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Soul Mate by Kassandra Cox and Edward Tailor


Product Description

Sexy Paramedic Sam Norton arrives at the scene of an accident to find that he is required to take on the soul of the lovely, feisty Saffron in order to save her life.  Two minds in one body makes for some interesting antics around Saffron’s desire to make the most of the experience while broadening Sam’s sexual horizons.   Although both are anxious for their body sharing to end, once it does, will they find that residual feelings remain?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMF)



Sam’s cock strained against the woman’s thigh.  It was the strangest feeling to Saffron.  It was like she needed to hump something, shove it in somewhere, rub it…anything.  In the meantime, his hands had gone lower and Maryanne was spreading her legs.  Sam’s fingers slid into her pussy, his thumb circling her little nub.  She was happily moaning and writhing on his fingers.

“Hurry up, Sam.  Our cock is starting to ache and our balls too, I think.  Fuck her already.”  Saffron’s voice became frustrated.

“It’s my cock and my balls, definitely not ours!” Sam retorted in exasperation, stopping what he was doing both to her dismay and the dismay of poor Maryanne.

“Sam!” both Maryanne and Saffron barked angrily at exactly the same time.  His hand instantly began moving again, more quickly this time, almost clumsily.

“Sam, I think you’re going too fast, too ham-handed.  Let me try,” Saffron offered with a cajoling tone. 

“Not a chance,” he denied and reached for a condom.

“Oh goody.”  Saffron would have clapped her hands if she had them.  This was the part she was most interested in.  She could feel the throbbing shaft.  It was like nothing she’d ever felt before.  As he rolled the condom down his thick cock, she paid attention.  Now this felt doubly odd.  It felt kind of strangled.

Once again, Sam’s lips met Maryanne’s, but that wasn’t the part Saffron was interested in.  Her entire focus was on the tip of Sam’s shaft poised at Maryanne’s entrance.  “Do it, do it, do it.”  Ignoring her as best he could, Sam plunged into Maryanne’s pussy, filling her in one thrust.  Chatter filled his brain, and he pounded into the bucking girl.

Saffron was enjoying it a great deal, never having experienced any of it from this side of the coin.  “God, Sam, I love that.  It feels so good.  Harder, faster.  I want you to come.  I want to feel it.”  She could actually feel Sam’s balls tightening, the tingle at the base of his spine and the cramp starting in his sac making its way upward.  He was doing all sorts of things at the same time, his hands and lips busy with his conquest, but she was fully concentrated on the sensations in his cock.  Damn, that felt amazingly good.  His hands were roaming around, and he was kissing Maryanne while his right hand found its way to her clit. 

Wow!  Maryanne was coming around Sam’s cock, squeezing it in a vise-like grip.  At that moment, Saffron lost her train of thought.  Sam’s pace had picked up, and the need was building to an almost painful intensity.  Seconds later, Sam let go as wave after wave of pleasure shot from his tip, filling the condom.  It was over in five quick bursts, each one shooting his essence into the thin rubber.  Those spasms seemed to resonate throughout his entire body, the intensity overwhelming to her as she experienced a double orgasm.  Her mind was playing out what hers would have felt like, and she actually was feeling Sam’s.  Amazing.  

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Product Reviews

  1. Many levels of emotions! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jan 2018

    Soul Mate led me through many levels of emotions. At first I laughed at the tricks that Saffron played on Sam. From teasing him about his impressive anatomy to her begging to experience sex from a man's point of view. But then I grew angry with her for forcing Sam to experience things he was not comfortable with. There were times I wanted to throttle her for not taking his feelings into consideration. But then Kassandra and Edward took me into a new direction until I was crying for Saffron and the things she was going through. I was never so happy with a HEA ending as I was with Soul Mate. This is a book you will not put down until you are through. Warning: This is at least a one box of tissues book. I hope everyone loves it the way I did.

  2. theromancestudio 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2014

    This story begins with EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Sam, and his partner Dan, are riding to their last call for the day. It is a terrible accident where the victim was supposedly deceased. When they arrive the driver is actually alive so they go to work. This is set in the future where for the most part paramedics don’t lose patients. If it’s bad enough and someone is trained, they shift the person’s consciousness to either a transfer pod or someone trained to take the person into their mind that way the person’s body can either be repaired or cloned. Dan can’t do it because the rules state if you have a pregnant spouse you are not allowed. He does, so it’s Sam’s turn. The rules also state if you have to hang onto someone for longer than the transfer to a pod you are supposed to stay in and not really do anything. The accident victim is Saffron, and she’s fighting to stay conscious and live. She’s transferred into Sam and doesn’t know what’s going on or what happened. Sam calms her but then the transfer to the pod is no go. Sigh.

    Sam has done this many times and has never felt his ‘guest’ before, let alone had conversations with them. So, he doesn’t think anything about going on the date he’s been itching to go on for months. Well, Saffron isn’t very happy about this. She, for some unknown reason, is very much aware and cognizant of what Sam is doing. She even begins making comments distracting him and shifting his thoughts from having hot sex with his date for the night. It’s actually pretty hysterical. Of course, he and his date don’t think any of it is funny. After the two are done and the date stalks off, Saffron and Sam are kind of stuck together and she’s bored. We all know that’s never a good sign. She basically forces Sam to go shopping! Get his hair cut! Then, makes him call a restaurant to see if her boyfriend has a reservation! Of course, most of that is also against the rules.

    You know, I really had no idea what to expect when I began reading this story. I also wasn’t certain how the authors would be able to end it. Saffron had her moments where I really thought she was a nightmare. She made a straight man go to a Gay bar and bottom for someone. Yeah, he did enjoy it but I definitely had a moment where I thought the story would be taking a negative turn. Well, it sort of did, but not in the way I thought. Ms. Cox and Mr. Tailor actually did and amazing job telling this story! Not only did they write it in such a way that I believed Sam and Saffron were meant to be together, they made me laugh and enjoy Sam’s whole journey!

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