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Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Anais Morgan


Product Description

When they finally find love, can it survive the scrutiny?

Vincent’s days at work are spent admiring a hot hunk of man flesh named Jason. Unfortunately, Jason is straight—or so Vincent believes. When Jason asks Vincent out to a sporting event, he confesses he’s interested, and Vince has no problem exploring these feelings with Jason. After a night of passion, they decide they’ve held back their true feelings for too long and want to try a committed relationship.

Just as things start to work for them, their boss finds out that they’re gay. He turns them in for on-the-clock PDA and tells their co-workers. Can Vincent and Jason’s relationship hold up against that kind of hatred?

Be Warned: m/m sex


A knock came on the door. I walked over and unlocked the deadbolt. Jason smiled as I opened it. He stepped on the threshold, his brows furrowing the way they always had at work. Something was bothering him.

“We good?” I asked.

He hesitated before answering. “Yeah. Can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure.” I stepped aside to allow him to come in farther. After closing the door, I asked, “What’s up?”

He waited a few seconds, concern warping his gaze. I began to worry.

Jason said, “Look, Vincent, I know you’re gay.”

My teeth chattered while my stomach dropped between my knees. How did he find out? I’d been so careful, always watching my back. My hands shook, my knees wanted to knock so I leaned on one foot, trying to play it cool. “How did … you … umm. Well, you see—”

Jason held up his hands in defense. Smiling, he said, “Look, I’m not mad. Actually, I think you’re cute.” He paused. “I’ve always thought something was wrong with me. I love sex, but mostly anal. Women turn me on, but not the way men seem to. Maybe I’m bi? I don’t know. But I want to find out.”

And did I ever want to pull him to my side. I smiled at him, my hands quivering and whispered, “I’ll help you.”

Jason took a step closer. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled me in for a kiss. At first he puckered, unsure of what to do. I led him, kissing his bottom lip gently. He molded his lips to mine, following my lead.

“Want me to help you figure that out?” I opened his mouth with my own, sliding my tongue in. He massaged mine back, licking and playing with it. My body, and my cock, reacted to his touch. I wanted to break away and hug him, maybe jump for joy. But no, I couldn’t. I didn’t want the kiss to end.

Jason let out a small moan and I wanted him even more. Fuck the game, we could do this all night. I slid my hand up to the back of his neck. His hair stood on end. What did that mean? Could he be turned on, too? Or was he mortified?

Jason pulled back, gazing into my eyes. His were wide. He hated it, I could tell. He didn’t want it.

“That was … weird,” he said.

“I’m sorry.”

He smirked. “I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

My cock twitched with his words. Wow. “That did just happen, didn’t it?”

Jason laughed and waved me to follow as he opened the door. I grabbed my keys and we got to his car. I was impressed when I saw a 1969 Cobra hatchback in my driveway. I tapped the hood, getting Jason’s attention. “Nice car,” I said.

“Thanks, it was my dad’s. Man, he loved this car.”

“I bet. Gorgeous.” The royal blue paint gleamed in the streetlights and sunset. It had an iridescent coating. I hadn’t seen a classic car, or at least one not in the junk yard, in months.

I got in the car and Jason turned the engine, it roared to life, purring like a lion. I smiled, not even sure if lions did purr. Either way, the sound was like heaven to my ears.

Jason turned on the radio. The end of some power ballad filled the car. The seventies. The next song had Jason laughing. He backed out of the driveway, bobbing his head to the beat. Making our way down the street, Jason looked at me. “Not a Starship fan?” he asked.

“Yeah, I grew up listening to them. Didn’t peg you as a fan boy.”

Jason chuckled. “If it’s the eighties I’m game.” He turned up the radio, and began singing. “Look into my lies, smell like dying mice.”

I laughed. “Those aren’t the words.”

“They should be.”

When the woman’s part came up, I sang, “Put your hand in my pants, just don’t grab my sack.”

As the chorus started, Jason yelled out, “And we can smell this thing and ever, standing in the sewer, nothing’s gonna stop us now.”

I laughed again, almost hysterically. “That didn’t make one ounce of sense.”

“Does it have to?”

 I looked at Jason as he continued with his own version of the song. I smiled. I never would have thought we’d be going out together, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought he’d kiss me. But it was like we were made for each other as our lips connected such a short time ago.

I wanted that again. I wanted to feel him on me, his hands exploring, me leading him in his first encounter. He said he liked it. How could I get him to take it a step further? To allow himself to succumb to his desires? He would like being with me. I felt it in that kiss. It’d be so easy with me. As easy as breathing, blinking. If only he gave me the chance to show him.

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  1. very cute 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2014

    Loved the concept of this story Vincent loves Jason from afar and feels because he's straight he doesn't have a chance. I thought the part where Jason asks Vincent to a game was very cute I was happy for Vincent and the hit it off that's for sure. I did think though Jason falling so quickly for Vincent was a little too quick but I enjoyed their getting to know each other parts and getting a rescue dog (I love dogs). I writer wrote Joe's character perfectly I hated him with a passion (jerk) and loved that they stood up for themselves against Joe I just thought the story wasn't as fulfilling as it could have been a little too quick maybe. 3.5 to 4 stars upallnightreadallday.blogspot.com

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