A Mate for the Savage by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Audrey has known that the slave traders could come for her and her family at any moment, and that time came far too soon. When her mother and brother are killed, and she’s taken to the auctions to be sold to the highest bidder, she knows she can’t live the rest of her life in sexual servitude. But when she manages to escape it isn’t freedom she finds, but a barbaric and savage man that claims she’s his in any way he sees fit. 

The moment Styx sees the female he knows she’ll be his mate. She’s human, and although he has human characteristics, he isn’t of her species. But what he knows for certain, what has every part of him tense and ready, is the fact his woman will have his baby inside of her. 

She may fight him, but in the end she’ll know she was meant to be his in all ways.

Be Warned: spanking



“I’m not some piece of property you can claim,” she said softly and swallowed, obviously trying to seem stronger than she felt. Her arousal hadn’t dimmed, and Styx knew as much as she fought it, it claimed her as much as it did him. “I was running from servitude, and I won’t be subjected to it again.”

He lifted his hand and pushed the long fall of her fire colored hair away from her neck. “It’s an honor to be mated.” He looked down at her lips. “And you are not being kept here as my prisoner.” He lifted his gaze to her face again. “But make no mistake in thinking you can run from me.” He ran his finger along the side of her throat, her pulse beating wildly beneath her ear. “I have your scent ingrained in my very cells,” he growled the words out. “I can find you anywhere, my female, and I will track you if you’re ever taken from me.”

“You’re a barbarian,” she said, but there was no heat or even disgust in her words.

He didn’t deny what and who he was. He took a step closer until he heard her gasp and knew she felt his cock pressing against her upper stomach. “You feel that?” he asked, but she didn’t respond, just licked her lips. He bared his teeth so she could see his fangs again. “You see these?” Again she didn’t respond. “I’m going to claim you by taking your virginity, by shoving my cock so far into you, you won’t know where I end and you begin.” His cock jerked after he spoke, and her eyes widened further. He leaned close so his mouth was by her ear now. “And I’ll use my fangs to pierce this pretty throat of yours, take your essence into my body, and leave my mark so every other male knows who you belong to.”

She was breathing harder, faster, and the scent of her arousal moving higher was like a flower blooming.

He leaned back so he could look in her eyes again. Styx placed his hand right over her belly, and although she probably wouldn’t take kindly to what he was about to say, he needed her to see exactly how determined and serious he was about this whole situation. “And every single time I take you, claim you, wife, I’ll make sure to fill you up with my seed until it slips out of your hot little pussy.”

This little sound left her, maybe outrage, but also maybe with a hint of desire.

“And I’ll keep filling you up until I put my baby right here.” He added a little pressure to her belly. He watched her chest rise and fall. “I don’t think you fully understand what it means to be mated to me, female. But you will, and very soon.”

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Love it!!!
Written by Magali A. Fréchette on 14th Jul 2017

Okay, so first of all, you know a book is really good when you consider reading while at work even if it means getting fired! I read this during every possible break (and was actually late getting back because I needed more time!), and finished same day I started. This book is good - even though it's on the shorter side for sure, I found it was the perfect length. It told the story, and did it very well, and there was never a dull moment. The characters were well-developed, and real. The story moves in a good flow, the pacing fantastic, and the voice for both characters are so different and unique, you'd never mix up who was speaking - great dialogue, too! All in all, a great read with fantastic steamy *fans self* read!

Long and Short Reviews
Written by Tulip on 22nd Sep 2016

I enjoyed this short sweet fantasy romance. This book is set in a fantasy/alternate dimension. Right away, the heroine, Audrey, endeared herself to me when she finds herself in one desperate situation after another. Injured and drugged she was rescued by a hunky barbarian who wanted to claim her as his mate. Styx was so sweet and caring and possessive that it would’ve been impossible not to fall in love with him. Of course, I fell for him. Despite their mutual attraction it took a short few for the real relationship to begin, since Audrey was torn between her desire for Styx and her need to be free. First, Styx had to earn her trust by showing her the difference between being a prisoner and being protected. Once again, Jenika Snow has delivered an entertaining story that was well written, fast paced and had characters that were easy to like. I don’t read a lot of fantasy/Sci-Fi romance but I liked this one. It had a possessive alpha hero and a strong heroine who stood up for herself, and I loved the sexy good parts. In fact, I enjoyed this one so much that I could see myself reading more books in the Fantasy genre.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 21st Sep 2016

Who knew a savage could be a perfect gentleman? Audrey has had a harsh existence at the hands of aliens and humans alike. When she lands in Styx's hands, she's sure she will get more of the same but gets something totally unexpected. A man who is willing to be patient and wait. Styx decides to go for it when he finds Audrey. He's not attracted to any of his own kind and his instincts tell him she's his. Now he just has to convince her of that. A quick read in the expected style by this author. Plenty of tension and build up to the big capitulation by Audrey; she makes Styx work for it. Vivid imagery and good job conveying the utter self reliance that is needed to live in this primitive setting. No Walmart or Amazon to depend on, just yourself. I'm drawn to the protective alpha male stories, and Styx is definitely that. If they tick you off, don't buy the book. If you do like that kind of "hero" this is the book for you. Ends with a satisfying epilogue, a personal favorite of mine.

