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Master of Mine


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Pleasure is just a smack and gasp away, as men and women push their boundaries for sexual satisfaction in ways many can only dream of fulfilling.

A collection of BDSM short stories, Master of Mine will take you on an erotic escape with characters you won’t soon forget. From forced seduction to the tried and true, let the authors of this anthology take you on a ride screaming with pain and pleasure.  



9 Author BDSM Anthology

Denied by Lauren Gallagher  Be Warned: bondage

Tempted (Dark Lust) by Jenika Snow  Be Warned: menage a quatre, bondage, anal sex

Spice It Up by Alexandra O'Hurley  Be Warned: bondage, anal sex, sex toys

Lady Blake's Tales for the Queen by Pepper Anthony  Be Warned: bondage, forced seduction, sex toys

After the Honeymoon by Rachel Clark  Be Warned: bondage, anal play, sex toys

Hidden Pleasures by Ashlynn Monroe  Be Warned: bondage, anal play, sex toys

Mistake by London Saint James  Be Warned: bondage, anal sex, sex toys

Bad Romance by Melissa Hosack  Be Warned: bondage

Taken for Pleasure by Angelina Rain  Be Warned: bondage, anal play


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Product Reviews

  1. Night Owl Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jun 2013

    Master of Mine is an anthology series containing eight stories of Male domination over female submissives written by some very hot female authors. With stories like, Tempted (Dark Lust), by Jenika Snow (my personal favorite) where a human wakes up tied to a bed in a home inhabited by four, hot, Dom Vampires and a great surprise ending.
    There's Mistake, by London Saint James, Where a rich daddy's girl falls for a smokin' hot Dom from the wrong side of the track, and another supernatural smoker is Bad Romance by Melissa Hosack, where a young woman inherits a cabin from her mother, along with a super sexy dominant werewolf who just happens to like chaining her to the bed and taking a nibble out of her neck.
    These are just three of the eight stories in this book, and I guarantee the other five are just as hot. I read the entire thing in one sitting, there are also links to the author's web address's and a partial listing of some of their books at the end of their stories. (e-book) So, this is one for the keeper pile ladies! (And gents, *sheepish grin!*) Go buy this book!!!

  2. Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2012

    Pain equals pleasure in Denied by Lauren Gallagher. Will Elliot find exactly what he wants and needs in the domme Lady Roxanne? Contains light bondage but heavy on the SM.

    Vampires are real and hot as can be when Kellee finds herself with an awful hangover and tied to a bed. But that’s just where the fun begins. Temped (Dark Lust) by Jenika Snow has a very surprising end I didn’t see it coming.

    The third story in Master of Mine Anthology is Spice It Up by Alexandra O’Hurley. When things get boring what else can you do but spice things up? As Dee shows up for her date with Jed she know this night will be different from all others. At Club Domino everything goes.

    Lady Blake’s Tales for the Queen by Pepper Anthony is the next in Master of Mine Anthology. Lady Blake once a matcher is now the taleteller to the queen. Apparently the queen has very particular taste and Lady Blake has just the tale for her.

    The fifth story in Master of Mine Anthology is After the Honeymoon by Rachel Clark. Michelle has had enough with Keith. Why can’t he make any decisions for himself? If things don’t change quick she’s ready for a divorce. Keith needs to let his dominant side out to play.

    Hidden Pleasures by Ashlynn Monroe is the next story in Master of Mine Anthology. Jill has no idea the secret Tyrone is hiding from her. That is until she comes home early.

    In Mistakes by London Saint James, Sienna has the prefect life. So why does she keep making the same Mistakes over and over again. Meeting up with Xavier is the best mistake ever.

    The eighth story in Master of Mine Anthology is Bad Romance by Melissa Hosack. When Ashe first meets Jason she has no idea what kind of trouble she’s has in store of her. Jason knows Ashe will bring big changes in his life but she takes the big werewolf by surprise.

    The final story in Master of Mine Anthology is Taken for Pleasure by Angelina Rain. Duncan knows his marriage is almost over but just can’t figure out what happened to make everything fall apart. Alyssa still loves her soon-to-be ex-husband but can’t live with the lies. What Alyssa doesn’t know is who is telling the lies.

    I liked most of the stories in Master of Mine Anthology. There are a couple I’m not sure I would ever read again but for the most part if I wanted a quick read I would grab this book. Some of the tales involve some BDSM however a couple are a bit on the heavy side. I would recommend Master of Mine Anthology to anyone looking for something a little different from their usual reading or someone who likes BDSM.

  3. LASR Erotic Romance Review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2012

    This anthology is full of stimulating and entertaining stories. It runs the gamut from a story about vampires to a man looking for the right Domme who can help him with the pain he longs for. With an abundance of stories and plots to choose from there is bound to be a story for just about everyone.

