A Merman Uncovered by Hazel Gower

Heat Level 3
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Merpeople, 2

When an undercover assignment goes wrong, Merman Roth Grayson finds himself in an awkward predicament. Delirious with pain, he is unable to resist claiming his human mate when he is thrust unexpectedly into her company. 

April has been lusting after the hunky Merman since the moment she met him, though nothing could prepare her for the twist her life is about to take, or the secret her best friend has been keeping. 

With fear and misunderstanding playing a large part in their already fragile relationship, can Roth convince April to give them a chance, or will April run from the secret she has uncovered?



“Clay, what the fuck is April doing here?” April barely heard the grumbled growl from Roth.

Grabbing the tiger on the other side of Clay April tried not to feel disappointed that her fantasy man, well creature, didn’t want to see her. “Nice to see you, too, Mermaid.”

“Merman,” Roth mumbled before he broke into a coughing fit.

Clay grunted. “Like I have a say in what the girl does. She does what she likes even when people are trying to lay low because they don’t want to drop a Merbaby in front of them. The cloaked road is the only thing that kept her away.”

April shot daggers at Clay. “It appeared out of thin air. You’re a jerk. How dare you keep my best friend from me? I wouldn’t care if she was giving birth to the devil’s spawn. I would still be there for Alwen.”

“April, it’s not the time to argue about this,” Clay yelled at her as they panted dragging the almost dead tiger up the sand.

“I’m freaking out right now. I’m dragging a massive tiger up to your house while a teenager and two kids pull up your wanker of a Mermaid brother. If I don’t focus on something I’m going to lose it. I haven’t even really thought about the fact my best friend is married to a mythical creature and having his spawn.”

“I think April’s doing really well. I saw a guy pass out when he saw me change,” Bianca added.

“She can’t be here. Her smell is driving me crazy. I wo—”  

April shot a glare at Roth. “Are you saying I smell? I’m not the one covered in blood and salt water.”

“Darling, to me you smell.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by V Rainey on 25th Aug 2014

I found this book is very well written with a distinctive plot. The main and secondary characters were captivating. At thirty-eight pages long, this story had a well-defined beginning, middle and end. The ending of the story was a bit predictable, but it was more the ride to the end that was most important and the author delivered on that. Overall, this was a great book. Roth Grayson is a merman working undercover to rescue several different kinds of shifters. When the mission goes wrong, he ends up at his brother’s house hurt. Roth manages to mate with a human who is still reeling from finding out shifters are real. April is a strong woman who while she freaks out in the beginning, accepts it very fast. The connection between Roth and April is blistering. While there is an invisible force keeping them together, they are working through the issues very well. The sex scenes were scorching hot. A Merman Uncovered by Hazel Gower is the second book in the Merpeople series by Hazel Gower. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel with ease.