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Pleasing the Boss by Emma Shortt


Product Description

Office Seduction, 1

A chance meeting in a bar leads to the most erotic night of Pam's life. Only when she awakes, Gabe is gone, and naturally she doesn't expect to see him again. Until Monday morning that is, when she arrives at the office...and meets her new boss.

For Gabe, one night was never going to be enough. He wants Pam again and intends to have her. Will she be able to look past their working relationship? And if so, will she be able to please her boss?


    I never expected to see him again before I read the note. Like, ever. I mean, why would I? That’s the whole point of a one night stand, right? The fact you never see them again. The clue is in the freaking name, after all! But there he was, bearing down on me with the scorch still in his chocolate eyes and his hair still begging me to stroke it.
    I swallowed, shifted and tried to get my head around it. Gabriel. Here. In my office, Gabriel, my freaking boss. What were the odds?
    I thought of his message and groaned. Looks like I’ll be seeing you a lot sooner than you think. Until then, gorgeous, Gabriel.
    Of course he’d seen the reports with Ixon blazoned across them. Seen my name there. Pamela Hunt, Head of Research. He’d known we’d be meeting again today. I, however, had not even thought to connect Gabe Janson, my new boss, with Gabriel, my smoking hot one night stand. Shit.
    He walked over to my desk, a grin creasing his face. “Pam.”
    I nodded, in what I hoped was a businesslike manner. “Gabriel.”
    “It’s good to see you again,” he said.
    He smiled. I smiled too, I totally couldn’t help myself. The tension between us arced and he looked down at my tits. An eyebrow raised, and I only just stopped myself from looking down too. No doubt my nipples were bulleting my top. Big tits, big nipples––that was the way I rolled.
    “I’d like to see you in my office today,” Gabriel continued. “Do you have time to fit me in?”
    “I believe I have a window already put aside for you, yes.”
    “I appreciate that.”
    God, my pants were soaked, which was totally inappropriate! But an image of his magnificent dick refused to leave my mind and I only just contained a whimper.
    “I’ve set up a lunch as well,” he added. “Just the department heads. How about we meet after that? Does that fit your window?”
    “It does indeed.” It didn’t, of course. I’d arranged a 12 o’ clock with Gabriel’s PA, but I’d happily take the other slot. This was my boss now, and clearly we were going to have to do the ‘morning-after’ chat. Only now it was a couple of days later, and we had this new added complication. Shit.
    “I look forward to it already, Pam,” he said. I was fairly freaking certain that every one of my staff picked up on the seductive tone to his voice.
    I nodded and smiled again. He smiled back. I drenched my pants a second time, and a quick look down showed his shaft, thick and hard in his pants. Dirty, but now inappropriate, possibilities filled my mind and I clenched my legs tightly together.
    He coughed, and turned to the rest of the staff. “I’ll be back through about three-ish, to meet everyone properly.”
    Heads bobbed, and I couldn’t help noticing four pairs of eyes, belonging to Jane, Sally, Rick and Sasha zeroing on our new boss’s cock. I could hardly blame them. It was fucking obvious, there for all to see. The memory of the feel of it in my pussy hit me, and I gripped the side of my desk. Jesus, it had felt so amazing! If I closed my eyes, which obviously I couldn’t right now, I could almost feel the sensation of him stroking my walls, pulling my clit downwards with each inward thrust.
    “I started off in research myself.”
    The staff all smiled. Who better than a researcher to understand what we did?
    “I hope you’ll throw the odd project my way,” Gabriel continued. “Just to keep my math up to scratch.”
    He couldn’t have said anything more perfect and Dave smiled, his curls bouncing on his shoulders, getting his geek on. “We’ve got a really exciting piece of cluster analysis we’re working on.”
    Gabriel nodded, reached over and scrolled down our iPod. “Sounds good. Will I hear this in my office?”
    Dave’s smile faded. “The walls are pretty thin, sir.”
    The office paused, breath held to hear his next words, and I took the opportunity to relax my thigh muscles. “I hope there’s some Stone Roses on there, then,” he said. “But I gotta say, I draw the line at ‘Glee’.”
    And that was that. The whole office fell for the new boss, nodding and smiling at him and one another. I shifted in my seat as my mind worked through the suddenly-complicated situation my whoreish behavior had landed me in.
    “I’ll see you soon, Pam,” he said as he turned to leave, a scorching smile shooting in my direction. My body quivered, remembering that smile as he licked his way down my tits.
    I took a deep breath and nodded. What were the fucking odds?

