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Make Me Sweat by Avril Ashton


Product Description

Bringing the Heat, 1

Charged with planting a listening device in the office of a dangerous nightclub owner, Ever Marcille accepts an invite from her target to indulge in some naughty play. She didn’t count on their mutual, insatiable need, or the many ways his closely guarded secrets are intertwined with hers.

Undercover federal agent Simon Dakin has one thing on his mind, catching the arms dealer known as Ghost. That’s until he spies the mysterious woman at his bar. Time after time she comes in, teasing his senses. Starring in his fantasies. He promises himself one night with her in his arms, but a single taste isn’t possible. He’s hooked.

Even as their secrets intrude, Dak and Ever succumb to their desires. But time is running out. Secrets past and present must be revealed. Can their new-found feelings survive the many blows, or is this over before it even begins?

Be Warned: anal sex, fisting.




Strobe lights glinted off the slender arch of her bare back. A tiny black dress barely covered her taut ass. He couldn’t decide which to stare at first. Or longest. The ass begging to be squeezed, bit, or the blue-green stars floating from her right shoulder to the curve of her left hip.

Dak palmed his cock and stared at the surveillance cameras. The mysterious woman was back. Two nights a week, for the last three weeks, she’d come in to his club, Dakota House. Always by herself. Other, more beautiful women lingered at the bar, but Dak paid them no attention. She took it all.

His fantasy lady strolled over to the bar, her sure steps and swaying hips screaming, “fuck me”. Taking a seat on a high stool, she crossed her long, caramel-colored legs. The obscenely high heels on her feet gave them the illusion of never-ending. His balls tightened, cock swelling harder. This morning he’d jacked off to her face in his head. As he watched his cum mix with the water, he promised he’d make a move the next time she came in.

Here she was, putting him to the test. As if she felt his perusal, she lifted her face slightly, gaze searching and finding the camera directly above the bar. Dak pressed some buttons and zoomed in. She lifted her chin as her wide eyes mocked him, lips curved into a smirk. A bad girl. He knew it from the way she walked, the way she sat expectantly. Waiting.

His move.

Dak snatched up the phone on his desk with unsteady hands and punched the number to his head of security who patrolling the floor. Jayce answered immediately.


“Bring her to me,” Dak spoke into Jayce’s earpiece.

“About time.” Loud hip-hop drowned out Jayce’s laugh.

“Just do it.” Dak hung up and took a breath. He moved to stand then thought better of it when Jayce approached the woman. His friend bent and whispered in her ear. Dak growled, the sound surprising him. He didn’t like Jayce being that close to her.

Jayce straightened, but the woman didn’t move. In fact she picked up the glass of clear pink liquid in front of her and drank slowly. Jayce crossed his arms, frowning at her. His friend wasn’t used to waiting on anyone. Dak wasn’t either.

She licked her lips and Dak could almost taste the salt from the rim of her glass. His mystery woman traced the circular rim with a gloved finger, then brought it to her mouth where she wiped it clean with a dart of her tongue.


Dak grabbed the phone and spoke into Jayce’s earpiece. “If she’d not up here in five minutes, you’re so fucking fired.”

On the screen, Jayce grinned. Dak grunted. Maybe it was time to start looking for a new best friend.

She stood smoothly, following Jayce as he led her to Dak’s private elevator.

Dak checked his appearance in the mirror in his bathroom, then stood at his window looking down at the line of people waiting to get into his club. He smiled, anticipation a tight coil in his gut. He’d never looked forward to anything more than he did to meeting his mystery woman face to face. He’d fucked his share of beautiful women, but this one, something had grabbed him and held on the instant he saw her.

She occupied his dreams, and it was nothing a good session of raunchy sex couldn’t cure.

A muted knock sounded on his office door. He cleared his throat before bidding, “Come in.”

The door opened, and he turned as she stepped over the threshold. Their eyes met, held, and his heart pounded in his chest.

“You called?” A thin, dark brow lifted as she closed the door quietly behind her.

Dak nodded. “I did. I want to know who you are, what name to call the woman whose face I’ve been seeing in my sleep.” He knew her name, her shoes size, her address, but she didn’t know that.

She approached him slowly, heels making no sound on the Berber carpet. “You dream about me?”

“You sound surprised.” Dak walked to his private bar and poured a shot of whiskey. A chuckle reached his ear and he turned to face her. She sat behind his desk, staring at the security monitors.

“You’ve been a bad boy, I see.” She looked at him. “Watching me this whole time.”

Dak shrugged. “You captured my interest, I had to watch you.” He held out a glass of whiskey to her and she shook her head. He placed it back on the bar and took a gulp of his.

