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Evernight Teen COMING SOON




A Division of Evernight Publishing

~Gritty Fiction for Today's Young Adult~


We are now accepting submissions for the upcoming 2013 launch of our new website dedicated to teen fiction.


Evernight is seeking fresh teen fiction that is raw, gritty, and real.

We want teen romance, coming of age stories, and cutting edge fiction that today's young adults can relate to. The stories should have real issues, a strong emotional punch, and a plot to keep the reader turning the pages.

Evernight Teen will cater to the 14+ age market, so we will not accept books intended for an adult, child, or middle-school market.


All genres accepted. 

Main characters should be between the ages of 16 and 21.


Submissions can be sent to evernightteensubmissions@gmail.com with a query, one-page synopsis, and the full manuscript.