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Double Take by Kerri Nelson


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After growing up the laughing stock of the town drunk and humiliated by the hottest guy in school, Kennedy Wolfe planned on never stepping foot in Greece, New York again.

Now a highly decorated agent for the FBI, Kennedy learns of the abduction of her best friend from high school.  The news comes just days after the invitation to her class reunion was received and tossed.

Despite her better judgment, she can’t resist the urge to take on a case that would show her classmates once and for all what she’s really made of.

Damon Divine is the unbeatable District Attorney and he’s dead set on finding those responsible for abducting his twin sister.    But when the beautiful Agent Wolfe comes to town, he knows the kidnappers won’t be the only ones on her hit list.

After all, standing up a girl on senior prom night is not something she’s likely forgotten.



Her heart thumped against the back of her sternum as she saw him standing in front of the car looking inside at her.

She had the sudden urge to scuttle over into the driver’s seat and speed away from the scene.  But a glance at the ignition told her that her partner had tucked the keys in his own pocket before heading inside.

Taking a deep, calming breath, she opened the car door and stepped out into the crisp evening breeze.

Damon walked towards her, stopping just a beat or two away and watching her with those brilliant blue eyes that could still make her hormones rumble after all these years.

“You’re here for the reunion?”  He asked in gravelly voice that made her throat constrict.

Why did he have to be so damned sexy?

She cleared her throat before replying, afraid her voice would squeak in a most unattractive manner.

“No, I’m here on Dana’s case.”

His eyebrows shot up in surprise but his face otherwise remained as stoic as ever.  

“You’re FBI?”  His voice sounded impressed and his head tilted ever so slightly to the left as he seemed to be appraising her body from the starched collar of her blouse down to her sensible pumps beneath grey trousers.

Despite the sudden twinge in her nipples as they pressed against the inside of her bra, her heart sent a twinge of pain through her chest as she realized he hadn’t kept any tabs on her throughout the years.  Whereas she knew just about everything there was to know about Damon Divine, the District Attorney of Monroe County with the unbeatable conviction rate.

Perhaps it was just a hazard of her job, that she could do searches on individuals from her life.  But she couldn’t help but hope that he would have known what she’d become despite her past.

Straightening her posture further she studied his tired face, the dark circles under his eyes—
evidence of sleepless nights, and the worry lines that creased the corners of his eyelids.

“I’ll be heading up the investigation as soon as we check in with the Greece police.  You know this Wiggins character?”

Damon nodded but remained silent for a beat.

“I knew it was you out here.  When that guy inside ordered a tuna salad sandwich with extra mayo and extra jalapenos…I could just feel you nearby.  It was so strange.”

Kennedy blinked at him.  He’d remembered her favorite sandwich and all the particulars of it.  He hadn’t written her out of his mind completely.  A little of the earlier internal warmth started to flow back inside her.

“That’s my partner.  We’ll be staying over in Rochester.  It appears that our classmates have already booked up all the rooms at the Inn.”

She motioned behind her with a tilt of her head.

“Ah…I hadn’t thought of that.  Guess I should have made arrangements for you when I put in the request for federal help.”

Now it was Kennedy’s turn to be surprised.

“You called in the fed request?”

Damon nodded.  He rubbed his hand across his unshaven jawbone and looked at her with palpable pain in his eyes.

“The locals…Wiggins…complete idiots.  They are saying she might have just run off but I know Dana and I know she’d never do that.  They’re not taking this seriously.  Time is wasting and the longer it takes to find a lead, the more chance they’ll never find her.”

Kennedy heard the grief breaking in his voice.  Dana and Damon had always been extremely close.  Not just because they were twins, but because they’d genuinely liked one another as friends.  They had similar interests and were always taking care of each other in an almost parental way.

Perhaps that was why Dana had been such a good friend to Kennedy.  She’d had more than her share of love and adoration from her family, more than enough to spread around to friends.

“We’ll find her, Damon.”

He looked into her eyes.  He seemed to be searching for answers…hope…something that would put his mind at ease.

The bell over the door of the café chimed as Chi made his way back to the car, balancing bags and Styrofoam cups in his arms.

“We ready?”  he asked as he piled the food on the hood of the car and fished for keys in his pocket.  He was keeping a close eye on Damon as he spoke.


Kennedy turned away from Damon and started to open the car door but his hand on her arm stopped her cold.

She looked back at him and his eyes were soft, tender, filled with longing.

“Thanks for coming,” he said and a small smile flitted across his face.

