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Avery Flynn

Add one part femme fatal to one part astrophysicist, then toss in a generous helping of snark and you’ll get Avery Flynn. She’s the coolest girl I know and she lives only in my head.

As you may have guessed, Avery is my alter ego. I find that writing under a pseudonym really opens up the creative process. The real me lives outside of Washington D.C. with my dashing husband, three crazy kids and two arthritic dogs. I dream of one day having the floor-to-ceiling library seen in Disney's Beauty and the Beast and have vowed to perfect the coffee IV drip. But enough about me. How about some Avery?

Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Favorite Drink: Single malt scotch on the rocks
Favorite Dance: Argentinian Tango
Favorite Vacation Spot: Iceland’s Ice Hotel
Favorite Position: With The Right Partner? All Of Them.