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Wild Lover by Skylar Sinclair


Product Description

What would you do if night after night a dark, deliciously handsome man brought you to the brink of sexual fulfillment never letting you find that whirling orgasm his lips, hands and mouth promised? Then, you met him in the flesh unexpectedly?  This happens to Farrah Williams and she will have her hands full with this wildly sexual man.

Only he is not an ordinary man but King Trey Hill, the guardian of the elements that keeps the balance of the Earth. The weight of mankind rests solely on his wide, muscular shoulders and he is facing a battle when his ability to shift into his mystical creature stops.

Together Trey and Farrah are like two flames that burn intensely. The sexual chemistry between them is white-hot. But is a relationship meant to be? Will Trey be able to solve the mystery of his inability to shift?



“Did I hear my name?” A deliciously deep male voice said from behind Farrah.

Farrah jumped and swung around. She had to hold herself back from drooling. Standing before her was the most heart stopping, pussy-quivering man-hunk she’d ever laid eyes on.  She took a quick inventory like a woman appraising her next meal. Farrah liked her men big, hot, and delicious. Damn if he didn’t fit the bill to a ‘T’. He had on jeans that were scandalously tight, showing off every one of his muscled assets. The pant legs twined up to meet at a substantial bulge. The sight made her teeter back on her heels.

A throat clearing made her eyes snap upward to a smile that spoke volumes. His expression clearly let her know that he’d caught her staring at his crotch. She should’ve been embarrassed, yet for some unexplainable reason she wasn’t. No more could Farrah have controlled her response to him than pull herself off a rack at an after Thanksgiving sale.

“Farrah, this is Trey Hill, the owner of Hilltop Ranch and my boss,” Doris said with laughter in her voice.

Oh, great. She’d noticed too. Good job Farrah…let’s meet the man for the first time and give him the impression you have the morals of an alley cat. I knew I must look a mess, worn and torn with my eyes red from blubbering. Why oh lord, why me? No, I couldn’t meet him at my best. Hell, did I have a best at this point?

This man made male models in magazines look like dressed up dandies walking down rainbow road. Hell, he was almost too handsome to be real, especially his black waist length hair that made her fingers inch to touch it. Farrah unconsciously smoothed her travel-mussed hair.

    He moved into the room with a confidence that spoke of a natural born seducer. He was long-legged with a sensuously rolling stride. Stepping forward, he extended his hand. “Very nice to meet you, Farrah. I have heard so much about you from Doris.”  

I bet she didn’t tell you I was a brainless twit who ogled men’s crotches, she mentally berated herself.  

Farrah looked down at his large, dark hand and the only thought that came to mind was having it stroke her like a kitten as she purred with pleasure, wrapping her body around his like a pussycat. “I can’t image that conversation was long. There’s not much to tell about me, really.” She shook his hand. When their flesh met, shocks of sexual sensations worked their way up her arm and disbanded throughout her body. The hair on her arms rose and her breath caught.  

Her eyes locked with his cat-like brown ones, which were set in a face darkly tanned to a lush golden bronze. Cheekbones cut deep into his face were softened by a slim, straight nose. Dusky lips spread in a way only describable as feral and wholly sexy. She bet many a women fell under his sexual spell from just that smile alone.  

The deep timber in his voice drizzled down her skin like thick, rich honey, oozing with the sensuous undertone of ‘I’ll-do-you-till-your-eyes-roll-back-in-your-head’. If she wasn’t wet when he first strode into the room, she certainly was now…dripping in fact. 

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