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I'll Be Damned by Stella Berkley


Product Description

Erotic Short Story Collection

For one night, love is enough to bridge the distance between heaven and hell.  

In Devil Be Mine, Lucifer’s soul whore, Delilah, is tempted by her favorite submissive, Micah, an angel as pure as she is naughty.

In Fire and Ice, heaven’s black sheep, Qenna, meets her match in Pyro, chaos incarnate and devilish charm in a designer suit.

In Raven, a reaper forces the Guardian, Mara, to accept what’s in her heart or say goodbye to her Raven forever.

In Hunting Pleasure, Lucifer’s Lieutenant, Selene, indulges in heaven’s highest ranking sentinels, Michael and Arael, who turn the hunter into the hunted.

And finally, in No Mercy, God’s right hand, Gabriella, must convince Lucifer to abolish the law standing between her brethren and their lovers.  To right a wrong she played a part in, Gabriella agrees to a private meeting with the object of her darkest fantasies—the devil himself.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), mild BDSM, anal sex, icicles as sex toys


“How badly do you want this for them?”  Running fingers down the tight line of his belly, Lucifer edged closer.  “Decide, because my patience is thin tonight.”

I flinched at the sharpness of his tone while his aggression stirred thoughts of him spreading me upon one of the—stop it!  “What is it you want, Lucifer?”  What would I be willing to give?  “I’m not sleeping with you, so don’t even think about it.”

A flick of his fingers undid his jacket, and he slipped it off.  “No, what I want is much simpler than that, Rielle.  Just a kiss, one like I gave you that night on the steps, only this time there will be no running away.  If you run, then the deal’s off.”

A sensory memory filled me with flame that ate me up.  Hot breath on my lips, the urgency of his mouth on mine, the demand of his fingers fisted in my hair.  The sounds, more animal than man, all for me.  A tiny moan slipped out before I swallowed and shook my head.  “No.  Not that.”  I’d be finished.  He’d almost had me then until I remembered my place, where my loyalties lay.  

  Each button of his shirt came undone under his skilled hands, revealing more and more of his  muscled chest, his rock hard stomach.

“Why are you taking your clothes off?”  I’d never seen him nude.  Did he have wings?  Could they trap me?  Caress me?

“You forget so easily that I know what you want before you do.  I’ve never shown them to anyone who I wasn’t personally reaping or wanted to scare the life out of.  This is my final offer.  If you want to free those sneaking around in the dark, then you will agree.” 

He shrugged out of his shirt, baring his defined shoulders and rounded biceps that appeared strong enough to confine me however he pleased.  “There are different shades of darkness, all the way from evil up to the kind in my strong, bold angel.  It’s already inside of you, begging for you to accept it.  Accepting it won’t change who you are, Rielle, not with me.”  Groaning, he extended wings of black that spread out like a beautiful nightmare, made of fire and feathers and mist.  “All I’m asking for is a kiss, and after that, you’re free to walk away from me.”

“It isn’t just a kiss.  Nothing between us has ever been, or ever will be, as simple as that.”  I reigned in my quivering voice.  “And how can I ever be free?  Since the night of my reaping when you stood on the riverbank where I drowned, fucking me with your eyes, you decided I would never be free of you.”

“Or you decided.  You were so tempted to follow me that night.  Your indecision was written on your face, and your arousal scented the air like cherries.  Even your body flies my colors, your wild streak of red visible in your otherwise pure white hair and wings.”

Was that why I ended up with crimson markings instead of gold or silver or blue like the rest?  No, it couldn’t be true.  “I will never follow you.”

“Yet here you are, wrapped up like sex in a pretty package, begging me with your every movement to tug on that ribbon.”  He bore down on me, those wings folding around to blot out the world.  “Decide.  Your stubborn pride?  Or their freedom?”


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