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Soul Bound by Luxie Ryder


Product Description

It's been years since Seattle cop Jessica Hammond thought of the boy who broke her heart in high school. So when she is caught in a hail of bullets and facing certain death, she has no idea why it's Nathan's face that flashes into her mind as she prepares to die. Jessica survives unharmed and is deeply unsettled by the experience. Desperate to escape her thoughts, she jumps on a plane to Vegas.  

The intrigue deepens when she discovers that Nathan is also there, performing his New Age magic act in a large casino. Drawn to the show, she is mesmerized by him. When Nathan takes her to his bed and unleashes a different kind of magic, Jessica knows that the fates brought them together. But Nathan can't protect her from the curse of his heritage and Jessica soon learns that loving him could take her life.



"Open your eyes." 
His husky plea cut through the fog of lust clouding my brain and I obeyed him without hesitation.  My reward was witnessing proof of how much I was affecting him.  Nathan's beautiful face wore an expression of such rapturous awe that seeing it made me feel powerful and sensual.  He thrust into me again, and I fought to hold his gaze as he sank in to the hilt.
I wrapped my legs around his waist and barely let him withdraw.  Breathless as he rocked into me over and over again, I lifted my hips to match his movements, pushing back against him as hard as I could.   My hands latched onto his hair, holding his mouth to mine, our lips locked in a kiss so intimate that I only breathed in when he breathed out.  Nathan's essence seeped into my very soul and I couldn’t taste enough of him or get close enough.  When he moved his hands, my neglected flesh missed them instantly even as some new part of me thrilled at what he'd begun to do. 
Nathan rolled on to his back, taking me with him, and I reared up over him, splaying my hands against his chest as I sat on his erection.
Nathan gasped. "God Jess!  You're so wet...so tight and wet."
I rode him hard and fast, frustrated and aroused in equal part.  I wanted to be driving myself to orgasm above him, but I wanted his mouth on me too.  When I leaned forward to kiss him, I couldn't run my nails over his strong thighs or take him in as deeply as I needed to.  I craved the feel of his hands on my hips, lifting me up and pushing me down in time with his thrusts, but I also wanted his touch on my nipples and breasts.
Remember my touch.  Feel me where you need me to be.
I heard Nathan's voice but I knew he couldn't have said the words.  His ragged panting had intensified, his cries echoing around the room and I realized that my brain, not my ears, had heard the command. 
Where do you need to feel me Jess?  Do you want my mouth on your breasts, gently grazing your nipples with my teeth?
"Yes..." I said out loud.
Can you feel my fingers on your clit as I rub you hard and fast, just the way you like it?
"Oh Nathan...Nathan!" I screamed when my inner walls began to spasm around his cock as my bud reacted to his touch.  Nathan's orgasm started too, his fingers biting into my hips as he drove me down onto his hard shaft time and time again.
"Can you feel me?" he gasped, the muscles in his abdomen rippling and quivering beneath my hands as he surged into me again and again.  I fell forward, groaning and writhing at the exquisite spasms rippling through my body, caused by his penis buried deep inside me, and the very real sensation of his fingers on my clitoris and his mouth on my breasts. 
When my orgasm subsided, leaving me weak and spent and laying on Nathan's heaving chest, he wrapped his arms around me and stroked my hair, whispering that I should sleep.  And I did...for a while.


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Product Reviews

  1. Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2012

    Jessica finds herself at one of Nathan's performances in Vegas and he finds her in the crowd. Jessica is determined to get answers from Nathan staring with how she can hear him when they are miles apart. Before she can get to asking, years of fantasies of being with Nathan seem to be coming true. Nathan must tell her the truth of his inhuman form, as his destiny is intertwined with Jessica's fate. Jessica feels with all of Nathan's talk of controlling fate, that her freedom of choice has been taken from her. Jessica feels that the only way she can choose her own future is by not being with Nathan.

    Soul Bound is a cute little paranormal love story. The story line flows well and the characters are very likable. The love scenes between Jessica and Nathan are very well written. Understanding Nathan and the paranormal realm he belongs to takes some imagination, which I liked. Nathan makes the book different from other paranormal romances. If you are looking for a lighter read that engages your mind, Soul Bound is a good read for you.

  2. Whipped Cream Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2011

    Do you wish that your partner could hear your every thought and experience your every feeling and sensation during lovemaking, creating a perfectly symbiotic erotic event driven ever higher by the hunger and responses of one other? This unusual love story contains that and other exciting and surprising details of mythical and fantasy fare. This riveting tale grabbed me instantly and sent me on a breathtaking and sometimes astounding journey with its unique ideas and suspenseful romantic tension.

    Jessica has just had a mysterious, life altering experience that she can't explain. This grounded, conventional police woman just escaped the reality of her own death. At the moment of the miracle, she heard the voice in her head of her high school friend and crush, Nathan, saying, “Open your eyes. You're safe.”

    Nathan Cain is a man of power. He has known since high school that he was in love with Jes. In the next month events seemingly conspire to bring the two together in Vegas, where Nathan has big hotel magic act. From there Jes tumbles head first into a whirlwind of wildly magical and unbelievable revelations and incredible, raging hot sexual episodes. She comes to the realization that she is no longer in control of her life and that she is in love with the dark, compellingly handsome and sexy man that Nathan has become.

