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Revelation by London Saint James


Product Description

The Heart of Winter, 3

Winter’s reclusive life as a romance writer begins to collide with Cayden’s larger-than-life world.  Cayden Cain, Hollywood’s hottest heartthrob, is someone who is unattainable in many ways.  The odds of a real relationship with him are astronomical.  

Besides the pesky paparazzi that are hell-bent on exposing pieces of her once private life, there is so much more conspiring against Winter and Cayden.  She cannot survive in his world, and he simply cannot walk in hers.   But everything will change when she discovers their worlds have always been connected, forever tied together by fate, by destiny, by unbreakable love.

Note: The Heart of Winter is a 4-book continuing series. It is best read in order. 



I heard the door to my suite open. I focused my attention to the glass in front of me and saw someone in the reflection peering back. It looked like Cayden who entered the room. He was dressed from head to toe in black. I observed him throw down a small black leather duffel-bag just inside the door. His black-hooded sweatshirt was pulled up over his head with his black leather coat over his sweatshirt. He wore dark black Prada Aviator sunglasses. I noticed his black jeans were frayed, which allowed his left knee to peek out of the hole.


I’d seen him before, years before, leaning up against the wall of the restaurant where I worked. I shook my head at the memory and how much like Austin he really was. I focused in on the reflection while Cayden moved forward from the door. He looked like a cat burglar, only a very sexy cat burglar. I smiled at the reflection. It was actually kind of funny, then again it was actually terribly sexy him sneaking into my room.


“How did you get in here?” I asked. I turned around to see him standing a few feet behind me.


He held up the flat credit card looking key, and waved it once before he placed it on the desk. “You are so damn sexy,” he said, his voice smooth and silky.


“You are pretty darn sexy yourself,” I admitted. He smiled, and it lit up the room like a thousand watt bulb. “Don’t move.”


His angelic face turned into a frown. “But I need to hold you,” he rebutted quite pathetically.


“Shh, stand still. I want to look at you.”


My gaze started at his black leather Harley biker boots, slid up his frayed jeans with the worn thighs, took in his leather coat, his obscured faced….


Holy crap, he’s sexy.


Another smile crossed over his face, his guilty smile. “You’re going to torture me, aren’t you?”


“Yes. I think I am,” I replied quite serious. “How long do we have?”


“This is our suite. We have all night.”


“So then Chandler is where?”


“At the Waldorf, you didn’t really believe I would let him stay here with you?”


I smiled, secretly pleased with this news. “No, but I was worried I wasn’t going to see you tonight. I am a little upset you kept me out of the loop with your complicated plans to actually see me so….” I pursed my lips. “For that I may need to torture you just a little bit.”


“It’s working,” he said, his voice seductive. “Not being able to touch you is killing me.”


I walked over to Cayden very slowly. “I believe we have some unfinished business to attend to.”


“Mmm…,” he mumbled. “I would agree.”


I unbuttoned the top two buttons of his blue dress shirt, which I was wearing. He started to walk toward me. I waved my index finger in disapproval. “Stand still,” I instructed.


Cayden stopped.


I circled around him once. He turned his head to follow. I reached out. My fingertip touched his arm, weaved up and over his strong shoulder. He lifted his hand, brushed it across mine. I moved my hand from his and continued my torture. I reached up, pulled the dark hood from his head, and freed his beautiful chestnut-colored hair. I ran my fingers through it before I traced his sideburns, his jaw, the line of his cheekbone. I stopped. Took him by the hand, and peeked over my right shoulder while I led him to the couch. Cayden was watching the sway of my hips.


“Sit,” I instructed.


He smiled. It was the kind of smile the devil himself would envy. Cayden conceded to my wish. He sat. Rubbed his thigh. “Winter,” he said.


I pressed my index finger to his lips. “No talking,” I whispered in his ear. He groaned. I took the lobe of his ear between my teeth, grazing it softly.


“Um…,” he muttered. His hand moved along my shoulder.


“No touching either.”


I stepped back from him. Cayden threw his head back against the backside of the couch in exasperation. He did this little thing where he slicked his tongue out briefly before he scuffed his teeth over his bottom lip while his hands rubbed anxiously against the couch cushions.


I heard him mumble under his breath…. “You are driving me crazy.”


I reached out toward him and removed his dark sunglasses. I placed them on the coffee table. “Much better,” I said.


I saw his dark gray eyes, smoldering with desire.


This is good as torture goes.


I moved my hips, swayed them from side to side. My hands made their way up the front of my shirt, skimmed over my breasts and kept beat with the music which was playing over the speakers. I teased a button. Released it.


“Take off the coat,” I instructed.


Cayden complied. With a wicked grin stretched across his face, he stripped the coat off and threw his leather coat across the room. As a reward, I released another button from my shirt.


I touched Cayden’s sweatshirt. “Take it off,” I commanded.


