A Bad Man: Joey by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Bacelli Crime Family, 1

After Joey Bacelli’s father passes away he becomes the Boss of the Bacelli crime family. The “family” is made up of violence, gore, and death, and it’s all Joey has ever known. He always gets what he wants, except for the one woman that continuously denies him. 

Marra Santos knows who Joey really is, but she wants him regardless of the fact he is a dangerous mob Boss. When she witnesses a murder and Joey comes to the rescue, he isn’t the Knight in Shining Armor she hopes for. In fact, he kills the man that was about to put a gun to her head. 

Once back at Joey’s place he can’t let her leave, not until the threat to her has been dealt with. He wants her, badly, and will show her they are meant for each other, despite the dark and dangerous life he leads. 



“For the past year you’ve been refusing me, Marra, and making me want you even more because of it.” He cupped her cheek with his other hand, and smoothed his thumb over her bottom lip. “So red and swollen from my kiss,” he said while looking at her mouth. “I can’t tell you what that does to the possessive side of me, baby, knowing that I was the one to make your lips look like that.” He slowly lifted his gaze back to her. While looking at her, he took his hand, slid it over her collarbones, down between her breasts, and stopped for a second. The weight of his hand just resting there, adding a bit of pressure, made her nipples harden further.


He moved his hand down to her belly, left it there for a second, and then to her utter shock he placed his hand right down her pants. She didn’t wear a bra and panties, because the ones she’d had on were either covered in blood or felt nasty on her body. But right now she was wishing she had another barrier on. He moved his hand right through her folds, and she grew wetter at the fact he could feel how aroused she really was despite her situation. He touched her pussy as if he owned it. And God, did it feel good.


He growled low in his throat, as if an animal had been released inside of him. “I can feel how much you want me, and even if you want to deny it with your mouth and words, this right here,” he slipped a finger deep inside of her and she gasped out. “This right here, shows me that you want everything that I am.” He kissed her again, hard, possessively, and with so much force that their teeth clashed together. He broke the kiss for only a second and said in this deep growly voice, “This pussy is mine.” He moved his mouth down her neck, over the top of one of her breasts, and then he was sucking her nipple right through the shirt. He growled again. “And these are mine.” He cupped her other breast, and tweaked the nipple while he continued to suck on her. “You’re all mine, to own, to control, to pleasure, and to protect.”


Marra didn’t know what to say. He was still thrusting a finger in and out of her, and all she could do was hold onto the counter behind her and bite her lip to stop from telling him to give her more. But his rough breathing, the way he pressed his body to hers, letting her feel how hard he was for her, had Marra opening her eyes. Realization moved through the thick haze of arousal, and she pushed him back. He was resistant at first, groaning out obscenities, but finally he relented. The bulge that pressed against his slacks was impressive, but when he advanced again, she held her hand up to stop him.


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What at HOT book!
Written by Angie on 21st Nov 2014

This was an interesting look into the mafia. Joey and Marra have been lusting after each other for a year. Joey saves Marra and things start to really heat up between these two. Wow what a hot book!

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 19th Nov 2014

Marra is just trying to keep her life together and stay away from the sexy mob boss Joey. That all changes when she hears a dangerous conversation and see’s someone get killed. Now Joey is her only hope at staying safe. I really liked Marra. She was the type of woman that wasn’t helpless but also not exactly a tough girl. It was a nice, realistic in between. Joey was a little harder to like. He just killed without as much remorse as I would have liked to have seen. His morals weren’t all that high. Despite that, I enjoyed watching him grow with the help of Marra. They had a great story and I look forward to more books set in this world.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 18th Nov 2014

I really liked Marra. She was the type of woman that wasn’t helpless but also not exactly a tough girl. It was a nice, realistic in between. Joey was a little harder to like. He just killed without as much remorse as I would have liked to have seen. His morals weren’t all that high. Despite that, I enjoyed watching him grow with the help of Marra. They had a great story and I look forward to more books set in this world.

