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Laying Down the Lawman by Alex Bowman


Product Description

The Soul Collectors, 2

Sheriff Jason McCall has been entrusted by his community to protect and serve.  When dead bodies start littering the morgue, his investigations lead him to a world of creatures he never believed in.  Questioning his own sanity, he closes in on the killers, never expecting to be attracted to one of the things that go bump in the night.

Elia comes to the area when he senses a spike in evil energy, knowing the Hell Demon Horde is behind the rash of deaths.  When he’s nearly arrested by the local sheriff, he’s tempted to let the sexy lawman put him in cuffs and have his wicked way with him.

Bodies collide as they find solace in each other.  Jason’s weary of joining their fight, bound by the oath he gave his neighbors.  So, Elia pulls out all the stops to lay down his lawman.

Be Warned: m/m sex.



“Hands up where I can see them.”

Elia looked the human over, seeing the uniform of a lawman in the dim light, the moon casting a glint over the tin star on the man’s chest.  Law or not, there was a chance this man was working with Molock, so he needed to tread carefully.  He lifted his hands up and signaled his surrender, which was anything but.  At first chance, he would subdue the male and continue his perusal.

“Come out into the light so I can see you better.  Keep the hands up.”

Elia stepped forward and into the full moon’s illumination, shifting back into his human form before doing so.  Apparently he’d not been quick enough.

“Dammit, you’re one of them, aren’t you?”

Elia couldn’t help but bristle at the term them, or the way the man spit it out.  “One of what, officer?”

“Don’t play me.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.”

Elia couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Quack, quack.”

The gun trained on him never wavered.  Elia stopped laughing as he saw Chastity get out of the car from the corner of his eye.

“Chastity?  What are you doing up here?”  The man never removed his eyes from Elia.  Smart man.

“Aww, Sheriff McCall, whatchu got your gun out for?  This gentleman has been nothing but nice to me.”

“Well, this gentleman seems to have put himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“How’s that, sheriff?  Is there a law against stopping in to see if a friend is home?”

“A friend?”  The sheriff lowered his voice an octave, as if he didn’t want Chastity to hear what he had to say.  “I know what you freaks are doing up here.  There’ll be no more killings in my county.  Is that why you brought her up here, to drain her blood and pitch her body into the river like the others?”

Drain her blood?  Elia’s mind spun as he tried to insert that knowledge into what he already knew.

Was Molock working with vamps? 

Mother-fucker.  He looked the sheriff over one more time, wondering if he should keep playing dumb or if he needed to lay some of his cards out on the table to offer to share a little information.  The officer could potentially help give him more of the intel he would need to take down the demon, to see what they were up to and how wide the net spread.

“Sheriff, you’ve got it all wrong.  You really do.  I’m on your side in this.  I saw all the strange disappearances in Jackson and came here to help.  I’m a demon hunter.”  Elia took a tentative step forward, knowing if he could get close enough, he could tell the sheriff to release him and to forget everything that had just happened.  If he could just get a good look into the man’s eyes.

“Stay the fuck back.”

Elia took another tentative step closer.  “Molock has left a trail of dead bodies in his wake before.  I can help you.”

The gun never moved or shook.  Elia felt an instant of respect for the man behind the weapon.  “I said, stand your ground.  Do not move closer or I will shoot you.”

“Now, sheriff, I’m not trying to hurt anyone. I just came out here to see what Molock was up to and to see how to stop him.”  Elia was only a few feet away now and could finally get a good look at the sheriff’s face.  He was younger than Elia expected, his skin smooth.  The wide brim of his Stetson cast a shadow over half his face, but the wide mouth was expressive, the lips curved and bowed.  The peppering of beard growth just made the male all the more attractive.  A twinkling light came from where his eyes should be.

Elia captured the stare as best he could, staring at where those twinkles were.  “You’ll release me now, and let the woman go.  We were never here.”

“What kind of bullshit is that?”

