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Two Knights of Indulgence by Alexandra O'Hurley


Product Description

Knights of the Temple, 2

A war has been waged on Earth for millennia, good and evil fight for the very souls existing there.  The Illuminati spread chaos, assisting in evil’s cause, profiting from the death and destruction.  Gaia chooses not to stand idly by, so she saves a handful of Templar Knights to be her protectors, to help keep the balance level.

Matthias and Nicolas are hardened warriors on a mission to bring down their foe when specially engineered bullets stop them in their tracks.  They’re left for dead and brought to the ER, where their special regeneration causes an eyebrow to lift.

Britt has always had a special power she’s hidden from the world.  She’s been imbued with a talent for healing others.  When two hulking men come into her ER with gunshot wounds, she finds their wounds perplexing, but she’s thrown for a loop when touching them makes her gift go haywire.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking editorpick2.jpg


Matthias moved closer to the bed and saw the darkened mark growing across Britt’s neck and face, the tentacles undulating under her skin.  She twisted and contorted in the bed as the evil within her blossomed, his stomach twisting for her pain.  He lowered to sit beside her and gathered her into his arms as Nicolas stepped up to the bed.

“If touch is what she needs, skin to skin contact should help,” Matthias said aloud as he began to peel her clothing off.  The more he removed, the more of the evil he saw.  Hands shaking in anger, he struggled to draw her shirt from over her head.

He noted absently that Nicolas had begun to remove his clothing as well.  His teeth set on edge at the thought of him with Britt, but he had to swallow his aversion.  Nicolas was his best friend, and he had no claims on Britt, no matter how strongly he felt for her already.  Matthias focused on the task at hand and began working on the hooks of her bra, struggling with his unsteady hands.  Not once did her skin glow as he touched her, nor did he feel the energy flow between them.  Sorrow touched him as he looked over her pale form.

“Let me help you—”

“I can do it!” Matthias nearly growled out.  He didn’t want or need Nicolas’ help getting her bare.  That task would be his and his alone.  His fingers would trace patterns on skin, dancing a path of molten need before Nicolas would lay one hand on her.

Once she was freed of her clothing, he noticed her shiver.  “Add more logs to the fire.  She’s cold.”

As Nicolas moved to the fireplace, he eyed her body.  Firm, rounded breasts were the perfect size for his hands.  He wanted to mold her to his grasp, but he felt as though he would be molesting her sleeping form and kept his hands beside him.  Her pale blonde hair glistened in the firelight, picking up the hints of gold that ran through the length.  He looked lower and saw her patch of golden curls at her apex and how they shined as well between her supple legs.  Long limbed and graceful, she was stunningly beautiful, so much so, his eyes hurt from looking at her.

The fire grew with each log Nicolas added, and he watched the light dance along her slightly rounded abdomen.  She had the body of a woman, all curves and soft places.  A woman he could hold against him and his hardness would melt into her.  Matthias rose and began to remove his own clothing, his gaze never leaving her satin skin.

Moments later, he slid beside her, his entire length touching her.  He captured her and brought her closer, the front of her molded to him.  She released a groan and snuggled even closer, her head resting on his shoulder.  He ran his hands along her back, hope filling him as her skin began to glow faintly with her blue light.

Nicolas stood beside the bed, watching them.  His hands were clasped in fists at his side.  Matthias knew he awaited an invitation, one Matthias didn’t want to give.  Not yet.  For now, he would bask a moment in her embrace, the only man in her bed.  He dropped kisses to her forehead and spread his hands along her back and ass, squeezing the firm globes.  She began to squirm against him, her mouth kissing his chin and cheek.  Her pelvis twisted, rubbing her pussy against his cock, his pre-cum already spreading from the tip to her stomach.

Her light grew ever brighter, but still nowhere near what he’d seen in the past.  Matthias looked down at her, seeing her eyes open.  They shone onyx, the whites completely gone.  She was under the evil’s spell, and he knew they had no more time to waste.  He sought Nicolas’ gaze and nodded his head.  His friend slowly slid in behind her, covering her back with his front.

The light intensified minutely.  Matthias lowered his hand between her legs, testing her pussy.  He found her already wet, a light coating of her cream covering her sex.  He ran the tip of his finger around her hard nub, and she bucked into his touch, a moan coming from her lips.  The light rose a bit more as he speared his finger through her folds.  Her hips moved of their own accord, beginning a slow, undulating tempo matched to his finger’s movement.

