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Lorenzo il Magnifico by Tristram La Roche


Product Description

Fed up with Leeds and his job in the call centre, Luke packed his bag and takes his hard-on to Florence, hoping it will be the start of a new chapter in his life. A chance meeting with a tall, handsome waiter and that chapter starts far sooner than he could ever have imagined.

Lorenzo is a restaurateur with meat and two veg to rival any competition, and is everything Luke has been looking for. Hot, sexy and uninhibited, he pushes buttons Luke never knew existed. But Luke's been a loner and even the hot sex might not be enough to make him change his ways. Then a casual encounter with a hung South African in the Boboli Gardens surprises Luke in more ways than one, and he knows something magnificent is within his grasp.


Be Warned: m/m sex, multiple partners, public exhibition.



Luke stood at the center of the room with his mouth gaping. “It’s huge.”

“Yeah, think how much it’s going to cost me to get it as I want it,” said Lorenzo, raising the shutters half way. The glow from the street lights fanned out across the parquet floor.

“I love it. But why did you buy something so big?”

“I didn’t buy it. I inherited it from my grandmother.”

Luke knew about the strange Italian inheritance laws. With Lorenzo’s mother already dead, the flat would pass to the grandchildren. “You don’t have brothers or sisters?”

Lorenzo shook his head, walked up to Luke and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“An only son. You must have been spoiled,” said Luke, returning the gesture and tucking his thumbs into Lorenzo’s waistband. His shirt was damp in the small of his back and he smelled of the restaurant.

“Are you going to spoil me?”

“Ruin you.” Luke slipped his tongue between Lorenzo’s lips and went for his tonsils, tearing at his clothes. Lorenzo pushed him back. “What’s wrong?”

“Let’s go to bed.”

Luke didn’t argue. His cock had been like an airship in a stocking since supper and he ran behind Lorenzo, snatching at his clothes.

Un attimo. Wait a second,” said Lorenzo, making his way across the darkened room. “Let me get some light in here.” The shutter raised a couple of feet, a segment of orange light slanting under the opening.

Luke saw a huge, carved-wood bed in an otherwise empty room. “Why don’t you put the lights on?”

“Can’t. The place hasn’t been used for months. The electric’s off until Monday.”

Luke felt a twang of disappointment. He wanted to see Lorenzo in all his glory. Still, the light from the street was better than nothing. It added a certain mystery. He lunged at Lorenzo and started to tug at his belt. Lorenzo pushed him onto the bed and fell on top of him, clamping his mouth onto Luke’s. The bed springs twittered beneath them.

Lorenzo’s shirt slipped off easily and Luke threw it aside, moving his hands swiftly to the half-undone belt. Lorenzo lifted his hips, tongue still lashing Luke’s gums, and eased his trousers down. Luke moved to sit up and Lorenzo pulled back in response.

“Let’s get naked,” said Luke, and Lorenzo hopped from one leg to the other peeling his trousers off. As Luke perched on the edge of the bed discarding his own clothes, his eye was on the swelling that threatened to wreck Lorenzo’s CKs. Even in this light, he could tell he was in for a treat. When Lorenzo slipped them off, the silhouette of his cock made Luke catch his breath.

“Jesus. It’s like the jib of a crane.” He reached out, took a firm hold and swung it round to his lips. He didn’t need to open his mouth too wide, it was thinner than his own, but his tonsils would have to make way for the head. It was a lengthy affair.

Luke’s throat opened up and Lorenzo gasped. Lorenzo’s hands pushed at the back of Luke’s head, encouraging the motion. The cock fit perfectly, and the gagging reflex subsided with each thrust as Lorenzo’s balls slapped against Luke’s chin. Luke’s own cock stood vertically, snapping against his stomach with each forward motion, and when he put his hand around it, Lorenzo withdrew from Luke’s mouth and fell to his knees. He grabbed Luke’s cock and stared at it.

Bello. Che cazzone.”

“You like it?” asked Luke, glad that his vocal chords still worked.

“I’ll show you how much.” With that, Lorenzo’s lips parted and he went down on Luke’s cock.


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    Posted by Lisa on 13th Sep 2011

    Tristram La Roche’s Lorenzo il Magnifico is a joyfully erotic journey through the streets of Florence, Italy, as we follow Luke on a holiday that will serve to change his life forever.

    He is in a dead end job, you see, working in a customer call center in Leeds in order to pay his way through his graduate studies and make good use of his degree in art history. For Luke to break into the art world as a dealer in England, he must earn a master’s degree, which then does nothing to guarantee he won’t have to move abroad to put it to good use—not an issue for Luke, though, as his family ties were cut seven years before when he came out to them. He has nothing keeping him in Leeds, no commitments, no relationships he would be forfeiting to pursue his career. Luke is merely adrift, cruising through life in search of a place to anchor. And where sex is concerned, any port in a storm will do for Luke—or sometimes ports, as in the multiple partner variety.

    A week in Florence, with its legendary art history, becomes the land of opportunity for Luke, as he mixes business and pleasure, meeting with influential locals who will become instrumental to his future, both in his career and his personal life.

    An encounter with a waiter on the busy streets, then at a trattoria within his first moments in Italy will set the tone for the rest of the holiday for Luke. The romance of the city and its landscapes, passionate encounters, and a chance at love will seduce the man who, up until the moment he stepped off the curb and into the path of Lorenzo’s speeding Vespa, thought his week away would be nothing more than a little business peppered with loads of anonymous sex. Fate has other plans for Luke, though, and where the heart is concerned, even the best laid plans can be derailed at a moment’s notice.

    Lorenzo il Magnifico is the journey of a young man whose past has left him a bit guarded, and possibly a little bit jaded on the subject of commitment, until he meets the man who makes him feel—a little bit different, a little bit hopeful, a little bit anxious that he could lose something really wonderful, a little bit optimistic that he’s finally found a place and a someone to call home.

    Tristram La Roche offers just the right touch to his story for those who believe love can start with the smallest of seeds and, with the right attention, can bloom into something terrific.

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