“What do you want from me, Mr. Dakota?”

“You know who I am?” Dak removed his jacket and flung it on to the couch at the far side of the room.

Her eyes followed the movement. “Everyone knows who Ian Dakota is, but you haven’t answered my question.” She tilted her head, staring at him with green eyes. “What do you want?”


She laughed. The low, husky sound hardened his cock and moistened the tip. Dak bit back a groan. Shit.

“Do you think I’m for sale, Mr. Dakota?” She asked the question like one would ask the time of day.

“Not at all,” he rushed to assure her. “I just think you want me as much as I want you.”

She blinked, a low sweep of long lashes, and got to her feet. “You think so, huh?” At the window, she stared down at the street. Dak caressed her smooth back with his gaze. He salivated for a taste of her creamy skin and those gorgeous tattoos.

Eyes glued to the activity on the street below, she asked, “If I told you to make me come right now using only your fingers, what would you say?”

His cock jerked. “Take off your dress.”


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Product Reviews

  1. Coffee Time Romance Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2012

    Dakota is a job for Ever, at least in the beginning. She has secrets to hide but wants to do nothing less than bare her soul.

    Ian Dakota, a.k.a., Simon Dakin, has never let the allure of a woman alter his course. Life taught him a hard lesson he thought he had learned. Ever is about to change the rules and teach him a new lesson.

    Ever is caught in a web from the past and beholden by loyalty and love to a friend. Dakota has been chasing a ghost for far too long. Their two worlds are about to collide and no one is guaranteed to win.

    Ms. Ashton will make you sweat from the action and adventure. Make Me Sweat is a rush from the first page. Though the love scenes are hot, they take a back seat to the suspense and superior character creation. I loved all the characters and want to read more about them. I wanted to laugh, cuss, yell, and plead with the characters and immerse myself in their pain. Ms. Ashton is one writer no one should miss.

  2. Happily Ever After Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2012

    Ever has no idea how Dakota can make her sweat from just the sound of his voice and just from the slightest touch to her body.

    This story has sexual passion from beginning to end. The relationship between Ever and Dakota started as a job for Ever but her body betrayed her, she wanted a lot more than one night stand. Dakota was the man that had awaken her desires and after she had her way with him there was no turning back, she fell in love. There is only one problem she is married and being black mailed.

    The passion that they have for each other will leave you scorching hot. I would have never thought I would read what Dakota did to Ever right before she ran into her husband. Just reading how Dakota explored Ever will leave you squirming in your seat. The technique of sexual exploration of her orgasm is intense.

    There is only one problem with the somewhat relationship that Ever and Dakota have they are both lying to each other. The only problem is that Ever should have confided in Dakota and told him what was really going in her life. How her supposed husband was black mailing her with threatening to kill her best friend, Wes.

    Dakota is a man that wears his feelings on his sleeve. He is drawn to Ever like there is no tomorrow. He truly loves her but after she drugged him, feelings might change. The only thing now that can possibly clear anything up is to find out why she did what she did. The only other problem is that Ever is now gone and they have little time to save her from the person he has been seeking.

    This is my second book that I have read of Avril Ashton and she is an amazing writer. Her stories have interesting plots and they come together so well. This captivating tale of love is something that will leave you longing for more. The union between Ever and Dakota was amazing but it ending to quickly. Even if the story ended too quickly it was still a very good read. I highly recommend you to read Make Me Sweat and see how sweaty you actually get.

  3. Definitely Made Me Sweat 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2011

    A sexy and sultry read. One satisfying erotic tale.

    MAKE ME SWEAT was one explosive read, sexually and emotionally charged at a non-stop pace that I loved. I could not put it down, and when I had to, I was drawn back to it. I fell immediately in love with Ever and Simon. There is nothing like reading an erotic romance novel and feeling everything the characters are going through and holding your breath as you read it. I wanted to be Ever and be just as swept away by Simon as she became. Ok I admit it, I pretended I was her and I was definitely swept away. *wink*

    The love scenes were hot, fun, exciting and had me panting for more. Explicit language, hot and kinky sex, paired with hot characters kept me drooling and wanting for more. Right from the get go, Avril Ashton shows you that guns, secrets, a sexy hero and an exciting heroine makes for a story that you will not want to put down. There is a lot of suspense in the story which keeps your attention and doesn't waver so that you are left wanting. I found myself wanting to pick this book up even when I needed to be doing something else. Avril Ashton's story not only follows through with body tingling sex, she also packs a wallop with the action and keeps the reader engaged and invested in all that is happening.