Matthias bit his tongue, his balls tightening to his body already.   It had been so long since he’d had a woman, he wasn’t sure how long he could hold back.  He stood on the precipice, and he instinctively knew she would need much from them to overcome the evil within.

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Product Reviews

  1. Romancing the Book 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2014

    Templar knights Matthias and Nicolas are hot on the trail of the dreaded Illuminati when they encounter Britt. She’s a nurse, but she is equipped with some healing qualities that even she doesn’t understand. Regardless, the two knights vow to keep her safe after an encounter with the enemy.

    While Britt is coming to terms with her skills, she is fighting an attraction to the men. In her mind, there is no need to choose just one. Be prepared for some hot ménage actions as the three deal with all kinds of supernatural dilemmas.

    I didn’t realize that this was part of a series until I got to the end. While I didn’t have any problems reading this as a stand-alone novel, my preference is to always start at the beginning.

    The two knights provide an interesting contrast because of their personalities. They’ve been brothers in arms for centuries, yet their biggest challenge is in the bedroom where three just might be a crowd.

    My curiosity has been piqued by this installment of the series. I’ll add the next book to my TBR pile and see what author Alexandra O’Hurley has in store for this merry band of travelers.

  2. Four and a half stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2013

    Matthias and Nicholas have been Templar Knights for over seven hundred years. They have seen a thing or two thousand, but never in their very long lives have they seen anything like the nurse with the blue light pouring out of her. As they attempt to heal from an attack by the Illuminati, Britt is there to help them along. And kill their attacker by means of “healing” him. Their connection is instantaneous and very mutual, but shocking and scary to the two men who have never dreamed of finding love.

    Britt has a gift that she has almost never shared with anyone. Now that her parents are gone, she is completely alone in the world. Until two gunshot wounds are brought into her ER and her “gift” completely takes over her body to heal and then save them. Waking up in the middle of nowhere with the two hunky hotties is not necessarily a hardship, but being told she may never be able to return to her old life is too much of a shock to handle.

    Two Knights of Indulgence is a twisting tale of supernatural beings fighting to balance good and evil in the earth. The story reflects the struggle to keep evil at bay while also fighting off the staggering loneliness that seven hundred years without love has wrought. The characters are memorable and sexy, the sex scenes are enlightening (and they glow), and the cliff hanger has me chomping at the bit for the next installment. A wonderfully imaginative and highly sensual read.


  3. Reviewing Vixens 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2013

    Two Knights of Indulgence is book 2 of the Knights of the Temple series by Alexandra O’Hurley. A ménage in every meaning of the word we meet the Healer, desperately needed by two men one without hope of love and one that needs it without realizing it.

    Britt works in an ER, deals with life and death every day. But when two larger than life men come into her hospital it’s all she can do to heal them and not strip them naked to ravish them. Not knowing what is going on she taps into a part of her she’s hidden for years. A part that suddenly has found the right outlet, the right purpose, if only she knew what it all meant.

    Matthias and Nicolas are warriors, Templar Knights tasked by the goddess Gaia herself to protect the human race for the evil that is the Illuminati. Living through the centuries takes a toll, especially when you know that there’s no one but the Brothers of the Temple to stand at your side. All that changes after they are shot during an Illuminati take down and they meet the uniquely spectacular Britt.

    Nicolas has changed with the times, while he still maintains some of his old world views he appreciates and acknowledges the times they live in now. Matthias is the exact opposite, except in regards to high end cars, he otherwise lives in the past with his code of honor and views. But those views may just end up costing him the one person that can make the endless centuries all worth it if he can’t find a way to blend old with new.

    This is a hot and passionate story with plenty of red hot sex and internal battles of beliefs over facts. Danger runs rampant and love is in the wind. While I didn’t have the chance to read book one of this series I can safely say that these books are well able to stand alone or be read in order. Can’t wait to see what else this author presents in this series and I’ll be looking for them rather quickly. Brava!

    I should also mention that I very rarely give a perfect rating to any story but on this one, I absolutely must - across the board.

    XXX - Holy mother! I need a cold shower!

    Why are you still sitting there? Go out and buy this now!


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