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Immortal Prey by Diana Ballew


Product Description

She owns his heart...the beast rules his soul.

Derek Rudliff was an ordinary man...or so he thought. The Were king tasted the legendary warrior blood coursing through Derek's veins. Spared a brutal death, Derek's reward as the future Were king is to spend eternity with his beloved mortal wife, but he must kill her and wait for her rebirth three hundred years later. Her intoxicating scent leads him on a quest to find her, but what Derek discovers is not what he had expected. His beloved is now Erin Richland, a fiery, emerald-eyed beauty with a mind of her own, and she's far from the docile woman he remembers from centuries ago.

Erin Richland is no easy prey.

Drawn to the mysterious stranger, Erin finds Derek's attempts at seducing her are impossible to deny, but terrifying, haunting images of her forgotten past begin to resurface. Determined to get the coveted exclusive interview that could launch her career, Erin struggles between her attraction for Derek and getting to the bottom of the gruesome maulings and murders plaguing the young city of Everett, Washington. As much as she's lured to Derek, she equally fears him, for she senses he is somehow connected to her terrifying dreams and imaginings.

Together, Derek and Erin must battle the dark forces of evil determined to pull them apart. Only then, can the two lovers find their way back to each other for all eternity.

Be Warned: anal sex



Derek took a step forward, gazing into her eyes with an intensity she'd never seen before. Invisible inches stood between them, yet an imperceptible force gathered in the middle. Heat radiated from his body, like liquid fingers penetrating her clothing, finding its way to her plush core. 


He squeezed her hand. “Woman, I want you so bad I can taste you.”


His words melted any remaining resolve left within her. There was nothing in the world she wanted more than to make love with Derek.


He clutched her by the neck and drew her close. “You are mine, do you hear me?”


Erin's breath shuddered within her chest. “I … I do,” she whispered.


Deftly, he lifted her into his arms and laid her on the silky bedding. “Mine,” he repeated.


Standing beside the bed, he towered above her and slowly unbuttoned his vest, his gaze locked upon hers. He draped the garment over the velvet bedroom chair. Following his lead, she began unbuttoning the front of her dress.


“No. Allow me the pleasure of undressing you,” he said, his voice growing deeper with each measured word.


He removed his cotton shirt, revealing a pale, broad chest matted with darker hair. Carnal hunger burned inside her, the yearning growing fierce, like the awakening of a sleeping demon.


Her breasts throbbed, the corset binding and pinching with each inadvertent gasp.


He sat beside her on the bed and cupped her chin, angling her face upward toward his approaching lips. He kissed her tenderly, gently coaxing her mouth open with the tip of his tongue as his hand found way to the long row of satin-covered buttons running the length of her dress.


With the release of each button, a warm finger trailed along the sensitive skin between her breasts. The blast of cooler air instantly made her nipples strain beneath the binding undergarments.


Slowly, he moved to the bottom of the bed and removed her shoes, followed by each stocking, his fingers snaking along the curves of her calves.


Silently, she cursed the pinching corset squeezing her breath. She reached for her stays, but his hand was instantly on hers, and she heard the breath catch deep within his throat.


He leaned over her. “No.” He licked his bottom lip. “I will do it.”


Derek slid the dress from her shoulders and gently pulled it down and over her bare feet. Moisture beaded across her neck and chest, and the sensitive space between her thighs slickened. He touched her in such an acquainted way she fought the urge to shudder with each glide of his warm hands across her sensitive skin.


He stood and draped her dress over his discarded garments on the chair. Looming over her near-naked body like an effigy, he said, “Stand.”


The demanding tone of his deep voice made her instantly feel vulnerable. Instinctively, she covered her chest with splayed hands. “What?”


A single eyebrow rose above his smoldering gaze. “Stand so that I may undress you entirely.”




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Product Reviews

  1. Romancing the Book Review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th May 2014

    When I first started to read this book, I thought it was going to be boring, because it started out slow and it was not capturing my attention. After the first couple of pages, as the story developed, it got so exciting and entertaining, I didn’t want to stop reading. I love and equally hate when that happens. Everything around me goes to pot and I really don’t care because the story is just that good. Thank you Ms. Ballew, wow is all I can say for this book.

