A Heart of Fire by Kerri M. Patterson

Heat Level 3
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Valdrik Haraldson is bent on avenging his slain family, on making his foes pay dearly—even if that means sneaking onto enemy lands to kidnap and return the long lost daughter of his jarl.

When Valdrik rips Finna from her life and returns her to her parents, not only is she startled to learn that the man she thought to be her father is truly her uncle, but that the mother she always longed for is alive.

Used unjustly in a game of revenge, now that she is free of the life imposed upon her, she is ready to start anew—only to learn she is the promised bride Valdrik was to receive for her rescue. As the two learn to love one another, they discover a passion as hot as the brightest fires of winter—and a cruel plot forged to tear them apart forever.



"Do you wish me to undress, too?" she asked, blushing at the quiver in her voice. Her voice never quivered. She gave a gusty sigh, insulted by herself. She felt ridiculous, yet her mother had instructed her that undressing was what he would want.

He looked up to her, still holding his hands outward toward the fire. Slowly, he raised one brow above the other, and this time it seemed it was he to have trouble breathing. "Only if you wish to." His eyes skimmed her body with barely restrained desire.

Finna pursed her lips tightly and narrowed her eyes at him. "I do not care for you to toy with me, Viking. You are my husband now. Shall you take me this night or not?"

His stare sharpened, knifing into her like fiery steel. "I do not wish you to call me Viking again. Call me Valdrik." He stood, crossing the room in a few giant strides, his eyes never leaving her as he came to where she stood, rooted near the door.

His easy glide and hard stare had Finna backing away now, though. Valdrik followed her, his prowl-like steps rounding as she fled him. She scuttled to the side and backwards into the room until her bottom bumped into something solid. She gasped and jerked her head around, only for an instant, to see that the hard something was a table.

She groaned inwardly at the position she'd placed herself in.

She should have just turned down the damn bed without question.

Finna mentally kicked herself. Why would she suggest undressing herself to this virile man?

She panicked, darting her gaze around in search of any way to escape, but he was too close. At the last instant, she shot to the side, but Valdrik reached out and caught her by the hips, pulling her back against the table. He leaned over her, pinning her between his massive body and the flat surface.

She was trapped. Finna looked anywhere but at him as he stared down on her. Slowly, he placed his hands on either side of her hips, his palms flat to the table. Finna wasn’t sure what to do. Unbelievable heat rushed throughout her, throbbing in her veins, pulsing hotly through her core. A seizing ache began in her lower belly, moving steadily lower with sharp, pleasurable stabs.

"Call me husband," he said roughly. The last word was a deep, startling, passionate whisper that brought her keenly to life and at the same time pushed Finna into the abyss of the unknown.

So suddenly, he claimed her lips, shocking her. He swallowed her cry of panic as she pulled back. Finna jerked from him, pushing at his shoulders. She regarded him with wild eyes, but he pressed down until her back was even with the tabletop and he wedged himself between her legs, reclaiming her lips. His kiss turned bruising with his ardor.

Finna squirmed in panic still, but her efforts were useless. Valdrik's mouth, his tongue, silenced her protests and stoked her fire, soothing away her fright. His tongue flicked at her lips, urging her to allow him entry. At last, with a sigh, she gave in and opened for him, allowing him to do what he wished.

He gave a throaty moan at the taste of her. Unskilled at kissing, Finna found herself moving her tongue against his, tasting him, too. She liked his kissing more than she thought she would. She liked his hard body against her, between her legs, warming her until the heat dazed her, leaving her head spinning.

He kissed her hard, rendering her of breath, so demanding and possessively that Finna was startled when he pulled away.

"Now, go turn down the bed as I bade you, woman. Before I change my mind."

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Loved This
Written by Tammy on 30th Oct 2014

I really loved reading this book! Great setting, steamy romance, and the author pulled at ALL my emotions! Feminine strength, check. Anger, betrayal, fear, jealousy, check. Hope, compassion, check. Arousal, double check. Love, check. I liked how real the Nordic Viking setting was, I could feel the chill of winter as I read about Finna, and how her life was changed forever after a chance meeting, during combat! I enjoyed this book tremendously, and definitely suggest reading it! I can't wait to see if there's going to be more books to make this a series, I would certainly enjoy more of this.

I love the characters
Written by bcy on 27th Oct 2014

A exciting romance. I love the characters. The author really brought them to life. One of the best Viking books I've ever read. I love this author. I have read all her books. Cannot wait for her next one. I could hardly put this one down. Only because I had to

Wonderful story!
Written by Michaela on 18th Oct 2014

Wonderful story! A delightful historical read with steamy sex. I really liked Valdrik and hope there will be more stories with these characters.