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Taken by the Greek Billionaire by Emma Shortt


Product Description

Criminal Seduction, 1

You can go to prison or you can open your legs…

Caught in the act of breaking into Sebastian Demetrious’ safe, Penny "the cat" Matthews, thinks her criminal run has finally come to an end. Only she doesn’t expect the choice offered by the super-hot Greek billionaire, a choice which isn’t really a choice at all.

Prison or his bed.

It’s no hardship for Penny to submit to Sebastian’s desires. If a barter is what it takes to win her freedom, so be it. But before long she finds herself thinking about more than just the job, more than just the money. Only she’s a thief and he’s a billionaire…and she’s hiding a secret that might just change everything.

Be Warned:  anal play, bondage, spanking


    “So you would have taken all the money if you could have?” he asked.
    “Of course. I’d have taken everything you have.”
    He sighed and Penny couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking. She kept her eyes fixed on the money because it was so much easier to just do that. To not have to look into his whisky eyes and feel the low stirrings of desire in her belly all over again.
    “How did you do it?” Sebastian continued. “Get in here, get this money? Tell me.”
    “And if I do?”
    “Then perhaps I will be lenient.”
    She peeked up, not surprised to see his eyes fixed firmly on her face. Now is your opening. “How lenient?” she asked, allowing a seductive sort of grin to blossom.
    “After last night I can hardly call the police can I?” Sebastian said. “What would I tell them? Yes she broke into my home, but I thought I’d fuck her before handing her over?”
    Relief filled her, sweet relief, but she allowed none of it to show on her face. “I guess.”
    “No the police option was gone the moment we kissed.”
    “Then what?”
    “I will tell you,” he said. “Perhaps you will like it, perhaps you will not. Perhaps you will think it madness. I do myself if I am honest and yet it seems the plan is already formed in my mind.”
    “I don’t understand what—”
    “You’re going to stay here,” he said. “You’ll tell me how exactly you got around my security and I will fix those breaches, and then here you will remain. What other choice is there? I can’t call the police, can’t let you go. Who knows who else you’re planning to go off and rob? No it seems the only option is to keep you here for now.”
    Here you will remain…. Penny shook her head, not quite getting what he was suggesting. She eyed the money again and then him, wondering how it could all have gotten so out of control so quickly. “What do you mean exactly by remain here?”
    “Until this madness has passed,” Demetrious said.
    He reached out and ran a finger from the money on the mattress up to her lips. His thumb lightly brushed over the bruise before trailing along her jaw. His touch was so soft, so careful that Penny felt her heart thump.  
    “You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” he asked softly.
    “I’m not sure I do. Spell it out for me.”
    “Sex,” he said, drawing the word out and making her nerves sing.
    “Which we did plenty of.”
    “And which I want more of. So you have to stay here until I’ve fucked you enough to get it out of my system. This is the madness I talk about, this desire that you make me feel.”
    “You’re not serious?”
    He shrugged. “It seems that I am. I want you, Kleftisa. Badly. Why I do not know. I know only that I am going to have you—so I think it comes down to two options. You can open your legs or you can go to prison. That seems to be the best plan I have come up with.”

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Product Reviews

  1. Romancing the Book Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2014

    Penny “The Cat” Matthews knows what her job is just like her sister’s know theirs. Each one has picked a billionaire to try and get money from. They say that since they have lots of money they will not miss any. Penny’s job is to break into Sebastian Demetrious’ safe and get out fast before she is caught. She never thought that he would decide to not go to the party and stay home.

    Sebastian is tired of going out all the time. He just wants to have a quiet time at home and get some stuff done. He never expected to find someone breaking into his safe. When he realizes that it is a woman he can’t believe it. He is going to call the cops on her until he takes her mask off and she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He wants to know how she broke into his home and why she needed the money.

    The first thing that caught my attention was the cover of the book. I knew I would be getting a really hot story and I had to read it. I never thought there would be so much passion and a huge connection between characters. I myself couldn’t see sleeping with someone the first time I saw them but I’ve never had that kind of connection. When I find out what the money is for I have more respect for Penny.

    Sebastian does have a great heart and many people don’t get to know the man behind the money. He could have made different decisions then he did. I still have some questions about how Penny could afford the equipment she had unless she also took the money for those things from someone else. Every sister has a unique gift they use and I can’t wait to read the next two books in this series.