    This is a well-told, superbly written contemporary myth that is so original in its plot and scenario that I was completely captivated. The dialog, the pace, the eloquence was all everything I hope for in good writing... especially considering the fact that the story is told in first person. And expertly told at that, with a strong, flowing voice. The only reason I didn't rate it higher was that there were a few slight editing errors. I loved the story and sincerely hope that Ms. Ryder will continue it in a series. (please?)

    This believable and entertaining tale has magic, mythic and rare quality romance, mystery and a perfect dose of sex so sensually hot that I was transported magically into the story itself! I couldn't get the whole reading experience out of my head, and was moved to ask Ms. Ryder, 'Why, oh why did it have to end so soon?'

    My advice to everyone is, go get a copy of, Soul Bound. I'm sure you will be glad you did.

  3. Dark Diva's Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2011

    Kathy’s Review:

    One of the biggest reasons I wanted to read Soul Bound is found in the summary; this is a ‘lost love found again’ story and one of my favourite themes! Of course added to that is the paranormal element; I mean, I really needed to know how Jessica managed to survive—completely unharmed mind you—being caught in a hail of bullets only because the face of the boy she loved fifteen years appeared in her mind.

    Luxie Ryder’s name isn’t unfamiliar to me, but this is the first time I’ve read one of her books; after Soul Bound she’s on my list of ‘want to read more’. I like her characters and the way she got me immediately hooked on the story. One of the only things that I would have wanted to change is the length. For me, I’m not sure that there was enough time in which to explore the background of the mystery. But what we were treated to was quite intriguing.

    And at the end of the day—or story as it were—that’s what counts. My interest in Luxie Ryder’s writing is certainly piqued and I expect to enjoy many more of her stories.

    Rated 3½ Delightful Divas by Kathy!

  4. Happily Ever After Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2011

    A routine domestic disturbance call turns deadly when Seattle cop Jessica Hammond gets shot. She doesn’t know why the first thing that flashes to mind is Nathan Cain, the high school crush who broke her heart. By some means, she survives the ordeal without a scratch and decides to head off to Vegas.

    When she takes part in Nathan’s New Age magic act on stage, she wonders if fate had something to do with all the signs that brought him back to her. But before she could get a taste of the happy reunion, she discovers the shocking truth about Nathan.

    Soul Bound was a fast-paced read. I found the characters and the plot enjoyable. The sex was romantic and sweet. Without giving away too much, the plot twist was somewhat predictable. I wished the relationship between Jess and Nathan developed more as the story move forward. Regardless, paranormal and erotic romance readers will enjoy this quick, sexy escape.

    4 Tea Cups!

  5. ParaNormalRomance.org 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2011

    "Very Enjoyable Paranormal Novella"
    Answering a domestic dispute call, Seattle Police Officer Jessica Hammond was shot, or should have been. Instead the face of her teenage love, Nathan, flashed into her mind and the bullets never hit her. And she hears his voice. Taking the time off that her captain insisted on when she mentioned hearing the voice, she finds herself in Las Vegas watching one of Nathan's magic shows. Knowing that she has to get to the bottom of this, Jessica must find a way to talk to Nathan.

    SOUL BOUND is the first book I have read by Luxie Ryder or Evernight Publishing and I have to admit to being very pleasantly surprised. Ms. Ryder does a wonderful job at descriptions and I feel as though I had been transported to the magic show with Jessica. And it is easy to see just why Jessica finds Nathan to be so yummy. He is just the type of eye candy that I really prefer.

    Of course one can't forget the characterizations. Ms. Ryder does an excellent job here as well. Jessica is a strong woman who had her heart broken, as so many of us have, when she was a teenager. She had fallen head over heels with the new boy in town, Nathan Cain. She had blocked him from her thoughts but had never gotten totally over him. Nathan, on the other hand, had never stopped thinking of Jessica and had left thinking that she would be safer without him.

    SOUL BOUND is a very solid novella that I have no hesitations recommending to anyone that enjoys paranormal romance. There are some sex scenes but nothing that is too over the top. I would have loved to have seen Nathan's character developed more but there is that space limitation in a novella. I am hoping that further releases by Ms. Ryder will correct that issue.

  6. Coffee Time Romance Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2011

    Jessica Hammond is a Seattle police officer who should be dead. How is it possible the bullets missed? Her superiors believe her mental faculties have been impaired and force her to take time off to recover from the traumatic event. She finds herself in Las Vegas.

    Performing an on-stage magical extravaganza in Las Vegas is Jessica’s high school crush. Nathan Cain walked away from her inexplicably all those long years ago. Yet here he is, more enticing than ever. It was his velvety voice that had whispered to her the night the bullets failed to strike her vulnerable flesh.

    Jessica never realized that Nathan reciprocated her love back in high school, so when she finds herself singled out from the rapt audience, she is pulled helplessly to his side then into his arms. This time, Nathan cannot delay the inevitable and Jessica is swept up in a ritual of magic and destiny.

    Filled with mystery, romance, and magic, this is a tightly constructed story that is a swift read. There is superb chemistry between the leading couple and I thought their conversations seemed natural. I was captivated by the course of events as they unfolded. I enjoyed this short tale and was surprised by the twists.

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