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Half-ling: Secrets by Allison Grey


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Half-lings Series, 2

Reney Rose can finally accept that she's half-vampire, and she's just starting to get settled into Hawaii with her fellow half-ling and lover, Ahulani, but there's a tension in the air... There's no question that Richard, the powerful full vampire hell-bent on their destruction, is going to come back. Even worse, Reney doesn't know how to feel about her dangerous former boss, because even though she's a spell-breaker, there's something about Richard's spell she just can't seem to melt.

Until the phone call. Richard has kidnapped Reney's best friend, Jane. They must travel to Romania in order to save her, and face Richard head-on in his own territory... a dark place where Reney will discover that things aren't quite what they seem. But not only does the castle across the sea hold secrets for the half-lings, there are more lurking just outside its walls...


 They strode off into the festivities. Despite Aniani’s coolness, Reney enjoyed the event, feeling as if she truly belonged there. One of Ahulani’s uncles had a bit too much to drink and regaled the family with tales of the Hawaiian half-lings as far back as he could remember. Tales of bravery and romance, even the story of how Ahulani’s village had survived the attack some years ago and rebuilt. Ahulani’s uncle raised his glass in a toast, and the family followed suit.

“To Reney and Ahulani,” he said. “Who, together, were able to drive off the bastard that led the Romanians. Welcome to the family, Reney.”

Everyone clapped, and Reney’s face felt flushed. Ahulani wrapped his arm around her, appearing swollen with pride. She could see Aniani eyeing her from across the lawn, but by then, it was too dark to tell what intentions Ahulani’s sister observed her with. Reney was glad when the party wound down, and they made their way back up to Ahulani’s apartment.

“Exhausted,” Reney said once inside, kicking off her sandals and flopping her tired body across the bed. Ahulani’s apartment was like a hotel room, beautifully furnished in the trinkets and motifs of his people’s ancestry.

“Not too exhausted, I hope.” Ahulani grinned, and he was on top of her. His shirt was already gone, his smooth, tan skin rubbing against her and lighting it on fire.

Making love to Ahulani could never get old. Reney felt as if she might swallow him whole, taking in the scent of him, his heat, the feeling of his broad tongue stroking her own. Within a few moments, neither of them could take the tension anymore, and Reney pulled up her dress. She took a deep breath as Ahulani entered her.

It was magical as always. Ahulani started slowly, smoothing back Reney’s hair as he prepared her. He was so large that he had learned to do so in all but the most heated moments; Reney still had trouble taking him.

She warmed to his rhythm at once, steadily stroking her hips into his. He swelled inside her as the excitement built. Reney let out a moan.

“I love you, Ahulani.”

Ahulani leaned forward, moving deep inside Reney. He stroked around her in a gentle circle, giving her forehead a tender kiss.

“You are everything, Reney….”

The phone rang, startling them both for a moment. It was rare for anyone, aside from Reney’s mother, to call their home phone. And she never called at such an hour.

“Maybe we should…” Reney started.

“Let the answering machine get it.” Ahulani grunted, looking perturbed. A streak of gold crossed his half-closed lids, and he jostled her insides so much that Reney had to agree with his reasoning.

The machine beeped. Reney grabbed the back of Ahulani’s thick neck, drawing herself into his fragrance. She knew orgasm would come soon for both of them, squeezing his cock tightly between her legs. Even with the discomfort she still felt, it was fantastic.

“Hello, Ahulani. Reney.”

A Romanian-twanged accent came from the machine. Reney froze.

Ahulani lost his momentum and pulled Reney onto his chest.

“You might be wondering why I am calling,” Richard said cheerfully from the answering machine. “I know we have not spoken in a few weeks. At least, not since you all had your little moment of glory or whatnot. But, as it is said, you may have won the battle, half-lings.”

Ahulani started up, placing Reney on her back in a gentle motion. Reney put her hand to his chest to stop him.

“Wait!” she insisted in a whisper, as if Richard could hear them. “We have to listen to what he says.”

“Yes, indeed you won the battle back there in warehouse,” Richard went on. “But the war, you ask?”

He chuckled.

“Oh, the war goes on. I am afraid I may have something that you, Reney, you lovely thing you, may want back.”

Ahulani’s eyes flashed in anger, the veins in his formed biceps engorged in a rage. He jumped to his feet and headed towards the phone, then froze in his tracks. There was another voice on the line.


“Oh, my God,” Reney shrieked. She clapped a hand over her mouth.

“Reney!” Jane’s terrified voice came from the machine. “Reney, you have to come to Romania. Reney, please.”

Jane was crying, clearly overcome in hysterics.

“I don’t know what I’ve done,” she said. Jane sounded like she was nearing a state of shock. “Please, Reney, I don’t know what’s going on. I-I don’t know what he is. Just please….”

Ahulani rushed for the phone, but the line went dead, almost as if Richard knew he intended to pick up. Ahulani stood naked, sweat pouring down his taut back and ass, more in anger than from the passion a few minutes before. Reney burst into tears.

“I knew this was going to happen!” She sobbed. “Oh God, Ahulani, he’s going to kill her! This is all my fault. She asked me to come back, and I didn’t!”

“It is not your fault!” Ahulani roared. She hadn’t heard him so angry since his standoff with Richard. “I love you, Reney. And I understand that you love your friend, and that evil bastard knew it. Start packing. We’re going to Romania.”

“W-what?” Reney said. She struggled to clear the tears from her eyes. “We don’t even know where they are in the entire country.”

Ahulani threw clothing into his suitcase, muttering to himself.

“Richard didn’t block the call,” he said snippily. “He wants me to call back. He knows I wouldn’t allow you to speak to him.”

“Wait a minute,” Reney said. She rose to her knees on the bed. “I can do whatever I want. Let me call him back.”

Ahulani shook his head, and Reney could see his pride, his hatred of the vampire, consumed him again. It was a side of Ahulani that scared Reney, when he became nothing like the good-natured young half-ling she knew.


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