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(schedule subject to change)   


The Royal Mate (Space Wars) by April Zyon

Meagan (I Dare  You) by Jennifer Labelle

The Evil Next Door (Soul Catcher) by Mary Abshire

Wolf's Hunt (Wild Blood MC) by Amber Morgan

Goodbye Arizona by Claude Dancourt

Stayed for Alpha (Night Shadows) by Rose Wulf

Blown (Elemental Series) by Rose Wulf

Mate Me, Keep Me by Angelique Voisen

The Kodiak's Mate (Space Wars) by April Zyon

Sparks of Blue (Dark Light) by Rose Wulf

The Fundamental Theory of Us by Alyse Raines

Chasing Faete (Beyond the Veil) by Elena Kincaid, Maia Dylan, and Sarah Marsh

Night and Chaos (The Deva Chronicles) by Naomi Clark

Second Chance by Nikka Michaels

Leave Me Breathless by Elodie Parkes

A Gift to Remember (Memorable Gifts) by Diane Thorne

The Vampire's Breakfast by Kera Faire

Drummer Girl (Moonstone) by Andi Bremner

Sex, Emergency Exits, and Plan Bs (The Gentleman Brothers) by James Cox

Hacked (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

The Jaguar's Mate (Shifters-Match.com) by April Zyon

Mercenary Trust (Unit Alpha) by Frey Ortega

The Harder They Fall (The Weathermen) by Ravenna Tate

A Canadian in Paris by Vicki Savage

Whips (Cherry County Cowboys) by Jules Dixon

Fat (The Family) by Sam Crescent

Fury (Bleeding Mayhem) by Jenika Snow

Her Mighty Shifter by C.L. Scholey

Another Gift to Remember (Memorable Gifts) by Diane Thorne

Cursed (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

Never Let Me Go by Angelique Voisen

Lioness Hunting (Malkin Ridge Shifters) by Amber Morgan

Jack and the Ginger with a Twist (Team Paladin) by Keely Jakes

Dance With Me by Hazel Hughes

Cowboy Dreamin' (Thunder Creek Ranch) by Lorraine Nelson

Caged Killer by Erin M. Leaf

Red's Redemption (Daughters of Grimm) by LeTeisha Newton and Olivia Linden