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Product Reviews

  1. totally recommend 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2015

    This went way beyond my expectations!! Totally recommend you read this book!!!

  2. LASR Erotic Romance Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2012

    For a sizzling erotic story that involves dating a coworker who happens to be your boss, Pleasing the Boss is THE story!

    Pam was not looking for anyone, much less a one-night stand, when one thing led to another and she ended up in bed with Gabriel. Pam is the hard working head of the research department at Ixon which just changed ownership. Gabriel is one of the new owners of Ixon, Pam’s new boss and a great guy who acts as a knight in shining armor for her. Pam had always ruled out romances with coworkers and is horrified to find out her one-night stand is her new boss. Gabriel has to convince Pam they can make this relationship work. How they navigate the work day and their landmine of coworkers/friends issues makes this story a very interesting and exciting read.

    Some supporting characters make the story even more enjoyable. Lucy, Pam’s friend, hooks up with Nick, the other Ixon owner, either knowingly or unknowingly. Lucy may or may not be Pam’s true friend, since her actions are questionable, including flirting with Gabe. Nick is a perpetual playboy, finding and discarding women casually throughout his friendship with Gabe.

    Ms. Shortt’s writing is witty and engaging, making every word count. She packs lots of meaning into each sentence and does not waste time with unnecessary wording. I laughed at many things Pam was thinking because they were things that I too would have thought. Also, I loved that the story was written in both Pam’s point of view AND in Gabe’s point of view. Each chapter is from the POV of one person, prefaced with a quote/thought from that person. It makes the reader feel close to the action.

    Ms. Shortt is a British author, so expect a few British slang/phrases. I actually love British accents, so I spent the whole time reading the story with a British accent for all the characters. This story does have some distracting editing errors. Nevertheless, do not let this deter you since this is an awesome, erotic, and humorous story that is really worth reading.

    For an erotic office story packed with humorous narrative and sizzling antics, buy Pleasing the Boss as soon as you can!!! This story put smiles on my face for more than one reason. I will be looking for more from Ms. Shortt since I enjoy her writing so much!

  3. Nocturne Romance Reads Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2012

    The clue is in the name...a one-night stand.

    A chance meeting in a bar leads to the most erotic night of Pam's life. Only when she awakes, Gabe is gone, and naturally she doesn't expect to see him again. Until Monday morning that is, when she arrives at the office...and meets her new boss.

    For Gabe, one night was never going to be enough. He wants Pam again and intends to have her. Will she be able to look past their working relationship? And if so, will she be able to please her boss? (Goodreads)
    I am fanning the flames of hotness as I write! This is the first I have read anything from Shortt, but I am definitely going to check out more of her work. This is the first book in a new series called Office Seduction, and the ending gives just enough of a hint to make you eager for the next book.

    The hotness level of this book is a smoldering 5, no doubt about it. My favorite part is Shortt’s writing style. It is unique, fun, and completely relatable…not necessarily the situation, but the way she tells it. It is so easy to relate to any or all of the characters. The flow and timing is perfect.

    At only 84 pages, this is a quick read but it is lacking nothing. We get to know the characters just enough and their relationship is one hot ride. The only reason my rating isn’t a full 5 (or even more if possible) is because there are several spelling and grammar errors. It’s a bit distracting but I am still putting this book on my reread list and the series on my must read list.

  4. Reviewed by The TBR Pile 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2012

    This was my first read from Emma Shortt and I will definitely check out her other books. I really enjoy the humoristic way of writing and the way the characters thoughts are quite uncensored. The characters and the dialogue makes it feel like you are out with friends, having a couple of drinks and talking about everything. The story is short, but I still feel like I got to know the characters. They do decide to keep their working relationship and private relationship separate (although the boss´ office after hours is totally a good place to have fun). Their arrangement seems to work for them, at least until Pam´s co-worker and best friend Lucy is trying to use her friendship with Pam to get out of trouble with Gabe.

    Pleasing The Boss was a fun, enjoyable and hot read.

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