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Production Schedule Subject to Change


The Connor Ranch: Cade (Big Sky County) by Vanessa Devereaux

Curse of the Beast by Donina Lynn

Poisonous Parley by Angelique Voisen

Unquenchable Desire (Virgin Wolf) by Lynde Lakes

Scores (Passion Shields) by Kiru Taye

Love in Lederhosen by Antonia St. Simon

A Succubus' Guide to Gold Digging by Addison Lockwood

The Miracle by Victoria Zagar

Dream Across Time (Raritan Manor Ranch) by C.R. Moss

Handsome Slave Seeks Horny Hero (Handsome Heroes) by James Cox

The Best Part of Breaking Up by Alannah Harte

In the Blind (Club Blind) by S.J. Maylee

Handsome Sex Addict on Planet Nine (Handsome Heroes) by James Cox

Boss Overboard by Claire Gillian

Arcánús Amator by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Gluten-Free Gamma (Wolves of New Haven) by Angelique Voisen

His Bacon Sundae Werewolf (Wolves of New Haven) by Angelique Voisen

Second Chance for Love (Massey, TX) by April Zyon

A Heart of Fire by Kerri M. Patterson

When Worlds Collide by Charisma Knight

The Connor Ranch: Alex (Big Sky County) by Vanessa Devereaux

Katrina by Charisma Knight

Breach of Contract (Bound) by J.R. Gray

Assassin (Planet Alpha) by Nicola Cameron

Mystic Hearts by Cait Jarrod

Dearest Love by Patice Wayne

Journey Across Time (Raritan Manor Ranch) by C.R. Moss

A Chris-Mas Miracle by Nikka Michaels

To Run from the King by Leah Grant

Semi-Perfect Life by Marie Levesque

Judging a Book by Its Cover by L.D. Blakeley

A Wish Across Time (Raritan Manor Ranch) by C.R. Moss

Dangerous Circumstances (C&M Security) by Moira Callahan

Fat-Free Alpha (Wolves of New Haven) by Angelique Voisen

The Drowning Sorceress by Anya Breton

Alien Manhunt 2 by Jennifer Denys

Healing the Bear (Kalispell Shifters) by Vanessa Devereaux

Stripped Bare by Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Destined (Marking Time) by Allyson Young

Recluse's Torment by Azalea Moone and Anais Morgan

Mate Her (The Warriors of Hades) by Jenika Snow

Wilde Ink (Wilde Brothers) by Susan Hayes

Whistling Dixie (Bryson Corners) by Paige Warren

A Fighter's Choice by Sam Crescent

A Dom for Christmas by Raven McAllan

Handsome Men Bite Back (Handsome Heroes) by James Cox

The Treasure Hunters by Beth D. Carter

Circus Wolf (Virgin Wolf) by Lynde Lakes

Blazing Glory (Havoc's Crew) by Angelique Voisen

Reconnection by Michael Mandrake

Breaker Zone (Olympic Cove) by Nicola Cameron

Board Indiscrection (Taking Advantage) by Jessica Jayne

Dusk (Stronghold) by Erin M. Leaf

Christmas with Two Alphas (Kalispell Shifters) by Vanessa Devereaux

The Scarred One (Deadly Duet) by Sam Crescent

Alphy's Challenge (Kaska Pack) by Tiger Talez

No Stranger to Danger (Bound by Honor) by Kerri M. Patterson

A Bad Man: Joey (The Bacelli Crime Family) by Jenika Snow

Remind Me by Nicole Morgan

Goddess by Chance (Demi-God Daughters) by Erin Ashley Tanner

Handsome, Hung, and at Your Service (Handsome Heroes) by James Cox

Bought for Christmas by Doris O'Connor

Johnny Gator by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Thief (Blue's Boys) by Erin M. Leaf