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Half-ling: The Discovery by Allison Grey


Product Description

Half-lings Series, 1

Reney Rose looks like a fashion model, but actually spends her days editing real models into the famous So Glam Magazine. With a slew of jealous co-workers ready to burn her at the stake, Reney’s not sure she can take another day in the cubicle. Until she gets news of an intern’s dream come true—Richard Rogan, the dark and striking senior editor of So Glam, has chosen Reney to accompany him to Hawaii! Mr. Rogan has never even spoken to Reney, but his mere presence makes her weak in the knees.

Things get even more heated when she meets Ahulani, a gorgeous Hawaiian whom she feels strangely drawn to. Only, Ahulani has news for Reney. They’re both half-vampires, and Richard is an evil full vampire determined to drain her potent half-ling blood. Reney is falling fast for Ahulani, but will she be able to resist Richard’s hypnotically wicked lust?


 Ahulani was suddenly in front of the door, and Reney startled. He had moved with ruthless speed. It was reminiscent of how he had been making the drinks, but this time, he had literally been a bronze flash. He blocked the entrance completely. Taking one look at his rippling muscles, Reney knew she wouldn’t be a match for him. Even with all the aerobics classes she had been dragging Jane to four times a week.


“Reney, he will kill you. You must listen to me. Your very life depends on it, and likely the lives of countless others on this island. Your boss is a cold-blooded killer, a murderer. I watched him kill my own mother when I was but a boy.”


Instinctively, Reney turned and ran in the other direction. If she couldn’t get out to the safety of the pool area, the very least she could do was get back to her own room. The magnetic key was tucked safely in the strap of her bathing suit. She lifted a hand to make sure it was still there. It was. She kept running. She could hear Ahulani shouting after her, but he didn’t appear to be following her. Good. She could get back to the hotel room and call the police. Most of all, she needed to warn Richard that this nut job was ready to do something terrible to him. He might even try to kill him.


She burst through the door of her hotel room, breathless. She fumbled with the key card for a few terrifying moments, certain Ahulani would appear with his creepy lizard-like speed at any instant and break through her door. But he hadn’t, and she was back in the safety of her own room. Locked inside, she pressed her trembling body against the door. This was not what she had had in mind when she envisioned her trip to paradise.


“You were late.”


Reney jumped in fear, letting out a shriek she hoped wouldn’t give away her whereabouts. It wasn’t Ahulani, though. It was Richard, sitting on the couch of the suite, with a bottle of champagne and his trademark gaze of black ice.


“Richard.” Reney gasped in relief. “I’m so sorry. You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me. This man, one of the bartenders, he said that you were planning to kill me. And when I tried to go back out into the pool area, tried to run, he blocked my way. I thought for sure he was going to kill me. I’m so glad you’re here. We have to call the police.”




A distant flicker of emotion grazed Richard’s black irises, but Reney couldn’t tell what he might be feeling. She thought that it was rather strange, even for detached Richard, to not be a little troubled about the whole situation.


“Have a seat, Reney. I’m very disappointed in your untimely arrival at the pool. I spent the better half of an hour looking all about for you. Where were you?”


Reney sat as if a dog on command, and she couldn’t help but notice Richard’s body as she did. He was gleaming white and still a bit wet from the pool. She found it difficult to imagine Richard swimming. It seemed like too frivolous an activity for the stony senior editor. But he must have, lean muscles trembling under droplets of water, and Reney was surprised to find herself aroused. Her bikini line began to moisten. And it wasn’t from the pool water.


“I’m s-sorry,” she said. “I had fallen asleep. I thought for sure that I would be awake long before the pool call. The next thing I knew, I was waking up and had like three minutes to get ready.”


“No matter. Don’t let it happen again. I brought you along on this trip with me because I think you have what it takes to represent the magazine. Do you understand that, Reney?”


“Yes. I do. I’m very sorry. It will not happen again. You have my word. From now on, I am going to conduct myself in the manner of a professional. In everything. I know we only have a few days here, but I won’t even so much as look at a cocktail, unless someone important is insisting on it.”


Richard handed her a glass of champagne.


Reney laughed awkwardly. As soon as the bubbles hit her lips, she was glad to take it from him. It was like a wash of relief after the ordeal at the pool, after the sexy bartender had transformed into a particularly sizzling psycho.


“Look at me, Reney. In the eyes. What else did this bartender boy tell you about me?”