Cayden tore the sweatshirt from over his head and threw it to the floor. I placed my right leg over his left leg, straddled it, placed my hands to his chest, and unbuttoned the shirt he wore one button at a time. Once one button was undone, I revealed that small space of flesh which my tongue tasted. I unbuttoned and licked until his perfect muscular body shined from beneath the black material. Both of Cayden’s hands skipped up the back of my thighs, and came to a firm stop after finding the curve of my butt. I moved back and shook my head. He heaved a sigh.


“Are you going to be good?” I asked. “And follow the rules?”


He nodded.


I moved back toward him. With pleasure my hands mapped the surface of his chest, of his stomach, finding each ripple. I loved every muscle on him. I watched his muscles jump and flex as my fingers made their way caressing, outlining his perfection.


I pulled at the bottom corner of his shirt. “This, too, take it off.”


In one smooth movement, he shrugged out of the shirt.


“Your turn,” Cayden said, eagerly.


“Shh….” My lips brushed gently over his before I pulled my mouth back and stopped scant inches from contact. “No talking, remember?”


The tip of Cayden’s tongue traced the bottom swell of my lip before I moved. He growled in protest. I nibbled at his neck and kissed his throat. When he groaned, I kissed him once more, only whisper soft. The tip of my tongue drew an erotic line up his throat, over his chin and found his lips, but I did not kiss him. He licked his lips. I resisted from full on contact. I shifted back from him. This gave him a clear unobstructed view of me so I proceeded to deliberately unbutton all of the buttons on the shirt I was wearing. I permitted him to see my body in slight glimpses, not removing the garment then turned around.


I looked over my shoulder, gazing at him from beneath my lashes. His eyes devoured me whole. “Your sweatshirt is in my way,” I explained. I bent over to pick it up, straight-legged. “Oops.” I gave him a flirtatious giggle. My hand accidentally or maybe not so accidentally lifted some of the material of the shirt, giving Cayden a slight peek of my bare universe which belonged to him.



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Product Reviews

  1. Guilty Indulgence Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2012

    This review is for the entire series:

    London Saint James created a sweet story of happiness from beginning to end.Over the course of four books, readers follow Winter as she loves, suffers loss, and loves again. There's some magic to the story and you will need to suspend your skepticism just as Winter did. And despite there being two different lovers for Winter, this really is a single love story about two people finding their soul mates (even though that doesn't mean there isn't pain in their lives).

    The series begins with a book that is almost too good to be true and for that, it was a bit boring. Austin and Winter are a dream couple. Everything happens easily and it is very sweet. I kept waiting for something to happen. When book one ended, I wondered where the "big moment" was.

    Well, that moment happens at the very beginning of book two. Despite there being slow development of Winter's character, here's where readers come to know her best. She may appear fragile in disposition but she clearly has a backbone of steel. Some may criticize her method of coping with loss but I found it to be very realistic and became more connected with her.

    While there's no doubt Austin and Winter belonged together. there's also no doubt that Cayden is equally suited to her. The crux of the plot lies in the fact that Austin and Cayden are so much alike. The way their lives were intertwined was masterfully created, like stitches of a quilt, perfectly. As Winter reaches towards her well-deserved HEA, she undergoes a lot of trials. These trials make the last two books the most interesting and fast-paced of the series.

    This series is well written and draws readers right in.The plot is fascinating, characters are engaging and the story's pacing is well-balanced. However, I would've enjoyed it more as one book. The flow is too broken up as four books - one book is all happy, one mostly all sad, and then it seems to take off with most of the real story rolling out in the final two books. But admittedly, London Saint James tells a beautiful love story. After the first book of the series, I was hooked and had to follow Winter's story.

  2. Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2012

    Winter's life has been turned upside down as she adjusts to the spot light that Cayden's life brings. I still like Winter, she is a character who is adjusting to big changes in her life and while these changes cause a lot of emotions, she handles herself well. Winter is a woman who has been thrust into a spotlight she didn't want but now has to live with. The grace and strength with which she handles herself I admirable.

    Cayden hates the his lifestyle has forced Winter to deal with the publicity and recognition she didn't want. He will do anything to protect her, including letting people think she is dating his brother Chandler. Cayden is an all around nice guy that has some secrets in his past even he is unaware of.

    Revelation is a sweet story that continues the romance of Winter and Cayden as they adjust to the demands of each others public and private lives. I loved that Revelation is a continuation of Requiem, but Revelation is not nearly as emotional and didn't have the same draw for me that the previous story did. We learn more about Cayden in Revelation and I am eagerly looking forward to Eternal, book four and the conclusion of this series.

    Don't miss out on reading Revelation if you've already read the first two books in this series. If you haven't read the first two, play catch up so you are ready for book four which I think will be phenomenal as this series comes to a conclusion.

  3. Love this series 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jan 2012

    Ms. Saint James has done it again with this book. I adore this series.

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