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Going Berserk by Alexandra O'Hurley


Product Description

A Berserker Mate's Story

A free vacation with a couple of newlyweds turns out to not be such a great idea. Kara is a third wheel and wanders down the boardwalk to find solace to her boredom. Adventure soon finds her in the form of a fortune-telling witch who captures her and holds her hostage.

Apart from his pack, Jakob is a Berserker seeking to find himself. Never in his wildest dreams does he imagine he'd also find his mate. The fact she's a Swartska hostage is not acceptable.

Jakob struggles to free his woman by freeing the beast he's fought to control for years. Once she sees what he really is, will she accept him as her own?

NOTE: We recommend you read this FREE short story which bridges Night of the Dragon, book 1 and Beauty and her Beasts, book 2.


Sexual was not a term anyone would have ever used in conjunction with Kara before today, although she wasn’t a virgin either.  Her few times with a man had been awkward at best.  She pulled her arms and legs closer to her body, fighting the need coursing through her.  His words rang true, simply by the craving she felt, the need to cover him with her body, impale herself on his cock.
       Shaking her head, she fought to keep her body from rebelling, as if someone else had taken control of her.  The visions and ideas flowing through her mind weren’t ones that had ever been there before; sex acts she hadn’t even known existed.  The missionary position was the only one she’d ever performed, though she was familiar with the way animals mated, the female on all fours, taking the male from behind.  And the need to lower herself to the floor, her ass high in the air in welcome, practically overcame her as instinct raged through her.
       Or better yet, sitting on his lap as she took control of their encounter.  She closed her eyes as she mentally shoved her fingers through his hair, pulling his face up for her kiss, as he pumped into her.  She felt another wave hit her hard, followed by a growl from the end of the couch.
       Jakob gritted his teeth as if in pain and she saw his canines lower, extending past his lower teeth.  He closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, his dark irises were yellow, reflecting the light from the room back at her.  His growling intensified and he bit out one word. “Mine.”
       That was the last coherent thought she had.
       Jakob felt the change coming over him and he fought it with every ounce of his strength.  He would frighten her if he came at her as a beast, and knew he must take her in his human form.  Clasping the edges of the leather under him and closing his eyes, he willed himself to stop the transformation.
       As the wave of sexual need lessened slightly, he was able to recapture a little control.  But he knew he was at the end of his rope and that he’d take her now.  He noted she’d left the couch as he opened his eyes.  Looking across the room, he found her on her hands and knees, his t-shirt puddle below her and her round rear high in the air. Her pussy was covered with a thin snatch of lace that openly showed her need for him, her juices coating the edges.
       After lowering himself to her, he reached down to press his lips the soft skin of her bottom as he ripped the thong from her body with a loud tear.  Jakob saw her irises had turned completely black as she looked at him from over her shoulder and that her instincts had taken over. Kara was ready for her mating.  Pushing down the edges of his pants, he palmed the thick staff in his hand, pumping it a couple of times before placing the deep purple head against her slit.
       This time it was all nature as their combined need prevented him from giving her the soft slow loving she deserved.  Next time, it would be nurture. He’d lick the golden flesh between her thighs, languish in the space between her long, elegant legs, worship her breasts and bask in the beauty of her body.  Next time, he’d show her care, loving her deep into the night.
       But now, now he was going to fuck her hard and fast and spill his seed deep within her channel and hope she didn’t scare at how rough he could be.  Pressing the head into her pussy, he felt the tightness of her muscles slipping around him like a glove hand-tailored to his exact dimensions.  He pushed the rest of his thick cock inside her, his hands digging into her hips as he tried to hold on to the last shred of his control.

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Product Reviews

  1. Going Berserk 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jan 2015

    A short story where Jacob, a Berseker Male finds and rescues his female, Kara, who had no idea Berserker existed or that she was one of their kind. Alpha male and fluffy smut in a quick, fun read. I´ll def. keep reading this series.

  2. Going Berserk 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2012

    This is a tasty little tidbit of the Berserker’s Mate Series by Alexandra O’ Hurley. O’ Hurley does an outstanding job at developing in a fresh and new fantasy world for her readers. I for one am totally excited about reading these, each time they come up for review. It is a new spin on the shifter genre. I felt that the fantasy level in this story was taken up a notch, and evolves her story further, with this freebie short read.

    I honestly believe that O’ Hurley has an excellent voice for the paranormal genre, and for fantasy. Which she has woven a very expressive tale; her writing is solid, her flow is easy to keep up with, and she managed to give me a sexy, intriguing story in a very short word count. I have every faith in continuing this series. I am coming to love each character, as if I know them. They are all very vibrant three dimensional characters, with differing personalities and that is what I love about this series. Some authors fall into a rut when working with so many Alpha males in one volume of stories. But O’ Hurley well defines them all! I can’t wait to get to the next book, and I have them all up to date so far from my review site!

    If you are a fan of paranormal or fantasy erotic romance, I highly recommend you dive into this series!

  3. Bitten By Paranormal Romance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2012

    Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages: 24
    Jakob, shape shifter, thinks "[he is] cursed to live a loveless, empty life"
    Kara finds herself led to a fortune teller by smoke that smells like brownies. Jakob sees the same smoke, knows it is his enemies and sees Kara is bound a gagged by them. He feels the need to protect and claim her.

  4. TBR Pile 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2012

    A berserker has waited a long time to find his mate but he has to save her from his enemies before he can have her. As if that isn’t enough, he has to some how convince his human mate that she isn’t going crazy. I loved the plot, when do you ever read about a berserker outside of Norwegian legend that is? Add to the fact that the characters were really in-depth despite this being a short story. The author completely get’s across to you, Jakob’s need for solace and Kara’s compassion and heart. I did feel that the story ended rather abrupt, I waited for the To Be Continued sign but it never came. That aside it was a wickedly, fun read.

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