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Wend Petzler

Growing up in a town less than 1200 people, Wend found reading books was a great way of escaping the boredom, to find adventure, romance in faraway lands, knights and ladies, rogues and strong-willed women who loved them. Quite content in falling in love with characters like Raurk Beauchamp from Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, her life completely changed the day she watched the movie, Romancing the Stone, with Kathleen Turner. 

The desire to write her own stories overwhelmed her. So, she found herself grabbing notebook and pencil. Armed with an overactive imagination, twisted sense of humor, four cats, and a dog who snores nonstop, Wend Petzler relishes bringing life to heroes and heroines, making them work for their happily ever-afters, giving readers stories where they can find love, adventure, and romance all wrapped up in the wildest ride over their lives.