Elia grimaced.  Apparently, he’d not gotten a good enough look into the man’s eyes when he’d issued the command.  He’d need to get closer, pop the hat off him.  He took another carefully measured step.

“I will not hesitate to shoot you.  Take one more step and you’re gonna have a hole in you.”

Elia knew he needed to be quick.  He’d have to jump the sheriff and pin him to the ground, get the ridiculous cowboy hat off him and capture his stare.  Once it was all over, the human would never realize what had even happened.  In the blink of an eye, he pounced, but not before the human let off a round from his gun.  Elia was too fast and the bullet didn’t get him in the intended spot, but rather, slipped just past his shoulder, nicking him.

The pain lanced through his arm, but he couldn’t stop until he had gotten the officer to forget him.  Tumbling him to the ground, he soon landed on top of the human and wrestled him for the gun.  The thing went off in their hands, hitting the Mercedes on the side.  Dammit, my car!  He heard Chastity scream and begin running, her feet sounding over the pebbled drive.

Elia somehow knocked the hat from the man and saw him for the first time, Elia not needing as much light to see in the moonlit night.   A strong brow covered the most intense set of green eyes he’d ever seen.  An aquiline nose ended above those firm lips, taut cheeks sloped down to a firm jaw.  The man was absolutely stunning.

He tried to ignore the jade green and how incredibly beautiful those eyes were.  He also tried to ignore how turned on he was getting, too, the strapping man fighting with incredible strength below him.  He tried to ignore how rock hard his cock was already becoming.


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Product Reviews

  1. Top 2 Bottom Reviews

    Posted by Gabbi on 27th Sep 2012

    Wow! For just under 110 pages, Laying down the Lawman packs a lot of punch! This is the second book I’ve read by Alex Bowman, and this is an author I’m quickly becoming addicted to reading more of. From page one, the book starts off with a bang and ends with one too! Between the adventure, romance and interesting world building this novel has… I’m already ready to read the next book in the series.

    I’m going to tread lightly with this review because I don’t want to give anything away. This is the second book in the Soul Collectors series and in my opinion is just as good as the first one. I will say that Laying Down the Lawman could probably be read as a stand-alone book, but I highly recommend reading the books in series order. There is a lot of world building and the heroes in the first book play an intricate part in this novel, so to fully understand the dynamics and the politics the author has created, these books really should be read in series order.

    Jason McCall is a sheriff that has pledged to keep his county safe. Lately, there’s been mysterious deaths in his jurisdiction that not only has him perplexed by how and why it’s happening, he’s also discovered that he has the ability to see things that others don’t around him. Jason has a military way of thinking and his beliefs are pretty much black and white. There are many things he doesn’t understand, and has misconceptions about, and when he meets Elia, who insists on helping him, he instinctively knows there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. Trust doesn’t come easily for him, and as Elia continues to reveal things about him and even Jason himself, it not only confuses him, it also makes him question everything he believes in.

    Elia is the Crown Prince of Kallypso and knows a Soul Collector when he meets one. He also realizes that Jason is in denial about many things. Not only is Jason a Soul Collector, Elia knows that he and Jason have an intense emotional connection between them that cannot be denied. Even when he takes Jason to Kallypso, Jason still is leery of him and doesn’t trust Elia and wonders about his motives. But Elia knows with love and a lot of determination on his part, Jason can live up to be what he’s meant to be and share a deep love and connection with Elia that he’s never thought he’d share with someone.

    There is definitely a push-pull between the two heroes, Elia and Jason. Jason has been through a lot and is distrustful of Elia, so Elia must earn his love and respect. I loved that the other characters in the first book also played a big part of this one too. The series continues to go on rather smoothly and has made me anxious for the next book. *cough* Graeae and Avery *cough* If you are looking for a fast-paced book with plenty of action and well as some truly amazing characters, then Laying Down the Lawman is definitely for you!
    Highly Recommended! 4.5 Kisses

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