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Naughty Noelle by Vanessa Devereaux


Product Description

Romance on the Go

While heading home on Christmas Eve, CEO Shaun Cullen notices that the lights on the main floor are still on and decides to turn them off. There he finds a slip of red paper and upon reading it learns it’s a dirty letter to Santa and signed by someone called Naughty Noelle.

He discovers she’s the alter ego of employee Ellen Nelson and the letter is her confession about everything bad she's done at work, and also her lust for him.

Will he fire her or will he visit her dressed as Santa and hand out some of his own form of punishment?


Shaun flipped the switch on the office Christmas tree. Apart from the two overhead security lights, the fourth floor was now cast into almost total darkness. He made his way toward the elevators, glancing at his watch as he did so. Four p.m. on Christmas Eve and he was the last person left in the building. Maybe his New Year resolution would be to work less and play harder.
One of the drawbacks to being the CEO. Becoming one had been his dream and resolution five years ago. He hit the elevator button with his knuckle. At least being the only person left at Billingham Corporation headquarters meant you didn’t have to wait more than a few seconds before the elevator arrived. He got into the car and pushed for the first floor.

Not that he was in any hurry to get home. Last year’s resolution had been to find someone special to share his life. He’d been serious about doing just that until midway through January. It was on the fifteenth day that he’d given up and realized he probably wouldn’t find anyone mostly because he was getting too picky.

The elevator doors opened and he stepped into the lobby, glancing toward the main floor offices as he did so. Someone had left a light on in there. He knew the cleaning staff had finished their work and left two hours ago. Maybe one of them had been in the festive spirit a bit too much and forgotten about it. It would be two days before the office staff returned, and he didn’t want to waste electricity. Shaun headed in there and walked by the employees’ holiday decorated desks decked out with tinsel, balloons and miniature Santas. He was about to flick the main light switch when he noticed a sheet of red paper had fallen from one of the desks. He picked it up, not planning to pay any attention to what was written on it, but the fancy penmanship caught his eye. It was a letter to Santa. Maybe someone’s child had written it and the employee had forgotten to take it home with them. Should he read it to try and find out who that person was, just in case a child was waiting for a certain gift under the tree tomorrow morning?

Pulling out the chair from the desk, he sat and placed the paper on his lap. He switched on the desk lamp and began reading.

    Dear Santa,
    Last year I was very good, but this year, well that’s another story. I’ve been a naughty employee. I lost a bet with the girls in my department which meant I had to photocopy my pussy. We had a new temp start in March and he was too much for me to resist. During work hours I gave him a blow job in the supply cupboard. The following day he gave me a hand job under the table while we were in a meeting with the boss, Shaun Cullen. And speaking of which, I’ve had erotic thoughts about him all year. I was tempted to anonymously send him the photocopy and use it as a way to introduce myself to him.
    When we went on the staff retreat in the summer I fucked one of the guys from marketing, but all the time I imagined it was Mr. Cullen who was pounding away inside me. I even stole a few things from the company hoping he’d catch me, call me up to his office where he’d bend me over his knee and spank me before doing more erotic things to me.
    I know this all sounds very bad, and it is. So Santa I’ll quite understand that when you stop by on Christmas Eve, if you find the need to punish me in the only way you know how.
    Yours always, Naughty Noelle.

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