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Night of the Dragon by Alexandra O'Hurley


Product Description

A Berserker Mate's Story, 1

Ryden and Rayne are Berserkers, immortal warriors wrought of Odin’s lightning. They are cursed to walk the Earth for one thousand years without finding love. And then they smell her...

Karli is a manager for an amusement park, and during her daily tour, she runs across the most incredible men she has ever laid eyes on. The erotic visions swirling in her head push her to the edge, and she cannot ignore the two virile men.

But can anything develop between the Berserkers and their mate with a hunter sworn to keep them apart on their trail?

Be Warned: menage a trois romance (MFM), menage sex, anal sex, bondage.


If Karli gave in to their kind of play, she was afraid she would walk away broken.

But no matter what she told her head, her body could not reject the heated combination of the two. Both virile, desirable men who seemed to stalk her equally, and innately she knew if she succumbed to one, she would also the other. What was crazier than the fact she knew it, was the fact her oversexed mind was running images of being sandwiched between both of their naked bodies. Of having them both possess her at once.

Karli was an independent, driven woman, who worked so much she rarely had time to date, let alone swoon over some random men she crossed in the park. She hadn’t had a date in, well, forever. Her career was her main concern. Once she got that in place, everything else could happen for her, marriage, babies, the little white house, with its matching little white picket fence. She was as boring and white bread as they came. And she wasn’t the type to go around fantasizing about screwing two men at the same time.

Hell, this was past fantasizing. It seemed it could become her reality if she wanted it and was willing to succumb to them and the images running through her head.

Regardless, the two fired something inside her, something she had never felt before. Her heart beat a staccato within her body, and she felt pulsing in places she wished she didn’t. Especially when she needed to focus on work and the safety of those inside the park. All around her the sounds of Scream Town began filtering back into her ears and she slowed her breathing down. She needed to get a hold of herself.

Straightening and taking one last long deep breath, she exited the dark passageway, and stood on the fringes of the sea of bodies milling around. This week was always the busiest, as Halloween was a few days away. Karli scanned the crowd, trying to ensure the men were not there. Relieved that she could again focus on her job, she walked the area, but kept looking over her shoulder.

Entering the Zoo compound, Karli passed the wolf enclosure and a glow of silver. Not able to ignore it, she moved towards the fence and realized the glow came from Giza, the female gray wolf that was one of their most popular animal attractions. Moving up to the fence, Karli watched the beautiful animal working with her trainers on the last animal show of the day.

A course of heat ran through her again. I need to see a doctor; I am much too young for hot flashes. Perhaps a psychiatrist too, to figure out my compulsion to fuck random strangers.

“Shame those beautiful beasts are caged here. They should roam free.”

Looking to her left, all she saw was an enormous bicep. Her eyes drifted up, and her gaze was met with a silver one. A shiver of yearning ran down her spine.

Karli moved her mouth a second or two before her voice caught up with her. “All…all of the animals here…are rescues. They were either hurt, or taken from people keeping them as pets. We give them…all the care…they need to heal...and then a safe home….if returning them to the wild…is impossible.”

Nice job, Stuttering Sue. I’m sure he thinks you are a moron now.

“Where they are put on parade throughout the day for stupid, fat humans to ogle instead of roaming the forests hunting like their natures demand.”

Stupid, fat…humans? “If we had not intervened, they would have…died.”

“And living in a cage is better than death? I wouldn’t want to live that way, would you? Just look at her eyes.”

Karli didn’t want to admit that she had often stopped here through her park tours and thought that the animals reflected sadness in their eyes. “We give them…the best care we can.”

“The best care would have been releasing them to the wild.”

“Giza was too badly hurt to go back. Plus, it’s too late for that now, regardless.” Unable to stop the words, the ones no one in the park was supposed to utter aloud. “They have been here so long that they would die if we released them.”

“You know this, yet you keep them anyway.”

“I’m not the one in charge of the animals.” Karli backed up a step as he drew nearer. A large hand moved to her face, one finger extended. His touch was feather light, as he stroked it along her cheek.

“No. No, you just work here. Another one of their caged beasts. Perhaps I need to set you free?”

“And how do you suppose you can do that?” A wave of desire spread through her, starting at the barely there touch upon her cheek. The finger moved under her chin, lifting her face to his.

“Like this.” Dropping down, he pressed soft lips to hers in a kiss that was a whisper of what it could be. A name whispered through her mind as his kiss ended…Ryden.


