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(schedule subject to change)  


Wicked Neighbor by Sam Crescent 

Fighting to Forget (Fighters of Absinthe) by Jenika Snow 

Swallowing Mayhem (Outlaw MC) by James Cox

The Vampire's Bat (Kaska Pack) by Tigertalez

Connor (Big Sky County) by Vanessa Devereaux

Dangerous Reactions (C&M Security) by Moira Callahan

Rock Hard by Berengaria Brown

Fly to Love by Tamsin Baker 

Intimate Fear by D.C. Stone

Jack the Stripper by Jennifer Macaire

Biker and the Chef (Lucky Bet) by Melissa Hosack

Balls and Chains (Outlaw MC) by James Cox

Dev's Wolf (Wolves of New Haven) by Angelique Voisen

May Day by Jennifer Macaire

The Forever Forest by Gayle Cranfield

Ryan (Big Sky County) by Vanessa Devereaux

The Cop and the Geek: Part Two by Cat Blaine

A Plum Job by Raven McAllan

Bad Larry and the Divorcee by M. Levesque

Tor's Dragon (Havoc's Crew) by Angelique Voisen

Lust (Trojans MC) by Sam Crescent

Skin Deep by Coral Moore

Tuck's Wrath (The Brothers of Menace) by Jenika Snow

Optical Illusions by Gale Stanley

Blood Witch by Naomi Clark

Hers to Claim by Isabel Raven

A Dom for Patti by Elodie Parkes

An Appetite for Blackmail (The Weathermen) by Ravenna Tate

Rough and Ready (Heels and Spurs) by Stacey Espino

Taking Over by S.J. Maylee

Panther Magic (Projects) by Doris O'Connor

Vexed by Wren Michaels

The Darkness Calls by Michelle Roth

Mechanical Vice by Morgan Hunter

Vanquished by Allyson Young

A Conquest Like No Other (The Fall of the Four Horsemen) by Emma Anderson

Two Doms for Christmas by Kat Barrett

The Ties that Bleed by Jami Deise

His Greatest Pain (Not Just Friends) by Jenika Snow

Maggie's New Toy by Lace Daltyn

With Me Now (The Lazarus Society) by Heather Hambel Curley

A Few Bad Me (Outlaw MC) by James Cox

Stirring Up Dirty (Stirred by Love) by Kacey Hammell 

Shakedown (Diamond and Diamond Detective Agency) by Michelle Roth

Rattle by Olivia R. Burton

The Boss's Son by Tamsin Baker

The Rock Star's Wife by Raven McAllan