A Night With Her Ex by Laura Jardine

Heat Level 4
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One month ago, Amy McNeil was dumped, and she never saw it coming. How could she have? Greg had said “I love you” for the first time only two days before. So when she runs into him at a coffee shop, she demands an explanation. 

Greg Kim couldn’t imagine it working out with Amy. He sees her as the sweet girl he’d take home to meet his mother, rather than one who’d agree to the open relationship he craves. To shock her, he challenges her to come to a party at his friends’ townhome—a party unlike anything Amy’s ever been to before. Greg will sleep with other people in front of her…and punish her when she does the same. 

But Amy surprises him. She wants to finally act out her secret fantasies. Will this one night lead to the untold pleasures she imagines? Can she show Greg that it’s possible for them to both have everything they desire?

Be Warned: multiple partners, orgies, anal sex, sex toys, spanking, voyeurism


“What are you telling me?” she asked. “You’re not very good at monogamy?”

“I like the thrill of screwing my friend’s wife. Of having more than one woman in a night.” He slipped his finger inside her, and she gasped. “I’ve got my hand down your pants in public, and in a few hours, I’m going to do this with someone else. You can pull away any time you like.”

But she didn’t.

Amy squirmed against his hand and turned her head so her cheek scraped the brick wall, liking the rough feel of it. Oh, God. She felt alive, so alive, in a way she hadn’t felt in a while. Here in a back alley, on a cool and cloudy day. With the man she couldn’t help but dream of over and over again, his presence enveloping her now.

She would come soon. It wouldn’t take long, not with his expert fingers touching her like this. Even with Greg, this was awfully fast.

It was because of the pictures flashing through her mind, alternating between Greg screwing another woman against the wall, and Amy being fucked by a stranger on the floor. Perhaps she didn’t even know his name.

She’d never done anything like that.

But it wasn’t like she hadn’t thought about it.

“You’re getting even wetter,” Greg murmured. “You like what I’m saying.” He withdrew his finger and ran it down her cheek, and then he plunged back inside her.

There was a cold line of moisture on her face now. She felt like she’d been marked.

“Surprised?” she asked.

If he answered, she didn’t hear it. Everything within her tightened and then exploded.

Amy crumpled against him as she came. She tried to grasp the wall, but couldn’t find anything to hold on to, and she had almost no control over her body, not now. Not after that.

Greg wrapped his arms around her, held her steady, and touched her cheek once more.

“That was hot, sweetheart,” he said. “But I have an orgy to go to.”


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Written by undefined on 11th May 2016

This was an ok story. I guess I didn't like all of the different partners in the story ( clearly stated multi partners) but still interesting!