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The Kodiak's Mate (Space Wars) by April Zyon

Sparks of Blue (Dark Light) by Rose Wulf

Drummer Girl (Moonstone) by Andi Bremner

Hacked (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

The Jaguar's Mate (Shifters-Match.com) by April Zyon

Another Gift to Remember (Memorable Gifts) by Diane Thorne

Cursed (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

Never Let Me Go by Angelique Voisen

Dance With Me by Hazel Hughes

Cowboy Dreamin' (Thunder Creek Ranch) by Lorraine Nelson

Red's Redemption (Daughters of Grimm) by LeTeisha Newton and Olivia Linden

Shifter Trials by Shari Elder

Broken, Collared, and Ready for Revenge (Gentlemen Brothers) by James Cox

Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis

Blind Angel (Club Latitude) by Keely Jakes

Guarding Her by Scarlett J Rose

R.I.L.Y. Forever by Norah Bennett

A Gentleman for Hire by Olivia Starke

Her Temporary Boss (Slade, Inc.) by Mackenzie Williams

Bad Teddy Bear by Gale Stanley

Mercenary Crush (Unit Alpha) by Frey Ortega

Metal (A Preternatural PNW Novel) by Olivia R. Burton

The Avian Emperor by Pelaam

First Contact (Heroes Wanted) by April Zyon

Fierce Temper (Ozark Magic) by N.J. Young

Compelled (The Secret of Dragons) by Kat Barrett

Restitution (Encircled by Gold) by Leah Grant

Don't Shoot...I'm a Werebear by Angelique Voisen

No Impact (Sniper Team Bravo) by Maia Dylan

Ever So Madly by J.R. Gray

Tenderly Wicked by Katerina Ross

Trust (Trojans MC) by Sam Crescent

Desire and Duty (Valladora Tales) by Marie Medina

Finally His by Doris O'Connor

Courting the Opposition by Claire Matthews

Duplicity by Cecile Tellier

Unexpected Destiny (Assassins and Sweethearts) by S.J. Maylee

Deciding Her Faete (Beyond the Veil) by Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh, and Elena Kincaid

Between You and I by Beth D. Carter

Worlds Apart by Crymsyn Hart

Dominating the Doctor by Laura Jardine

The Hotter the Love (Hot Model Mine) by Lea Bronsen

The Necromancer's Apprentice by Naomi Clark

FireStarter (Jaguar Secrets) by Khloe Wren

Exog by Peale McDaniel

His Mafia Princess (Family First) by April Zyon

Give Me More by Jenika Snow

Never Rub a Werewolf the Wrong Way by M. Levesque

Bully No More by Sam Crescent

Star Spangled Cowboy by Paige Warren

Horsepower by J.J. Collins

The End Game (Dark Isle) by Kera Faire

Idolize (Dark Storm) by Maggie Mundy

The Alpha's Taboo (Blood Moon Lynx) Mate by Ravenna Tate