His brows furrowed as he stood back to his full height. “How do you know my name?”


The corner of his lips hinted at a smile as his eyes bored a hole deep within her. The man inhaled, deeply, lowering his head until it was level with her own. She felt his hot breath on her neck, and she arched her back slightly, her traitorous body demanding more of his touch.

Which never came.

Opening the eyes she hadn’t even realized she had closed, she looked up into his hooded gaze, the one that screamed an arousal that equaled her own. Tapping his finger on her nametag, the tugging blossomed into a full smile. “Well, Karli of Scream Town, I will be seeing you soon. Very soon.”


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Product Reviews

  1. Joyfully Reviewed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2012

    Ryden and Rayne are twin brothers and Berserkers who have lived a long time under a curse – a curse that denies them from finding true love. Being immortal warriors for Odin was how they began until their lives were changed in a single instant. Existing as the world changed century after century has been hard but finally they might have their reward – a mate that can accept both of them for what they are.

    Karli is the operations manager for an amusement park that has a special Halloween part called Scream Town. Karli is counting the days until the holiday is over and that part is closed down for the year. Each day gets Karli closer to a much-needed vacation. But a vacation is the last thing on her mind when Karli sees a group of extremely hot men, especially two of them who take her breath away.

    Ryden and Rayne know that time is not on their side with Halloween or Nave just days away. Now that they finally have a chance to claim their mate, neither is willing to take any chances that the Gods might find a way to destroy what might be. Karli knows that there is something very different about Ryden and Rayne, but nothing can upset the feelings she has for both of them. In an attempt to destroy their relationship before it can even really begin, an undercover threat tries to kill Ryden and Rayne while taking Karli away. The night turns crazy as it takes all the Berserkers working together to save the threesome when midnight strikes.

    A curse that denies love is fought for on the one night when spooky things roam. Night of the Dragon is a threesome love story with a serious twist. First off, I was intrigued when it was the Scandinavian Gods who were the base of the story instead of one of the other pantheons and then there were the Berserkers. I found the unusual characters to be very refreshing. Watching while Ryden and Rayne were determined to protect and claim Karli at any lengths had me quickly turning the pages. Karli might have been unsure of what was going on for a while, but she quickly decided to side with Ryden and Rayne over everyone else when push came to shove. Night of the Dragon is an erotic and suspense filled journey where passion and love overcame even the power of the Gods.

  2. You Gotta Read Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2012

    Karli is an Art History graduate who still works for the amusement park she worked at in high school. She likes her job…most days, and she works all the time, leaving no room for men or other persuits. When she spys silver eyed alpha males in the park, she is instantly drawn to them. Yes, them. Two of them to be exact. And for some reason, she can’t seem to fight their allure.

    Night of the Dragon is a highly imaginative tale with sexy characters, an intriguing plot and an interesting setting. The only reason I didn’t score it higher is the number of typos and grammatical errors in the book, but overall, it was a wonderful story.

    Rated 3.5 Stars

  3. Hotly Ever After -- 5 of 5 flames! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jul 2012

    First off, I loved this story. I read it in one night, and I wanted more the moment that it was done. I love me a hot, wicked ménage read. And when you combine that with Norse Mythology and wolf shifters, hot damn you have me sold, hook, line, and sinker. This was my first read by author O’ Hurley, and I was not disappointed. Her story had exciting elements that kept me reading. There was action, passion, and romance that wasn’t to over bearing, but just enough for me to find that my reader taste buds were fully satisfied. I found myself reluctant to end the book, when I could see I was getting close the end I started to slow down my reading, because I don’t believe this author has released another book in this series and I wanted another so very very bad.

    The sex was hot, and that is important. There was a scene in the dark, when it was all hands, mouths, and orgasms, and I thought I would die. For someone with a kidnapping fantasy, that popped me good and hard, and made me whimpering for more scenes that like when all was said and done. The story was a quick read, and the author was able to establish a great chemistry and had me rooting for everyone to actually get a HEA in the end. Which isn’t normal for me, I like romance, but I am totally not hearts and flowers. But, I think if this would have gone wrong, I would have gone ape crazy all over Goodreads! I have to say that adding in a dragon was so very cool! I don’t think they make enough good dragon shifter books. I would like to see more dragons and other fantasy characters as shifters!