Kennedy felt her gut clench.  She knew she couldn’t let him see the affect he still held on her after all of these years.  It could compromise both her investigation and her heart.  So she did what any tough as nails field agent would do.  She kept it strictly professional.

“I didn’t come for you.  I came here to work the case…just like any other case.”

With that, his eyes seemed to fill with more pain.

Kennedy turned away and sank into the car, closing the door behind her.

Chi backed the car out of the spot and Kennedy kept her eyes averted away from the man named Damon Divine who stood there all alone.

“That was brutal.” Chi said as they sped back out of town.

Not nearly as brutal as what he did to me.



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Product Reviews

  1. Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2012

    As District Attorney for Greece, New York, Damon Divine has a perfect record. Even when the small town local cops messed up, he still gets his convictions. But now he is facing a new, nightmare experience as the victim’s family. His sister has disappeared and he can’t even get the Chief of Police to believe she’s been kidnapped. But with her being his twin and their special connection, he knows she didn’t just leave town unannounced. So he calls the FBI for help.

    Kennedy Wolfe was NEVER going home again. Her mother was the town drunk after her father died when she was young, and she never lived that down. She became best friends with Dana in school and spent more time with her family than anywhere else. But as they grew up, Kennedy fell for Dana’s twin, Damon, and Dana encouraged them as a couple. But Damon standing her up for senior prom was too much betrayal, and Kennedy ran off to college early. She has never been back in almost twenty-five years.

    As Special Agent in Charge of the closest FBI office, Kennedy and her partner take Dana’s kidnapping case. Something very odd is going on. There are no clues to be found at to where Dana could be or who has her. And her brother calls the FBI, not her ex-husband. Kennedy is having a difficult time with the case, returning home for the first time, facing Damon after all these years, there is a class reunion scheduled for the same weekend she and her partner arrive, etc. And Damon still looks at her as he always did, with affection and attraction.

    So why did he stand her up all those years ago? Why has he never contacted her since? How is she ever going to save her friend if she can’t focus? And is Damon really still interested in her after all this time?

    Double Take is another second chance at love story. But this has a lot of elements/angst in it that explain why I am not as fond of this type of story. Kennedy ran off and stayed away from “home” because she was stood up?? Really? For 25 years? So she had issues from her mother’s behavior and all, but she never contacted her best friend again after the brother/boyfriend stands her up? And she never found out why he didn’t show up to take her to the prom? I know she was a teen at the time, but give me a break, this is extreme. And he never tracked her down? He was supposed to be in love with her, but didn’t go after her or contact her in anyway? Sorry, but this just doesn’t ring true…either they are in love and would have confronted each other within days of the incident, or it was only teen infatuation and they would have moved on after a while.

    Double Take has a couple things I do like. The kidnapper/mystery aspect is not the typical, expected plot, but isn’t extreme either. It’s what starts the story, not the focus. The thing I most like is that Kennedy and Damon push aside their attraction while ‘working’ the case. Most times the main characters get together while on the run, in danger or trying to save someone. That just feels weird at times and I loved that these two may have felt the attraction but they didn’t act on it while someone’s life was in danger.

    Can you go home again? Can you get over past hurts? Can you fight the attraction to your first and/or true love? Can you rekindle ‘old flames’ into lasting love? I don’t know, but it seems these are questions many have if the number of second chance love stories prove anything. And Double Take is an interesting look at how far some will go to avoid answering any and all of these questions.

  2. Book Wenches Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Mar 2011

    Kennedy Wolfe is a Special Agent in Charge at the FBI and hard as nails. Unfortunately, her latest case is taking her back to her hometown and many unhappy memories, but her bestfriend, Dana, from high school has been kidnapped, and she has to help her. This coincides with her 25 year reunion that she had no intention of attending, and the worst part is that Dana's twin brother is the one person she wanted to avoid...the boy that stood her up for her Senior prom and broke her heart.


    Double Take is a story that will put a smile on your face and possibly make you cringe remembering your high school days. I was pulled in from page one, and it held my attention throughout. The characters are interesting, and the story will restore your faith in love. I am a sucker for lost love found, so this was right up my alley.

    Kennedy is hard as nails on the outside, yet she has a vulnerability that makes her seem very realistic. I think she is a very well-written character that most people will be able to relate to. Her interaction with Damon is quite heated and will keep the reader hanging on every word. I think the references to her high school days are something most anyone can relate to. Being stood up for prom would be terrible, and I felt Kennedy's pain right along with her through Ms. Nelson's words.

    I think this book is a very entertaining read and will have the reader wanting more. I look forward to reading yet more of Ms. Nelson's work, as she always succeeds in keeping a smile on my face.

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