    Mistake by London Saint James is a story about a rich woman and a man from the wrong side of the tracks. The two may come from different worlds but the attraction that they feel for each other is real. Even as hot as the sex gets between these two, you can see that the love that they feel for each other is strong and true. Xavier may be a rough man but his heart belongs to Sienna. Sienna is a strong woman who knows what she wants and is willing to go after it no matter what the costs. The two make a wonderful couple no matter how different their worlds are the love that thy have for each other out shines it all.

    Denied by Lauren Gallagher we find a sub who likes it rough but he cannot seem to find the right Domme. When he does a scene with Lady Roxanne, Elliot’s dreams may have come true. She knows just how to tease and how to hurt. Could she be the Domme for him? I enjoyed the way this story was told from the sub's perspective. The emotions that he goes through are very strong and the bond that the two begin to feel is a good one. Elliot is a man that is searching for what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Seeing his persistence made for a good read.

    In Tempted by Jenika Snow we get a paranormal story. Athena finds herself tied to a bed with four vampires to satisfy. The author sets the scene right from the beginning pulling me into Athena’s world with all her details and imagery. Athena is full of emotion as are the four men making this an intense read. With an interesting twist at the end of this story, I found myself wanting to know more about Athena and her men.

    Spice it Up by Alexandra O'Hurley brings us Kellee, an office worker looking for something more. As she begins an online conversation with an anonymous man she gets braver and braver until she finally agrees to meet him at a bar. Sparks fly right from the start between the two and they continue their fun into the night. I liked this story and the feelings that Kellee has. She is a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Jed is a great man always taking care of Kellee’s wants as well as his own. This was a nice romantic story with a surprise ending that made the story even more magical.

    In Lady Blake’s Tales for the Queen by Pepper Anthony we are introduced to Lady Blake who has been imprisoned and must treat the Queen to nightly tales. In this nights tale we learn about the couple Arrabelle and Sir Devon. As we see the innocent Arrabelle find her true self and give it freely to Sir Devon there is no mistaking the love that is building between the two. I enjoyed meeting Lady Blake and would love to see more stories about her and her plight. Lady Blake weaves a wondrous tale for the Queen and in the end I could only hope that we get to read more stories about her tales in the future.

    After the Honeymoon by Rachel Clark is about Keith and Michelle, a couple who is on the verge of divorce. They've lost that spark and neither of them know what to do. When Keith decides to show his true self to Michelle he only hopes that being a Dom will not scare her away. He could never imagine that she might enjoy it, but enjoy it she does. Then Michelle begins to mix up her feelings and becomes confused and runs away until their best friends try to help her understand the lifestyle. I liked seeing the bond of love and trust that Michelle and Keith have. Watching Michelle find herself and understand her wants and needs was a great read. The emotions were high in this story and the friendship with the other couple was a nice touch. Not only do we see Keith and Michelle lean on each other but we also see that they can lean on their friends as well.

    Hidden Pleasures by Ashlynn Monroe brings us Jill and Ty, a married couple who find that they may not know each other as thoroughly as they thought. When Jill catches her husband watching BDSM movie she not only is intrigued but willing to try it with him. I enjoyed seeing the love that the two share. Jill never once thought less of her husband and wanted to enjoy him in every aspect. The intense love that these two had for each other made this not only a hot read but a sweet one as well.

    Taken for Pleasure by Angelina Rain brings us Duncan’s story. He is a strong man who loves with all his heart but must decide if he is willing to put that heart back on the line once again. When Alyssa interferes in his latest relationship he has had enough and kidnaps her. While trying to find out Alyssa’s motives the truth comes out and surprises Duncan. I liked Duncan right from the start. He is a good man who deals with all that life throws at him and picks himself back up without missing a beat. Alyssa and Duncan are a great couple that love each other deeply.

    Bad Romance by Melissa Hosack is a great story. Ashe is a woman who finds out that her family is not what she has always believed it to be. When she finds out what a mistake she has made she is more than willing and ready to make amends, especially after she meets Jason. Jason is a strong man who fights for those that he cares about. The two make a strong couple and the love that blooms between them is a wonderful read.

    This anthology was a pleasure to read. It was nice to be able to read these short stories from new authors and find out if I liked any of their writing styles. I found many characters full of emotion and depth that were more than ready to have me hear their stories.

    I will remind readers that this is a BDSM anthology and that some of the sex may be intense and could offend some. In reading this anthology I found new authors that I enjoy and will be sure to look for more from them in the future.

  4. Coffee Time Romance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jun 2011


    Lady Roxanne and Elliott started off by getting to know one another through online conversations. When they finally meet, their date is anything but painless.

