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Worth Waiting For by Vanessa Devereaux


Product Description

Sometimes finding love is the only thing that matters in life.

Brock Dolan had it all. He had a well-to-do upbringing and was heir to a multi-million dollar company. That was until he lost a major client and was sent away with just $5,000 to see if he could make it on his own. Should he fail, he'd forfeit everything.

Kate Byrne was having a touch of bad luck. Her husband left her with a restaurant to run and a loan to repay. Things seem a little brighter when Brock Dolan buys the run down boat anchored opposite her restaurant and comes to work for her.

What starts out as a friends with benefits relationship, eventually leads to true love. They both discover there’s much more to life than money and having it all.


The engine died. The smoke slowly cleared and there stood a man…the most gorgeous man she’d ever set her eyes on. He was dressed in white shorts and a navy blue T-shirt that were covered in foam. He’d obviously been the main recipient of the extinguisher, and not the smoking control panel.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else— No, wait. I didn’t mean that I wanted to purposely point a loaded extinguisher at someone else….”Geez I’m tongue-tied and yeah, I’m sounding like a complete idiot.

He wiped some foam away from his forehead.

Wow, those were a gorgeous set of eyes, almost the color of the ocean outside the window. “I…I….” Get a grip on yourself. She held the extinguisher awkwardly in her hand as she searched for something intelligent to say.

He scraped some foam from his T-shirt, lifting it up from his belly in the process.

Muscles, a six pack…. Don’t look. Don’t think about them.

Oh no. He’d opted to take the T-shirt off.

Wow, nice chest with, in her opinion, the right amount of hair. Can you hear what you’re thinking? Better introduce yourself. “I’m Kate Byrne, by the way.”

Without giving it any thought, she’d used her maiden name. Guess in her mind it really was over between her and David. She held out her hand.

He shook it as he looked her up and down. “You’ll excuse me if my hand’s a mess,” he said.

Definitely sarcasm in that short sentence.

He took two paces toward her.

Heart pumping faster…and yes, panties getting damp…. She’d only been without a man for two months and was already acting like…just what was she acting like?

He slipped his hand into hers. “Brock Dolan.”

Why are we still holding hands? “I’m sorry about the foam. I thought you were Jimmy trying to start the boat to move it. He promised me he would one of these days.”

“Jimmy sold me the boat. I’m the new owner.”

“You’re the new owner?” She was sounding like an idiot again, this time repeating what he’d just said. They finally let go of each other’s hands. Kate took a step backward, noticing that his shorts had become almost transparent due to the foam. She tried to look elsewhere but the nice-sized bulge in them kept drawing her back.

Here, Kate, here, take a look.

She turned her attention to his face.

By the way he glared at her she’d been caught staring, because he was grinning too.

“I wasn’t aware that Jimmy was selling the boat.”

“Yep, he told me he was moving in with his sister because she’d recently had a stroke and needs constant attention.”

“So you’re going to move it…I mean the boat?” That’s it, get back to business.

“Well, yes, but not permanently. I kinda like this spot. It’s not too crowded and has a great view. I’m starting it, well trying to start it, so I can give tours around the harbor.”

He was joking, right? Did he see what it looked like? Chipped paint, deck in urgent need of some new planks?

“I know it needs some work and it looks like I’m going to have to fix the engine, too.”

Oh no, she was looking at his crotch again.

Kate, come on. You know you want to check it out.

She coughed. “So you’ll be my new neighbor?” Why had her heart beat faster when she’d asked him that?

“You own one of the boats, too?”

“No. The restaurant, Sunsets. Across the way there.” She pointed out the porthole.

Brock walked over to it. “Hope all my neighbors don’t have bad aims with fire extinguishers.” He turned back to face her, reached for a towel, and rubbed it over his hair.

“Well, I need to get back but to the restaurant but if you need anything, you know where I am. And once again, sorry for the misunderstanding with the….” She didn’t think she should mention it again, so she trailed off.

“Oh, don’t be. Fun way for us to get acquainted. I mean, seeing as we’re neighbors.”

Kate turned and made her way back up the stairs. It was then she realized that in her rush to save Jimmy from maybe burning to a crisp, she’d left the restaurant in her short shorts. Normally they were for wearing around the house and for her eyes only. They’d fit her once but had been washed one too many times. And okay, she might have gained a pound or two since she’d first bought them.

She could put the extinguisher behind her. That would definitely cover things up but probably draw more attention to her butt, too. Maybe if she hurried up the steps he wouldn’t see a thing. Plus, he might not even be looking.

Kate took two steps and then slipped on the third. She managed to prevent herself from crashing to the floor but not before his arms went around her waist.

Despite being wet from the foam, his body was hot and it radiated into her own. And yeah, he smelled so good, too. Spicy cologne, aftershave maybe? Her nipples hardened. Her lower belly and pussy had a familiar, pulling sensation in them.

“You okay?” he asked. His mouth was close to her right ear. His voice was deep.

She closed her eyes not wanting to move. Ever. All of a sudden it seemed so comforting to have a man asking about her welfare. “I’m fine. The steps must have gotten some foam on them.”

“I’ll stand at the bottom here and watch…I mean to make sure you get to the top of them in one piece.”

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