    I thought this book was going to be present day and I was pleasantly surprised that it took place in the early 1900′s. It worked for this story and I loved the old world feel of the early 1900′s. The secondary characters that were introduced in this book were just as entertaining as the primary characters. I loved Derek’s best friend. He was such a hedonist, and he knew it and wasn’t ashamed of it at all.

    There were some twists and turns along the way and I found myself cheering for Derek and Eursle/Erin to get their happy ending, because they were put through a lot.

    One thing I loved about this book is how the author jumps from the present to the past in order to better tell the story, and things begin to make sense as the story unfolds. It’s more entertaining for the reader to actually be there when the story unfolds, rather then have the character tell the story. I wasn’t confused with the author jumping back and forth between past and present, so don’t worry, if this kind of story telling makes you uncomfortable. All of your questions will be answered by the end of the book. There will be some tidbits that I thought that weren’t going to be explained, but don’t worry, things that were brought up at the beginning of the book will be resolved at the end.

    I totally liked Derek. He did some shady underhanded things to ensure that Ersule/Erin would be free for him to pursue, but as they say, all’s fair in love and war. I found that even though he did some shady stuff, it didn’t take away from his likability and his vulnerability. Yes, I know, he’s this alpha male, king of his were pack, uber masculine and here I am calling him vulnerable. Yet he really is. He loves Ersule/Erin to the depth of his soul and nobody and nothing will stand in his way. How can that be wrong when it’s just so right?

    Ersule/Erin is a complex character to try and figure out. When she was Ersule, in the past, she was this sweet biddable woman who would do anything for Derek. She loved him just as passionately and desperately as he loved her. Excuse me as I just sigh…….ok……She was a different woman then and when she came back as Erin, she was a more modern day woman, who wanted to be treated equally. She wanted to work and have a career, she didn’t want to be defined as someone’s mother or wife, she wanted her own identity which was unheard of in that time frame , she wanted women to gain the vote. She was a modern day thinker. How is this going to play out with Derek when his submissive wife is not there anymore? What will happen?

    I loved how Ms. Ballew solved this problem. Derek is a man of depth and intelligence and he didn’t let me down with being able to change with the times. Three hundred years is a long time and you have to adapt. I loved this book, it really was just that good.

  2. Amazing Adventure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2013

    Immortal Prey is an amazing adventure! This story is dangerous, romantic and HOT! It is a real page turner, such a great twisting story with full incredible characters. Your imagination with enjoy every page!

  3. Another Keeper from Diana Ballew! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Nov 2012

    The first Diana Ballew book I read, "Thorns of Eden", was a Civil War historical and while I never would have thought the sub-genre would have so enthralled me, it did. Now, Ms. Ballew's latest, "Immortal Prey", released just today, is a paranormal with werewolves. Yes, you heard me - werewolves. And I LOVED IT! I don't do paranormals, people. But I downloaded it at midnight and finished it today at 10:50PM. OMG.

    Another thing I very rarely like is first person. But half of "Immortal Prey" is written in first person in the hero's POV and then the other half is written in the heroines POV but in third person. How the hell can that work when you combine a three-hundred year journey? I don't know but she did it!! It's brilliant and fresh and really got me so in touch with the characters.

    Derek, the Were King, is a remarkably sensitive man but also strong and determined to not only reunite with his love but also keep his pack safe. He forces his own immediate needs aside to protect those he cares for and to ensure no one suffers at his hands. For being an immortal werewolf, he's more human than most heroes!

    Erin is the reincarnation of his beloved wife after three hundred years, a strong woman and suffragette in the young times of Everett Washington. She may be tendered-hearted but she is also a determined journalist and woman's' rights advocate.

    And hot? Man alive! The intense passion between the characters is palpable and immediate. I love the deep emotional connection between them and that the steamy love scenes are so natural. I love how Derek struggles with the thoughts of is he falling in love with this new woman, a "modern" Erin, or will the woman he loved originally rise and be the same once the journey is done?

    I highly recommend this fast, intense, gripping story with character you like and can cheer for. Don't question how it all can work - just buy and you won't be sorry!

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