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Timeless Love by Karyn Gerrard


Product Description

Timeless Hearts, 2

1969—Underworld enforcer Joey Indelli didn't expect an English Regency Era carriage to appear before his very eyes in a thunderbolt of light. Inside he discovers a disoriented beauty, the honorable and delectable Catherine Worthington.

Catherine finds herself immediately attracted to her rough and very masculine rescuer but is determined to return to her home in 1821 Cornwall, England.

Seeing the carriage appear in front of him, Indelli believes her story but is convinced she has no choice but to stay in 1969.

Will the love that develops between them fade with their parting or somehow keep them together and prove...timeless?



Domesticity was a foreign concept to Joey. Sharing his space and his life was not something he even considered doing with anyone. Yet here he was playing house with Cathy.


Each day passed quickly and he fell a little harder for her. The attraction that flared between them that first night they danced increased with every minute. Other than his collection duties for McGonagall, he spent every waking moment with her.


That afternoon they drove uptown. Joey thought Cathy might enjoy a walk through the City Market. He bit back a groan as she slipped her arm through his.  Her breast brushed his arm and sent a burning sizzle straight to his prick.


Walking through the wrought iron gates they were immediately inundated with the aroma of freshly prepared food and baked goods. The market was alive with the sounds of shoppers and clerks conducting transactions at the various stalls.


"Joey, this is similar to the market in Truro. How long has this been here?"


"1876. Hasn't changed much I hear." He pointed to the ceiling. "See how the inside resembles the keel of a ship? Those beams are almost a century old."


She followed his gaze. "I do not quite see it."


Joey stepped behind her, his hands trailed up her arms seductively. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. A tantalizing whiff of herbal shampoo filled his senses and the sizzle to his cock snapped and crackled.


"Look closer; see the rounded design of the beams?"


He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. His tongue darted out and licked the whorl of her ear. Cathy moaned and leaned her head back against his chest. He began to nibble on her ear lobe while his hips moved provocatively against her ass.  


"It's a homage to the shipbuilding history of this city," he whispered. Joey's voice was harsh and raspy from desire and his vision blurred from the sensation of having her body flush against him.


Cathy rubbed her ass against his erection and Joey could swear he heard sexy little mews escape her lips. Did she even know what she was doing? He was so close to leading her outside into the alley to lean her against the bricks and kiss and fondle her until she begged for more. Reluctantly, he stepped back. They were in a public place and starting to attract attention. He shook his head to clear the lust fog that had settled in his brain.


Cathy turned and squeezed his arm causing another bolt of desire to curl around his spine. "How do you know so much?"


He shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm proud of my city. It has a great history."


Cathy glanced around then leaned up and kissed his cheek. "You're adorable, Joey Indelli."


God, how those words jolted his heart. The sensations were unknown and scared the shit out of him. His reaction to her nearness ignited his worst fears. Joey wanted her and realized there was more to his feelings than just being horny. He found her adorable and maybe falling in love with her ramped up his passion. But what terrified him was Cathy not returning his feelings. No, it was more than that. If by some chance she found her way home, he would be alone again. Joey had enough of being alone. He took her hand and they walked to the meat counter.


"I can fry up a great steak. I'll get some for supper."


Cathy looked up at him and smiled. "I would like that, Joey."


Thing was…so would he.



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Product Reviews

  1. Joey and Cathy were awesome together!

    Posted by Angie on 15th Oct 2013

    I liked how this one was set in the late 1960's. The ending was a complete surprise and was a really good ending to this story.

  2. Night Owl Reviews

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2012

    In 1821, Honorable Catherine is escaping from her home in a carriage on a dirt road in a thunderstorm that she finds frightening. She is trying to escape from an arrange marriage in a maid’s gown. Suddenly the carriage’s horses’ start running faster and lightening hits the carriage. Catherine is flung from her seat and is floating in the air. She blacks out and wakes in the year 1969.
    Joey is trying to get money from a person for his boss, a loan shark, when a carriage appears out of thin air and is thrown twenty feet away from the other man. Catherine awakes in the carriage and looks out the door where a very handsome, tall man is coming towards her. Joey and Catherine start talking to each other. At first, Joey does not believe Catherine is from the past and treats her like someone who is drunk. He takes her his home to sleep it off.
    Later on Catherine and Joey become friends and then lovers but Catherine still wants to go home to her time. She wonders if she can bring Joey with her. Will they stay together or part their separate ways?
    This is a short tale that lasts about eighty pages. With those pages the author gives you a full tale with great characters. It also has some funny lines in it especially when Catherine is trying to figure out some of Joey’s words. A Good Read!