    Oh, Ever, Ever...you lucky gal you. Simon Dakin is hot, sexy, dark, thrilling, intense and amazing, all the things one wants in a hero and a lover. And I have to mention the secondary characters Jayce and Wes are to die for too. Hint, hint, Ms. Avril Ashton, another book would place this reviewer in heaven. This book is a keeper and one that I will read over and over again! It is a must read.

    Five stars for erotic content, sexy alpha men, a heroine who can take care of herself and not wanting to put the book down!

    Review also on: www.goodreads.com and http://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=2756 and http://www.epicallyromanticbyebonydreams.blogspot.com

  4. Black Raven Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2011

    Trixie’s Review:

    Seriously, how does Ms. Ashton keep getting better and better?The woman is an amazing storyteller and drags the reader in so deep she feels like the characters are real people. What always hooks me with one of her novels is her compelling sexually charged openings and Make Me Sweat definitely has one of those. Dak and Ever lead us on a chase through emotions as their first touch ignites flames that are not easily doused.
    Evers is a typical Ashton strong female character who knows what she wants and is willing to not only admit to her sexual needs and desires, but actively pursues and does the hunting. Dak is equally as strong a hero as Ms. Ashton writes about: mysterious, dangerous, sexy as sin, dominant, demanding, and did I mention delectable?

    Mouth watering intimate scenes will have you flushing and flashing as you read each page that is full of wild and uninhibited sex including anal and fisting. Dak feeds off the highly charged energy that Evers releases and together they are combustible. Lust at first bite quickly leads into insatiable matings of the soul.

    Mystery and adventure are always embedded in Ms. Ashton’s novels and this one will have you cheering for justice. If you are looking for the perfect novel that will not only Make YOU Sweat, then grab on to this hot, fast, naughty, and adventurous sexy read.

    Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Trixie!

  5. The Heat Is On! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2011

    If your looking for suspense, sex, and sultry, you're at the right place! Fast paced and well written story! Can't get enough of Avril Ashton characters!

  6. Curls your toes from the get go 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2011

    As far as explicitly naughty erotics go, this one has it all.
    Drama, tension, hot sex, and deep emotion explodes all over the place, and not just when the two main characters hit the sheets.
    The story was fast paced and when Dak wasn't taking Ever to some rather precarious sexual situations, you could feel his alpha male nature leaping off the page and reaching right into that place that every woman wants to be touched by a strong leading man.
    Ever was sassy and hard headed, but vulnerable just when she needed to be. Typical heroine for this talented, budding author.
    The intensity of the kink was palpable and the extreme scenes were written with realistic expectations and believability, chalk full of trust and respect on the part of both characters. Essential when dealing with the particular kind of sexual content in the story.
    Even if the hardcore sex isn't your thing, that's okay, because the storyline itself is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Dak and Ever are perfect together, but I would also wouldn't mind being a fly in the wall when and if supporting characters ever had their own flings.
    All in all, I was definitely satisfied and if I were a smoker, would have probably had a cigarette or TEN by the time I finished the book!
    Ms. Ashton has done it again!

  7. ;0) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2011

    WOW, first off lets get this out of the way this book is rated XXX, it has explicit language and sex and I LOVE IT, the first chapter and the middle of the book wow what they did DANG, so if your not into that, this is sooooooooo not for you, but you don't know what your missing. This is some hardcore erotica, mix with some action and a plot.

    Sexy Dak aka Simon is an under cover FBI agent who is after a weapons dealer who is known as the Ghost, while under cover posing as a club owner, he meets and becomes wildly attracted to Ever. After becoming involved with Ever they both start to realize they are both involve with the Ghost but each has their own reasons. Reading the first chapter *faning* wow i said to myself ok started out a bit kinky but i had no idea where this was going, but when i got into chapter 2 i said ok makes sense why the author started the book that way. I have to say as much as Ever and Dak were going at it and they bump and grind a lot there was still some plot and some action that not only turned me on but kept me engaged to what was happening in the story. The other characters as well did they're part, but Ever's best friend Wes and Dak's best friend Jayce not sure what was going on there that was left open, I don't want to give anything away but Jayce seem sexy as well. I really enjoyed this read and I have to say I read the author's last book Blindfold and love this book wayyyyyyyyyyyy more.

    Again, I personally loved this story, plot, sex and everything about this book, not sure how everyone else would feel about it, it was surely a fantasy for me and when I read my romance novels nothing is ever taken seriously. I think readers should give it a try, it's dirty, good and then some.

    Feel free to join my book group on facebook ( Romance Novel Junkies) we have over 450 members and counting which includes well known and indie authors and avid readers as members who are apart of this group who would love to hear about new books and thoughts also check out our kindle and ebook lending library.

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