    I loved this novel. Not only was the sex scorching hot but the details are bold and vivid to the point that I could almost feel the sting of the cat o’ nine tails myself. Ms. Gallagher did a brilliant job. I want more!

    Tempted (Dark Lust)

    Athena has always wanted to experience the bite of a vampire. When she finally gets her fantasy fulfilled threefold, it is unlike anything she has experienced before.

    I loved this wicked tale by Jenika Snow. The scenes are tantalizing, sensational, and left me wanting a vampire or two of my own. The emotional push and pull that Athena feels comes through loud and clear which tells you the author used dramatic and lush details to describe this story.

    Spice it Up

    Kellee has been chatting it up with a man online during work hours and when he asks her to meet him at a club, she agrees. After leaving the club, Jed takes Kellee back to his place where he gives her an in depth tutorial on the world of domination and submission.

    Ms. O’ Hurley not only gives us a tangy tale, she uses great imagination to show that Kellee is new to the BDSM world. I love how the characters are both anticipating meeting each other and the heated attraction they feel once they are face to face. The ending is particularly brilliant and leaves me hoping we get to see more of Kellee and Jed.

    Lady Blake’s Tales

    As a Matcher, Lady Ferran Blake was revered and since she was demoted to Taleteller, she now uses those experiences to entertain the Queen. The story she explicitly tells the Queen involves a young girl named Arrabelle and Devon, a man destined to dominate the young girl in every hedonistic way possible.

    Pepper Anthony’s tale of two new lovers is red-hot and full of moments that go beyond just sex. The way Arrabelle is “tested” before even meeting the Matcher’s choice is an added bonus. The BDSM element goes even further as we watch a young girl go from someone who had only desired to be bound to actually having her fantasies come alive.

    After the Honeymoon

    Keith and Michelle know that their marriage is on the rocks unless they can do something quick to fix it. When a co-worker and a friend help them out, Keith and Michelle suddenly find their stale marriage sparking with new life and vitality.

    I loved this story! The emotional trauma that Keith and Michelle feel comes through crystal clear and left me feeling empathy for the married couple as they try to figure out how to save their marriage. Ms. Clark has written a tale that leaves you breathless with sadness, tingly with passion, and tied up in knots as you wait to see if the change in the bedroom will salvage their relationship.

    Hidden Pleasures

    Jill is shocked to find her husband at home during a work day but when she sees Ty watching a BDSM porn video, it completely blows her mind. Married for two years with a vanilla sex life, Ty and Jill suddenly learn how much the other one wants the hedonistic pleasure BDSM offers them.

    Ms. Monroe takes a very realistic married couple and adds the elements of BDSM to spin a tale of hot sex. I love how Jill is portrayed in this story as a woman willing to try to please her husband, even if it means stepping into the unknown. At the same time, seeing Ty give up the dominant world for the woman he loves shows me that these two really love each other and are willing to step out of their comfort zone to please the other one. I loved this tale!


    Sienna knows her father has groomed her to marry the perfect gentleman but there is something about Xavier that has her craving the hard-edged man. He is like a drug that she is addicted to and each slap, pinch, and order has her aching for more of his tough love.

    The sex is outstanding in this story. The way Ms. Saint James describes every caress, stroke, pinch, slap, and sexual position leaves the reader wanting to immediately find something to waylay someone and get the satisfaction their own body craves. While the tale is hot, I do wish there would have been closure to this story so we would know the outcome of Sienna and Xavier’s relationship.

    Bad Romance

    Ashe Davidson just wanted to get rid of the cabin her mother told her to burn down but when she stepped inside, she was shocked to find herself confronted by Jason, a half-man/half-beast. The events that follow will leave Ashe feeling fear, frustration, anger, hurt, and lust.

    Ms. Hosack takes the paranormal genre one step further when she adds the element of BDSM into this tale. The way Ashe and Jason try to figure out whether they are each others’ enemy even as they fight the lust they feel toward the other person just adds intensity to the storyline. Add in Ashe’s family complications and you have a story that will have you begging for more.

    Taken for Pleasure

    Duncan Morrison and Alyssa Cox thought they had a marriage made in heaven until the day their world came crashing down. Now, thanks in part to a scandalous rumor flying around, Duncan is going to get Alyssa to talk even if it means spanking some sense into her.

    Here you have a marriage that seems to have it all only to find out it has secrets that nearly destroy the characters. Ms. Rain uses some powerful emotions, settings, and plots to write this tale of lustful woe. I do wish there would have been more closure to the story, especially in regards to the vindictive Nicole.

