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Tunnel of Love by Leah Grant


Product Description

At eighteen, Iryna Dragon fell in love with a dark handsome stranger in the Tunnel of Love near Klevan, the village where she grew up. He only appears in the tunnel and no one believes Iryna—except for her twin sister and the old gypsy woman. The small village is full of secrets that have been buried over time.

Whispers about a Dragon Prince are just old wives tales, or are they? When her father finds out about Dragos and the tunnel—he uproots the family and moves them far away to Canada. Iryna's heart is broken. Eleven years later, her twin Sonia returns to their village to search of family ties and ends up disappearing.

The authorities say she is dead, but Iryna doesn't believe it.  When Iryna sets off to find her sister, she carries hope that she will meet Dragos again, and rekindle the fire of love in her heart.

Be Warned: bondage



“Iryna.” The male voice seemed familiar. She startled, darting her gaze about.

“Here, in the window.” She turned slowly, nearly screaming when she saw it…him.

A male face stared at her in the window, a face she hadn’t seen for many years, since the tunnel.

“Dragos?” She breathed it more than said it, not wishing to attract any attention.

“I’ve waited for you, Iryna. Come to the tunnel as soon as you can. I will be there.” His husky tone washed over her, leaving her mesmerized.

She reached trembling fingers out to the glass to touch him. When her hand made contact, she’d expected cold glass to greet her. Instead, she got the shock of her life—skin! She pulled her hand back, sucking her breath in so as not to call out.

“My God, you are here! How is this possible?” Iryna glanced around, so afraid the creep might be watching.

“You are just as beautiful now as the first time I met you in the tunnel.” So charming. She remembered that voice—coaxing, sexual. At eighteen she’d been awestruck by his attention, but now...

“Touch me,” he beckoned, and his eyes reached for her, that deep green she could never forget. Her breaths were coming fast and shallow. “You are a woman now.”

She did. Slowly, Iryna moved her arm forward. She’d almost reached the glass where the apparition of his handsome face sat shimmering. Then suddenly a hand came out, breaking through the surface of the glass to take hers into its grasp.

“Oh, my God!” Iryna gasped. His touch was warm and strong and real. “You’re really here? Right now? I’m not imagining this?” she whispered.

Dragos didn’t answer, but brought her hand to his mouth. She felt the smooth, hot contact as his lips touched her skin.

Heat exploded inside her body. Iryna fanned herself with her other hand, not wanting to pull the one he was holding away. Her heart raced, clipping along as she stared at him like some stunned deer.

“You are a ghost? How could you touch me if you are a ghost?” He released her hand and indicated with a quick jerk of his chin.

“Come here, closer.” His voice so raw and sexy, all she could think about was the need awakening inside her. Terrified that anyone on the bus might be seeing or hearing this encounter, she scanned the seats. The backpackers were asleep again, the driver driving and creepy guy…

“He’s gone.” She turned back to Dragos. “When did he get off the bus?” Why was she asking him?

“When I told him to. Now come close, very close to me.” He let out a long, exasperated breath.

For Iryna, it felt as though her body was becoming weightless. She shuffled forward in her seat and leaned toward the window and Dragos.

Instantly, she found herself caught and pulled into his gaze, falling into the depths of that dark green sea.

His hand came through the glass, rippling the surface of what was supposed to be solid. He tangled his fingers into her hair, bringing her head toward him.

Iryna didn’t struggle.

“Love lives through the ages,” he whispered just before their lips touched, and then his mouth covered her own. He nudged her lips apart to explore with his tongue. Iryna tasted him, wanting so much more. His grip became tighter as the intensity of his kiss deepened. She struggled, but he held her firm. He was pushing his tongue into her mouth, mimicking what she’d been needing for a very long time.

“Dragos, please...” she moaned.

“Yes, Iryna. Give me all your little moans and cries. It’s what feeds me. They fuel my desire. Just wait until I get you into my bedroom. You will never want to leave.” 

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  1. 5 Stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2015

    I liked this story. The mystery behind the tunnel had me captivated along with a Dragon King. A good plot with amazing characters made for an interesting read!

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