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(schedule subject to change)   


Goldie Locks and the Three Bear Brothers (The Amare Tales) by Pumpkin Spice

Crossroads by Gale Stanley

Bet Your Sweet Aces by Mary Corrales

Bind Me (The Year of Gods) by Marie Medina

The Hart Moment by Pumpkin Spice

Cat's Cradle by Raven McAllan

Breaking Mace (Hellhounds MC) by Angelique Voisen

Roped and Ridden by Angelique Voisen

Black Magic Cafe by Erzabet Bishop

Jazz's Vizier (Happily Never Happened) by LeTeisha Newton

A Knight for the Archer (Knight Moves) by Adonis Devereux

A Knight for the Programmer (Knight Moves) by Adonis Devereux

A Knight for the Celebrity (Knight Moves) by Adonis Devereux

A Knight for the Archaeologist (Knight Moves) by Adonis Devereux

A Dragon for the Princess (Knight Moves) by Adonis Devereux

Falling for the Assistant by Frey Ortega

Loving Jo by Kendra Mei Chailyn

First Class Filthy by Jocelyn Dex

Revealed (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

A Hero Inside (Love with a Price) by N.J. Young

What I Want by August Kert

Waking the Lioness by Amber Morgan

Our Place Among the Stars by James Cox

Her Introduction to Kink by Kat Barrett

Sailing Through Fire & Ice (Encircled by Gold) by Leah Grant

A Wolf Saves Revel by Tamsin Baker

Restaurant Wars by Shawn Lane

Ghosts of Trenton House (Revenant Investigations) by Libby Bishop

Let Me See (These Three Words) by Carlene Love

Shipped & Handled by Claude Dancourt

Protected (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

Whispering Your Name by Kierney Scott

Shadowed (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

Declawed (Divergent Species) by Elizabeth Monvey

One Sweet Taste (Love with a Price) by N.J. Young

Claiming the Evil Dead (Soul Catcher) by Mary Abshire

Mayhem (Bleeding Mayhem MC) by Jenika Snow

Ghosts of Emerald Bay (Revenant Investigations) by Libby Bishop

Cursed by (Charming Bastards MC) by Lexie Davis

Amyex's Freedom (Slaves of Electa) by Tamsin Baker

Mad About Her by Serenity Snow

The No Frat Clause by H.K. Carlton

Alpha Shaman (Bad Oak Boys) by Erin M. Leaf

Dark Beast by Alexa Sinclair

Bomber's Moon by Raven McAllan

Dirty Neighbor by Sam Crescent

Class Reunion by Juliet Chastain

Escape (Planet Alpha) by Mark Blackstone

Priceless by J.J. Collins

Cole and Jack's Story (Virginal Delights) by Cooper Fox

Wear Your Heart on Your Skin by L.A. Marlowe

Blurred Lines by Jenika Snow

Johnny, Mike, and Branndon (Big Sky County) by Vanessa Devereaux

Claimed by the Catamount (Green Mountain Shifters) by Libby Bishop

Too Good to Be Wrong by Sam Crescent

Theirs by Jenika Snow

Hiding in Plain Sight by Angela Evans

Scarred Perfection by Khloe Wren

Catching an Evil Tail (Soul Catcher) by Mary Abshire



Upcoming Holiday Titles 

Miracle Wolf for Christmas (Kalispell Shifters) by Vanessa Devereaux

Two Doms for Christmas by Kat Barrett

Mate Wanted for Christmas by Angelique Voisen

Donner and Prancer by Robin Badillo

Outlaw MC: A Christmas Story by James Cox

Blitzen's Savior (Reindeer Games) by Danica Avet

A Christmas Home (Shifters-Match.com) by April Zyon

The Dukes' Christmas Abductions by Doris O'Connor and Raven McAllan

Mistle Tow by H.K. Carlton

Dasher by Avril Ashton

Greatest Gift by Moira Callahan

Holly's Christmas Dom (Winters' Tales) by Raven McAllan