“About you?” Reney said, a little put off. “Well, he said that you were a vampire.”


She laughed at the memory.


“Yeah, he said that you were a vampire, and he was a half-vampire. Oh, wait, and I’m a half-vampire, too. And your kind doesn’t like my kind. I guess that you’re going to kill me before this trip is over.”


“Do you believe that?”


Reney snorted sweet bubbles through her nose in a chuckle.


Believe that? Yes, Richard, I believe that you’re a vampire, and that you’re going to kill me. But, look out! I’m half a vampire. So I guess I’ve got a shot at you, too, right?”


She expected him to laugh, but he didn’t, and Reney realized that she couldn’t avert her eyes from him. The black eyes that had followed her down the dark road in her dream were twisting and turning about the socket, and clouded over the whites of his eyes completely. Reney wanted to scream, to get up, and bolt for the door, but she was riveted to the spot.


“Don’t be frightened, Reney. Like I said, I invited you on this trip because you were special. And because I want you, Reney. Not just to represent the magazine. I want to be inside you, Reney. I want to feel you in there.”


“Richard,” she managed, and this was all.


The sharp exquisiteness of his face swallowed her whole, the black eyes twisting back and forth inside her mind. The indistinct accent she had been trying to place was sweeping before, but became stronger in their mutual excitement.


He leaned forward, and she dropped her glass on the floor as he did. His lips took her in a violent kiss, his tongue not hesitant at the opening of her mouth. He prodded his way past gums and teeth to wrap her tongue in an embrace, twisting and twirling methodically. Reney moaned against her will, her eyes still stock-open. She was entranced by the spiraling, black clouds in his eyes. Richard pushed her down with immense force, crawling atop her. Reney gasped, spreading her legs apart as if on instinct. He stroked the v-line of her bikini, tugging at the strings barely holding them together.


“I want to see these, Reney. I want to taste them and every part of you. Don’t try and resist. You know you’ve wanted this just as much as I have. You do want me. Don’t you, Reney?”


“Yes,” she murmured, and her top was on the floor as swiftly as her champagne glass had been, her nipples suddenly bare and already erect.


Richard ran his hands across them, chilling them, and making them stand tall. The clouds in his eyes moved faster and faster as he leaned down to take one in his mouth, whirling his tongue around at such rapid speed Reney cried out in pleasure.


“You like this, don’t you, Reney? You’re so beautiful, so very creamy and full of life…so very much more than I have. I am going to take you as my own. I am going to make you come. Make you scream like a little girl. Isn’t that what you want, Reney?”


“Yes.” Reney sighed. “I have wanted this. I’ve always wanted you, Richard.”


Richard laughed coldly. It was the first time she had ever heard any such emotion from the senior editor. He moved his pelvis between her already spread legs, and she could feel his member, swollen with blood. Much larger than any that had passed inside of her before. He rubbed it up and down, back and forth over her pussy lips until she thought she might scream.


Richard smirked, as if reading her mind.


“Oh, you will scream.”


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Product Reviews

  1. Coffee Time Romance Reviews 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2012

    Reney is an intern at So Glam Magazine and looks like she should be one of the models. All of her coworkers are jealous of her beauty, and she only has one friend on the job, but she is determined to be a success in her career.

    Ahulani is a half vampire. He works as a bartender at an exclusive Hawaiian resort. He has vowed revenge on the vampire who killed most of his family and is about to get his chance.

    Reney is a bit isolated in her job due to the attitude of her coworkers. She is not sure whether her looks or her ability got her the chance to go to Hawaii with Richard Rogan, the handsome senior editor, but she is determined to make the most of her opportunity. She does not know what to think when a handsome bartender at the resort tells her that she is a half vampire like himself and that Richard is an evil vampire determined to kill her. The idea seems crazy to Reney but something about Ahulani makes her want to trust him.

    This is a fast and enjoyable read albeit with a few problems. I found it odd that a gorgeous thirty-year old woman was an intern at a fashion magazine. That is usually a position for a college student or a new grad. It was also annoying that all of the women who worked at the magazine were jealous and catty except for one. This is very improbable and impacted on my enjoyment of the story. The Hawaiian setting was interesting and exotic and Ahulani’s story a compelling one. The events at the resort were exciting and a bit titillating though one scene bordered on rape. Fortunately, Reney and Ahulani’s love story overshadowed the flaws.

    Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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