  2. Long and Short of It Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2013

    The idea of the thief and the billionaire falling in love is what spurred me to pick up this book. I wasn’t disappointed; this was a hot, quick romp.

    Penny “the cat” Matthews is a flexible vision in her cat suit when she breaks into Sebastian Demetrius’ house. I loved her arrogance and her absolute certainty that she could break into anything. She was spunky, hot and fun.

    Sebastian Demetrius is a sexy billionaire and bored with the monotony of his life. Penny offers an interesting distraction, and the way he seduces her is sexy. I understand the appeal of a sexy rich man sweeping the heroine off her feet, and this story delivers.

    It was very obvious this was being set up as a trilogy with each book following a different sister. I enjoyed this story I will definitely be reading the others. There isn’t a lot of emotional depth in this story, but I wasn’t expecting that. This is a whirlwind romance, and while not very realistic it is an enjoyable and quick read. I would recommend this to my friends who love category romance but want more spice.

  3. The Romance Review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Mar 2013

    Three sisters. Modern Robin Hood theme. Three billionaires. A plan that will make their dream come true. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But what happens when everything goes wrong, only to go unexpectedly right? Read the story and see for yourself.

    Penny, Rachel and Lyra have a dream – one that could help in many ways to those who need help the most. Only if their plan works. They each picked a target. They are ready to put their skills to use. And they are hoping that it will all work out... but will it?

    Penny goes first. Her job is to steal the money they need from the Greek billionaire Sebastian Demetrious. He's so rich he probably won't even notice for a while. She broke into his house, his safe, and was just about done when Sebastian unexpectedly returned home and caught her. Penny is sure her freedom and dream are about to end, when Sebastian offers a choice – prison or his bed. Already attracted to him, she chooses the latter, and stays with him in exchange for the money she almost stole. But things are about to become even more complicated when they both realize they want more. A thief and a billionaire? That's hardly a happy ending material. How will it work? How could it work? Are they both brave and foolish enough to even try? Need you ask?

    I really enjoyed reading TAKEN BY THE GREEK BILLIONAIRE. The characters are great. Sebastian, the bored, overworked billionaire, with a heart of gold that needs a distraction and something to move him. Penny, the girl that managed to survive so much, and find a family in the process. She's brave, stubborn and incredibly loyal.

    This is a rather short read, but it packs quite a heat. If you're in the mood for a light, entertaining erotic story, give it a chance. It's good, you'll end up wanting more, and I can't wait to see what happened to Rachel and Lyra in the meantime.

  4. Night Owl Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jan 2013

    Taken by the Greek Billionaire, written by Emma Short, has all the makings of an erotic book. For the most part, it was an enjoyable book to read. There was a lot of repetition within the writing, and for some words a thesaurus was definitely needed. At times, I found the characters to be lacking and uninterested in the plot. Sebastian appeared to snobby; whereas Penny appeared whinny. Overall, the book wasn’t bad, but I feel like the characters could have been developed a bit more.
    Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be a “cat” burglar, but fortunately for Penny “the cat” Matthews, it does. With a modern day Robin Hood twist, Penny Matthews and her sisters have come up with an eloquent scheme to rob the rich to protect the poor.
    Deciding to opt out and not to go to a charity dinner, Sebastian Demetrious calls it a day and heads home. In the mist of Sebastian getting ready for his night in, he hears a sound. Surely, no one in their right mind would dare break into Sebastian’s home. Doing a visual check of his parameters, Sebastian sees a burglar. Angered at such brazenness, Sebastian confronts the thief. A heated battle takes place, and in a matter of moments, the thief is subdued and her identity is revealed.
    Looking at Penny, Sebastian can only think of one thing, and it surely isn’t calling the cops on the beautiful burglar. Sebastian makes an offer, open your legs or go to prison. Penny not one to back down from an offer takes the first choice.
    The passion is hot, and as Sebastian feelings grow stronger for Penny, Penny does everything in her power to keep their relations strictly sexual. In the end, can Sebastian see through Penny’s entire tough girl defenses, can Penny let go of her pass, or will her pass destroy the fragile bond that she and Sebastian have started to share?

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