiss and sensually wrapped his tongue around hers, Logan’s entire body erupted into flame.

Marcus groaned loudly and became more aggressive and possessive. The kiss became too much. Her long buried desires roared to the surface, and she could not have it. Logan grasped his shoulders and pushed him away hard. The movement caught Marcus off guard, and he fell backward on the bed, a dazed look on his face.

Her fangs extended again. No, it could not be true. She didn’t want a mate. She stood and backed away from him. He lay propped up on his elbow, winching in pain as he had landed on his casted arm. Her concern for his recovery soon overcame her apprehensions regarding the passionate and incendiary kiss. Logan stepped toward him to check his injured arm. Marcus hissed at her, his fangs clearly showing.

“Get out,” he growled.

Logan turned on her heel and rushed from the room, slamming the door behind her.

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