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Raven, Sword & Sail by Leah Grant


Product Description

Encircled by Gold, 2

The saga continues for Riikka Toivonen as she finds life with her Viking husband is nothing short of a hot roller-coaster ride. Fitting into Viking culture has had its moments and some of them pretty scorching as Riikka discovers a whole new sensual side of herself. She has only one regret, but she knows she has to find a way to make peace with the fact that she was forced to leave without saying goodbye to her best friend, Lucy. Or does she?  

When Riikka tries to get a message to Lucy in modern times, she has no idea what events she’s put in motion. When three messengers arrive with news of plague, war, and a demon, life gets tossed like a ship in a storm. There are many choices to be made, but she isn’t alone. With Thorstein’s love and strength they can sail through anything—together.

Be Warned: bondage, menage sex (MFM), public exhibition, spanking



He was still hard and ready. Riikka wanted to reach down and take hold of his swollen manhood, but there was no way she’d distract him now that she was getting some answers.

“Why do you think I have another question?” All innocence. She could use her eyes to her advantage when she chose to.

He pursed his lips, and Riikka watched as he tried to keep a straight face.

“You aren’t the least bit curious about the tattoo on the back of my neck? The raven, the sword and the sail?” He slipped his finger under her chin, lifting it, those eyebrows of his lending his expression to serious.

“Okay, you caught me. Of course I want to know why you have it and what it means.” She took his hand, moving it so that it lay over her heart.

“Your heart is going so fast! Why is that?” Those eyes of his were igniting her again. The pulse of desire beat strong between her legs.

“Tell me about your tattoo. Please,” she added softly, hoping to cajole him.

“It has to do with my family. When I was young, a raven saved me when I was lost at sea. I’d done something that changed the course of my life. The markings remind me of that time.”

“A raven saved you? I don’t get it.” By telling her just a little, he’d made her want to know so much more.

“That is enough for now. I will tell you more in my own time.” When she took his hand and brought it to her mouth, he sucked his breath in.

“Riikka?” His gaze bore into her.

She took his middle finger into her mouth, teasing.

“Careful, wife. That is deep water. You’d better know how to swim,” he growled.

“What if I don’t? What if I need you to save me?” She played her tongue on the very end of his fingertip.

“Then I’ll be the whale that swallows you whole. I’ll consume everything that is you.” The hunter emerged and Riikka lay back, fondling her breasts, wanting to push him right over the edge.

“If I’m inside the whale’s belly, won’t I still drown?”

“Yeah, but it will be a good death.” He winked and in seconds was down the bed, pushing her legs apart.

“I have a longer tongue than Leif,” he muttered from between her soaked thighs, “and a longer sword.”

“Prove it,” she challenged.

When the hot, wet length of his tongue speared up and into her, Riikka didn’t bother to tell him he was right. 


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Product Reviews

  1. Krissys's review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Mar 2016

    This was a book that totally had me yummy nom nom -ing almost the entire way. I love Grant's sexy vikings. They're hot, they're tough, they're hella crazy hot sex-y between the sheets. You get the adventure and the heart that comes with romances like this.

    I love that you get the testing of the relationship the stages of emotional growth that go along with it all that make you want to root for the HEA all the to the end.

    By the way carry an extra pair of panties, this one will get you wet.

  2. Coffeeholic Bookworm 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2016

    The story continues where it left off. Riikka is now back to her husband’s arms, the Viking Jarl Thornstein. But as memories of her origin surfaces, so are the problems that come from being a Kven. For the moment Riikka has assumed her role as Thornstein’s wife, the possibility of a plague is imminent, a disagreement between Jarls is brewing and a demon is said to cause havoc between kingdoms.

    And during this tempestuous marriage, Riikka discovers she can do things she never thought she could do in her past/future life.. Like walking around naked. Like making love in public. Like being involved in another man.

    And by the power of raven, sword and sail, I am telling you, dear reader, this book got lots of erotic scenes, you’ll find yourself sweating profusely in the end.

    Leah Grant once again wrote a story about Vikings like you never heard before. I must admit, I am quite a novice in Viking mythology, heck, I’m not even fully aware of Thor and Odin’s stories except in the movies. But this book, this will give you a lot of info and perspective about what was life like living with hulking men, Vikings, warriors. The pace was so fast that I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

  3. Exquisite Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2015

    Boy!!! does the saga continue… while this is the first book i’ve read from this author and the series I can honestly say that I am impressed.

    I once again for the third time this week have a new book boyfriend… Thorstein is smoking hot and lord have mercy I wish I could have enjoyed being taken by him… Riikka has seems to struggle with her hang ups from her old life but her boo makes sure he tells her how much he wants her no matter who is in front of them.

    Since I hadn’t read the first book in series I was a little lost in the beginning and wasn’t sure if I wanted to continued, I am glad that I did because I was able to feel caught up with all the characters. I am so happy that the author was able to continue the story but provide enough information from the first book. I don’t do spoilers because I love reading everyone’s perspective on the same topic.

    Did I mention that Thorstein is HOT… like really HOT and he’s romantic… this is my version of Thorstein

  4. awesome! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2015

    I absolutely loved this book! I liked how it makes you actually visualize the characters and what they are doin and I absolutely loved the ending such a good twist to the book and to the series! Cannot wait for the next one :)

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