Awesome first book!!!
Written by Susan Newman on 11th Nov 2014

This was one of the coolest books I’ve read from Jenika, and I’ve read all of her books. The mafia aspect was very effective to the story. Joey, the leader of the Bacelli family had certain responsibilities to uphold, including exacting the family’s own brand of “justice”. Joey is a “criminal”…you want to hate him and you just can't. He is a definite alpha with feelings. I loved the fact that he was attracted to and wanted Marra, a normal curvy woman. She definitely redeemed Joey in more ways than one. Joey would do whatever it took to protect her and keep her with him. The sex scenes between them were very hot and steamy. I cannot wait until the next installment comes out…this book was a definite “keeper” in my opinion, and I highly recommend it to others. Great job Jenika!!!

Definitely will be re-reading...
Written by Amazon Customer on 10th Nov 2014

Did not think I would like a mobster this much...but boy, does this book sucks you in. I'm sure that there is a sequel with the brother but I would love to have a part two for this particular couple. It had more of HFN than a HEA feel to it -typically that would annoy me but I think worked really well for the story. Hot, sexy - a fine read indeed.

Hot Mob Boss!
Written by Lisa M on 10th Nov 2014

Love mob bosses! Ya me too. Love an Alpha male! Me too. This book combines the two. Oh Joey, you were a bad man and what came out of your mouth was bad and so sinfully hot at the same time. Marra, sweet girl just couldnt stay away but do you blame her, heck no. Looking foward to reading about the rest of the family. Jenika Snow is an amazing author and whatever she touches turns out great

I loved is book.
Written by Deborah on 10th Nov 2014

Marra works at Vincenzo's cafe and bakery and she loves her job but for about a year now she's been avoiding the advances of one particular regular customer Joey Bacelli, it's not that she's not attracted to him because she is, big time but because he's the Boss of the Bacelli crime family and she's not interested in being just another warm body or one night stand for him no matter how hot he is. What Marra doesn't know is that Joey doesn't want her just for one night, he never chases women, he doesn't have to but Marra is different and everyone who knows him knows that Joey always gets what he wants. So when Marra sees something she shouldn't and her life is in danger Joey steps in and makes sure she knows she's safe with him. I loved this book, the characters, the story and don't forget the cover, I have to say even if I wasn't a fan of Jenika's which I am the cover that alone would make me want to read this book.

Loved It
Written by twilite witch "twilite witch" on 7th Nov 2014

Joey Bacelli is the head of a major crime family, alpha male, and major bad boy! He's been watching Mara for about a year. He wants her, she also wants him but knows who he is and the violent world he lives in. She's walking home from work one night and witnesses something she shouldn't see. Needless to say she lands under Joey's protection. They fall for each other, even though Mara fights it. Oh yeah....the sex between them is hot! If you haven't read Jenika Snow buy this book....you won't be disappointed!

a very good book
Written by Michelle on 5th Nov 2014

This book is very good, the characters have very good chemistry, love me some joey and I like that he didnt try to chance himself , but the only thing I didnt like that it was very short , it had the making of a full length novel .can't wait for the next one

Written by Rhonda on 5th Nov 2014

To be honest, I hesitated about getting this book because of the hero being a criminal, but I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it. Joey is such a bad guy that you want to hate him and you just can't. The way he loves Marra redeemed him in my eyes. You know that he will do whatever it takes to protect her and keep her with him. The sex scenes are just how I like them, hot and steamy. I will be getting anymore books Jenika writes in this series.

Great start to the series
Written by Nicole on 3rd Nov 2014

Bad Man : Joey bk 1 The Bacelli Crime Family. I was delighted to be offered this book for a honest review. The story revolves around Joey Bacelli and Marra Santos. It is a wonderful Book that draws you in and leaves you with breatheless anticipation and if your like me you just wanted a certain individual dealt with!! I wanted to get in the book and take care of said individual myself but alas it is a book and I could not do that!! Joey is the current"boss" of the Bacelli family he is hard strong and unrepentent he is in otherwords an ALPHA. Marra is the woman he has had his eye on for the last year and a constant source of painful 'zipper marks'! for Joey, she turns him down at every opportunity. Joey and Marra are made for each other they maybe opposites but you just know there will be absolute rightness to them uniting. Jenika Snow has started this new series with a bang and I am eagerly waiting for more of this series (and you just know it will be just as explosive as this book) and of course more books from Jenika Snow's other series. Well worth the read and you will not be disappointed, maybe only disappointed that you need to wait for next book in the series. Well Done Jenika