Sweet & Fierce
Written by Kimberly on 5th Jul 2016

This story was full of love and possession from the Alpha male and devotion and love from the heroine. Classic Jenika Snow who always gives readers a hardcore Alpha who will do anything for his woman and a strong heroine who knows how to also be vulnerable with her mate. Read it!

A great story by a favorite author
Written by Pam Patterson on 5th Jul 2016

Another great story from a favorite author. I truly enjoyed the story and feel the reviews should have been higher for this one. It starts off harsh but gets better and better. Always looking forward to more stories from this author.

Savage at it's Best!
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 5th Jul 2016

This is a relatively short romance read with a savage who is not all that savage but an alpha with a heart of gold. Styx is not fully human but I didn't really feel it was majorly a sci fi read either. Audrey was escaping a terrible fate that she had thrust upon her and by chance fell into the hands of Styx. I won't give any spoilers as to the hows and whys. But over time a connection between the two of them forms and you can feel the bond growing. The passion is scorching hot as you would expect and as always Jenika definitely delivers. I loved that Styx was all alpha sweetness with Audrey and absolutely loved the epilogue at the end it was perfect! Happy Reading!

Short read but so worth it!!!!!
Written by Amazon Customer on 5th Jul 2016

Wish this story was longer but it was a great addition to Ms. Snow's books. The heroine is a strong lady who is very smart and very courageous. I don't want to spoil any of the story but from the start, her character comes through when her home is invaded and she figures out what to do. Unlike other women in this story, she did not give up no matter how bleak things looked. Even when she met the hero, she did what she felt was best and followed her heart. The hero was a bit of a loner but was also lonely though that's a read-between the lines lol. The scenes were hot and I fell in love with both characters so much I didn't want it to end!!!!

Sweet Savage.
Written by Saraleelee on 26th Jun 2016

I really enjoyed this story even though I don't usually read sci-fi. It broke my heart for everything Audrey had to go through but then her sweet savage saves her and very much wants to mate her...and I love that. Another great Jenika Snow story!!

Hero was exactly what heroine needed!
Written by Kindle Junkies on 26th Jun 2016

eveI loved a good captured fantasy romance novel and this book delivered! It was safe read, had elements of a light read, sweet hero and great action scenes. I would highly recommend this read!!! Heroine witness her family get killed by slave traders.. The beginning does have some violence written towards other female character but heroine manages to escape any abuse. However they do drug her and injure her before her escape. It is how hero finds her. Hero lives in the wilderness. He is a caveman-like, Neanderthal, savage that is wishing for a mate. He has gift that he can smell and hear things that make him a strong predator, hunter, protector. He smells her before he sees her. He saves her, offers her protection and claims her (she really did not have a choice). Heroine is understandably upset and scared. She tries to escape and fight her capture. However, hero never disrespects her and is so sweet towards her. He shows her she is free by his side and he would protect her from anyone/anything that dares to take her from him. He is a simple savage but he is fierce and primitive. He wants a mate and children. Heroine soon realizes his dreams are hers as well. He makes her feel safe and loved. It is only then that hero physically claims her. He gave her the time to trust him and willingly, he wanted that most of all, give herself to him. I want to add the scenes where he saves her were very well written and what I picture must have look liked living in prehistoric times. Hero was ferocious in his protection of heroine, and no man or beast would harm her on his watch. Great action scenes. If I had to be captured and could pick it would be this hero! The epilogue was sweet. I enjoyed this fantasy novel and highly recommend it. I will add it is a fast read. No OW or OM. Sexual scenes were steamy but towards the last 1/3 of the short novel. Yet, chemistry was palpable between hero and heroine. Hero was heroine's first. Would re read this novel.

Loved it
Written by Rhonda on 24th Jun 2016

I've come to love just about any book by Jenika and this one is no exception! To be honest, I didn't think Styx was a savage, I just thought he was a very over the top guy who was very possessive and protective of his mate. The story flowed very nicely and I loved how they came to care for each other. The epilog is always nice to see and read because I love getting glimpse of the future for the characters!!!

This savage is super sweet.
Written by Sarah Free on 24th Jun 2016

I loved this book! It was quick and sweet. Ironically Syxx isn't the savage one in this book in my mind but is a super sweet Alpha. I normally don't like sci-fi type books but I really loved this one. I think because it wasn't completely over the top with him being blue with hooves or something. Great read that I really enjoyed! Also I loved that this book had a plot not just a lot of sex scenes. The sex scenes that are there are very very very hot, but it was more story than sex which is what I prefer! **I received and ARC in exchange for an honest review**