  3. Karyn Gerrard Does it Again

    Posted by Ollie from Bitten by Paranormal Romance on 23rd Apr 2012

    Karyn Gerrard does it again by giving readers a charming romance that blossoms before the reader's eyes and gives the reader those "sigh" moments and wish for our own moments where we feel that love is the only thing that matters and the world drifts away.

    Ok I have to say I am a little bias being Canadian as I get a thrill reading a story that is set in Canada (in this case the beautiful Maritime province of New Brunswick). It gets my blood pumping thinking that a drop-dead gorgeous guy like Joey, who has a heart of gold, and is so giving to the woman that he cares for may be walking around near me LOL.

    This is the second book in the series that focuses on another rider in the carriage that gets thrown back in time, this time a young aristocratic woman who decides to runaway from her family to defy their request to marry someone she has no interest in.

    Catherine finds herself in a warehouse in 1969 and standing before her is a tall, dark-haired gorgeous looking man dressed all in black (and in black leather pants YUMMY). The next thing she knows she is in the man's apartment trying to figure what has happened.

    Joey wouldn't believe if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes the carriage appearing before him and the beautiful woman inside it. Not knowing what to do he takes her back to his meager apartment and tends to her setting the stage for an encounter that will change both their lives.

    Catherine may be from 1821, but the way she checks out Joey would be scandalous in her time (who wouldn't check him out he is sex on a stick). Joey in turn seems drawn to Catherine for some reason that he can't explain. I have to say what made this such a touching story was Joey's background for me.

    Joey grew up an orphan, had nobody and was forced out into the world at the age of 15. He found work with a criminal head and now many years later he feels he has nothing to offer to Catherine. No money, (just enough to cover the rent and buy some food) and a meager existence that is too dangerous to include Catherine in. It was during these moments that my heart ached for Joey, especially when Catherine would voice her need to get back home. Of course Catherine had feelings for Joey but she didn't know how deep they were since she has never been in love, but still the unintentional hurt made towards Joey made him feel even more alone.

    Catherine couldn't deny that she would never meet a man like Joey again (I love how she described the way he walked like a black panther stalking his prey), but sometimes her need to go back home made me want to scream at her.

    This is a wonderful book to read if you enjoy historical romances or time-travel. Believe me this book will not disappoint as it will put a smile on your face and make you believe that anything is possible if you listen to your heart.

  4. Queen Tutt's World of Escapism Review

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Apr 2012

    This novella was such a fun and cute read. The insight from the two time periods of 1821 life style to the 1969 lifestyle was refreshing and made the story more interesting. The characters Joey and Cathy chemistry was electric and sizzling hot so get ready to get your minds sexual hunger sated. The romance buildup was perfect and even had me wanting to go back in time to 1821 as long as I could take the sexy Joey with me, then again leaving behind all the sexy clothes, pepsi, coke, and grovey technology behind from the late 60’s and early 70’s would be hard for those were the times of great music and love. LOL

    The ending was perfect and had me wanting to know more about how Joey and Cathy’s life would turn out now that they were back in 1821. The author’s writing is definitely addicting and I look forward to reading more of her work.

    Great Read!

  5. 5 STAR READ

    Posted by Melanie at Bookworm2bookworm on 3rd Apr 2012

    REVIEW: This is my third book from Karyn Gerrard and let me tell you: I am now a full-fledged fan!

    The above blurb is just a perfect bait to hook you to this story, but the story in itself is so well told that will have you laughing one moment, and wiping tears the next.

    Ms. Gerrard is so good at giving us a hero that is rough and tough, yet tender, understanding and loving.

    And as for the heroine, her innocence and beauty were so adorable that our hero had no chance!

    This is a sequel to ‘Timeless Heart’ but you don’t have to read the first to follow the second, BUT you’d be missing on another fun and entertaining read if you don’t.

    I really liked everything about this story. It was well written, character driven and fast paced.

    This is an author that can weave an erotic AND sweet love story so well that will have you panting and sighing at the same time. If I were to give out stars, this would without a doubt be a FIVE star read! Way to go, Ms. Gerrard. I hope you tell us a couple of more stories from the carriage…like what happened to Baron Aidan Ashwood and Mr. Daniel McCubbin? And a driver Mr. Jonas Cook? I would love to find out their stories…

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