    Master of Mine: BDSM Anthology has nine sensational stories told by nine very different voices. I loved how each one surrounded a relationship, especially the ones where it involved a married couple on the brink of disaster. These components added realism and hints of sadness you may not find in other BDSM stories. To top off the already complexity of these different couples, you have the bondage, spanking, domination, and many other forms of sexual pleasure that leaves you tingling and craving more. You cannot go wrong by reading this tale as it will leave you wanting more.

  5. Happily Ever After Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th May 2011

    Well, I was so impressed and hot reading these 9 BDSM short stories!

    I have to say each of these authors complimented each other in this book. The stories kept you hopping and the domination and submission of each character had you wanting more from each story. There isn't one story where it slowed down—it was one continuous hot sexual tension-filled book.

    This reader has to say hats off to each of them!

    Denied by Lauren Gallagher

    Lauren took you into Domme, Lady Roxanne's world where she met Elliot who needed to feel real pain to enhance his sexual release. He knew that she was the one for him because she wasn't afraid to give a big strong man what he needs to find the fulfillment and pleasure through the pain he craved.

    Tempted (Dark Lust) by Jenika Snow

    Jenika's story had you wishing for your own vampires, tying you up and having their way with you. Athena wakes up after a night of drinking to find four vampires there to give her everything she ever craved. She was tied and told that she wasn't a prisoner but in the story she discovers that she was a prisoner in her own sexuality. She was enthralled in their dungeon as they gave her was she desired. Giving her pleasure through explicit words had her coming over and over.

    Spice It Up by Alexandra O'Hurley

    Alexandra brought a story of a woman who was missing a part of life that gives you the ultimate satisfaction in sex. Kellee began an online chat with a man that could give her what she craves. Jed and Kellee agreed to meet at the club to see where their online chat could take them. Entering the bdsm club was new to Kellee and she was thrilled and excited watching couples and threesome having open sex. When watching a show of a woman openly enjoying her partners, Kellie wanted more and Jed was more than ready to take her and show her what she was missing, including a spanking when needed.

    Lady Blake's Tales for the Queen by Pepper Anthony

    Pepper takes you to the queen's bedroom where Lady Blake tells a tale that has you wanting more and more. She weaves a story of a woman who needed to be shown that she was a submissive and that what she craved was alright, that punishment brings pleasure when given by her future husband. Lady Blake knew the queen was pleased and she was excited to have done a job well done.

    After the Honeymoon by Rachel Clark

    Rachel gave us a story of a married woman who was heading for a divorce due to not feeling the love they had when first dating. When a man and woman discover that they needed and craved the same things and that they almost lost everything because of it has you wanting to shake them and say, look you need this and you need to realize that she needs this. It actually took another couple to show them that because you are married, the honeymoon doesn't have to be over. Go into the lives that lead you to a world that has you second guessing your choices in marriage.

    Hidden Pleasures by Ashlynn Monroe

    Ashlynn brought a story of a couple who had a great marriage and vanilla sex, but when a wife comes home to her husband watching porn, Jill decided that she was going to approach Ty and ask him what was missing in their relationship. She already knew that she wanted more but hadn't realized that her husband wanted more. Taken back, Ty couldn't believe that Jill would understand and even want to learn more about his old life style, a life style that he gave up to marry his virgin bride. Together he teaches Jill exactly what he wants and was pleasantly surprised that his wife wanted, or better yet craved it. Great info for starting up in the lifestyle, of domination and submission.

    Mistake by London Saint James
    London gives us good girl goes to bad boy biker to get what she needs. She needs to feel dominated and controlled and for Xavier and Sienna their mutual needs lead to hard and fast sex. Xavier doesn't give Sienna the chance to think of their love as a mistake and he shows her what she can't deny. This book brings you on the brink of sexual satisfaction all on its own, wanting or more like needing, to be bad.

    Bad Romance by Melissa Hosack

    Melissa brings you on a paranormal romance of a woman who was doing her mother's dying wish of burning an old cabin down. What she didn't realize was the werewolves knew that she was there to kill off their breed, and Jason was there to kill Ashe before she could kill his breed. But what entailed was woman and man enthralled by each others animal instinct and mating begins. This story, for being so short, is everything a reader loves: romance, suspense, rough sex, and also tenderness.

    Taken for Pleasure by Angelina Rain

    Angelina showed in this story a misunderstanding can lead to all sorts of complications. Duncan Morrison couldn't believe that his soon to be ex-wife had a sexual disease, but it was the rumor around town. Alyssa couldn't help herself, she was so mad at her husband that when she saw his lover coming in to the doctor's office, she had to do something to make her leave him alone so the lie began. What she didn't count on was Duncan demanding to know, in his own dominating way, what happened. So together, through spanking and correcting past mistakes, the husband and wife came to terms with where the marriage broke down.

    5 Tea Cups!

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