    I highly recommend this read for all those erotic fantasy lovers out there. Hot men, hunky Alphas, and great story!

    See Review here: http://hotlyeverafter.com/wp/?p=588

  4. Reviewed at The TBR Pile 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2012

    At the beginning when Ryden and Rayne meet Karli, there is some nice build up when they are circling each other in the park, throwing glances at each other. You can feel the heat and longing between them. Then, to protect her they need to take her as their mate and they have to consummate their bond before the Nave, a night for mating when Karli will only be driven by her lust. Even though the two guys are hot, the sex wasn´t as good as it could have been. I never got the emotional bond, as the whole thing felt kind of forced. It was just an instant pheromonal lust and they only seemed to know how to have their ménage in
    one way, double penetration.

    The real plot picks up in the end and there is some battle action, which put the story back on track. We also get glimpses of the other two berserker brother pairs during the story and there is some build-up for future stories. Those small insights intrigued me and I would be interested in reading their stories. This story is a quick read with some good parts to it. I think that the series as a whole has potential, especially if characters are developed more.

  5. Great read! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2012

    I really, really liked this story. I was looking for dragons when I purchased it, but fyi, the dragon is the baddie. But it still rocked. Alot of old Norse myth that I don't remember all of, but it makes it more intriguing. Can't wait to read the next two.

  6. LASR Erotic Reviews 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2012

    Night of the Dragon by Alexandra O’Hurley is an intense short story. The novel kept me captivated from the beginning until the final chapters. The ending may not have been as exciting as the beginning in regards to the main characters, but Ms. O’Hurley made it interesting by setting the mood for what's to come in future berserkers novels. She did an excellent job at it because I can hardly wait to read about the rest of the Berserkers. There is also some mystery in the novel because I can’t help wondering who “B” is and if she will play any further role in any of the upcoming stories.

    The first thing I loved about Night of the Dragon was the name Ryden. It’s very original and it has a sexy tone to it. The second thing that urged me to read on was the heart-wrenching first chapter. I felt like I was out there with the berserkers, fighting against that evil woman.

    The third great thing about this novel is its descriptions. I particularly adored how the author described the first glimpse that Karli had of the men. I was almost as nervous as the character, perhaps even more! It was some fantastic bit of descriptive writing.

    The banter that Karli had with the men throughout the story had a natural flow that provided the story with an anchor to reality, a nice touch, considering all the supernatural elements it had. Speaking of which, I think a little more insight on Odin, Freyja, the Valkiria or the Valhalla, would perhaps serve those readers that know nothing about Norse mythology and who might be confused about the importance of these characters.

    Finally, Ms. O’Hurley writes some great sex scenes. One noteworthy scene is the one where the men take Karli for the first time: a cave, bondage, furs...yummy!

    All in all, Night of the Dragon is a good, fast, hot read that doesn’t disappoint.

  7. Night Owl Romance 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2012

    A 3.5 Star Review

    "Night of the Dragon" by Alexandra O'Hurley is a short story with quick, hot sex, a fresh perspective on the Berserker legends, and a nicely interesting premise (carnival setting, curses and Norse mythology to start). How often do you come across that combination, after all? Though no high tie-in to the title- so if you're a dragon buff, this is not the tale for you-, I enjoyed this book for the quick, personal ride it was.

    I found myself empathizing with Karli's growing disquiet with a job of comfort, Ryden and Rayne's conflicting personalities regarding their mate, and was especially intrigued with many of the secondary characters. There-in was actually the main weakness of the story. Many of the more intriguing characters, some of whom actually had a voice in the main narrative, were introduced, but then kind-of dropped off of the face of the plot. Like Gyda and her Swartska family, background on each twin-pair of Berserker brothers was not explained, or only enough to equal one puzzle piece of their complicated stories. Yet, the author writes as if previous stories had already been written, even including an engrossing, short prologue on how they came to be cursed 1000 years ago. There is also not enough from our three protagonists, considering all the interrupting puzzle pieces, for me to fall in love with their combination, though I did like them all by book end. Overall, though the plot seemed a bit rushed, most likely due to the brief nature of the novelette, and the characters were not as fleshed as I like to read, I would say I enjoyed this read. but would enjoy it MUCH better if this were taken and expanded, or even made into a series concerning each Berserker set and their mates. One can only hope.

    This is book one, so I do hope there will be some expansion for each Berserker.

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