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Virgin Wolf by Lynde Lakes


Product Description

Virgin Wolf, 1

Angela Ward, a Gemini virgin, hates controlling men. When she meets the hot Alpha werewolf Damon Lamont III, she fights falling under his spell.  Her equally controlling wolfen side, however, sees this handsome Alpha’s attempt at control and fiery passion as a delicious challenge, forcing Angela to make an exception. 

She falls prey to her feral desires with a man who may just be the hairy beast tearing out the throats of innocent young women in her community. 



He turned off the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Foothill Boulevard onto the winding, hilly road that would take him to Angela, the woman he now knew was the love of his life.

Before Angela, he had adjusted to his solitary life and, in some ways, enjoyed having no ties or responsibilities beyond his work. He could visit a distant town for occasional human contact or go to Internet chat rooms and mingle. He laughed bitterly. Since Angela dashed and crashed into his life, all that seemed so empty, so nothing.

Damon winced as his thoughts threatened to sink deeper into the emptiness of his past. With determination, he shook off the darkness. I’d better not tell her about my bargain with Madam Nola until it’s a sure thing. No sense getting her hopes up for nothing.

His heart lightened, imagining the moment when he could take on her burden and free her. She could find a new life. A love as great as his required that kind of sacrifice.

A sharp pain shot straight to his heart. God help me. The thought of another man kissing her, sharing her bed, making love to her . . . Damon curled his hand into a fist and slammed it against the steering wheel. Damn. Damn. Damn. She’s my breath, my passion . . . my everything. He tightened his jaw against the agony. Once he saved her, he had to let her go.

He passed two county sheriff vehicles heading away from the medical facility. His gut tightened as he wondered what the hell that was about. He slowed when he approached the towering wrought iron gates of the private hospital. It surprised him when a gun-toting guard stopped him and asked for a picture ID before allowing him to proceed onto the grounds. Yesterday he’d driven right in. Excellent. He liked knowing Angela was surrounded by the best security money could buy.

The parking lot was almost full, but he found a spot under the overhanging limbs of an old oak. Perfect. But why was the lot so full today? Did it have something to do with the increased security?

He was running by the time he reached the palatial entrance with its lion statues guarding the entryway. The gray-and-white marble floors shone like glass. He didn’t bother with the elevator and took the steps three at a time.

When he stepped onto Angela’s ward, his trepidation inched up another notch as he passed three guards and each one made him identify himself. His neck prickled. Suddenly all the security was more than unnerving—it was alarming.

“What’s going on?” he asked a muscled female guard who looked like she could hammerlock a grizzly.

Before she could answer, the head nurse approached briskly and took his arm. Her silver hair looked like she’d been raking her fingers through it, and her eyes had a wild glint in them. “Mr. Young, the hospital administrator, needs to speak to you. Now. We’ve been trying to call you.”


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