A Perfect Beginning by Casper Graham

Heat Level 4
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Brandon Miller is attracted to his superior, Jacob Connors, and the man’s boyfriend, Harold Collins, but he doesn't want to insinuate himself into another couple’s relationship. Unexpectedly, the two men ask him out on a date and invite him into their lives.

Jacob Connors is having problems with his boyfriend, but neither men is willing to end things between them. Instead of working things out in an ordinary manner, their relationship becomes more complicated when they decide to add Brandon Miller into the mix.

Will Brandon be the missing puzzle piece that completes the relationship between Jacob and Harold? Or will the three men crash and burn together?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM), double penetration



Harold was certain he had been thrown into the deepest pit of hell. This may be the worst punishment for his libido ever, seeing both Jacob and Brandon shirtless and sweaty in the gym. He craved to touch either of them so badly, but they both looked so focused on their individual training that he did not want to disturb them. Consequently, he had pushed himself harder, lifting even more weights to get rid of his frustrations.

“Harry, are you okay?” Brandon yelled from the other side of the room.

The other man was huffing and puffing slightly, and the sounds were distracting him. He could feel himself hardening.

“Yeah, Harry, are you okay?” Jacob taunted from where he was.

Throwing his lover a dirty look, he was certain Jacob knew how he felt. It was plain to see Jacob’s bulge had started growing as well.

“I’m good, Brandon,” he responded. “Are you?”

“Oh, yeah, I definitely am.”

“All right then.”

He easily ignored Jacob’s flirtatious wink. The cleaning crew had left sometime around half-past twelve, so Jacob and he decided to make simple sandwiches for lunch. Brandon arrived at almost two o’clock. Then, the three of them went to the gym to exercise together. They had been using the equipment for almost two hours now.

“Are you sure, love?” Jacob piped up mockingly. “I noticed that you’ve been pumping harder and more enthusiastically than you usually do.”

“Shut up, babe.”

Jacob burst out laughing then while Brandon simply looked at them both curiously.

“Hey, Brandon.”

“Yeah, Jacob?”

“Do you want to hit the pool now?”

“Yes, please. I’m all sweaty though. I’ll just rinse—”

“No need, Brandon. It’s fine. It’s our private pool anyway. Besides, someone is seemingly excited at the sight of your sweaty torso.”

Harold could feel his cheeks heating up even further.

“You’re one to talk, Jacob.”

The other man only winked at him once again instead of responding with words.

“I… Okay, are you sure?”

“Yeah, Brandon, it’s all right,” Harold assured the other man.

“Cool, let me change into my swimming shorts—”

“Naked is fine,” Jacob interrupted teasingly.

“Babe, give it a rest,” Harold admonished his lover.

Brandon became really flustered then.

“Sorry, Brandon. I was just teasing you,” Jacob apologized.

“No, no! It’s fine.”

The three of them had gone into the shower area to change one at a time before jumping into the large pool, swimming several laps back and forth over the next twenty minutes or so. There was only the splashing sound of water as the three men concentrated on their own thing for a while. When they were finally tired out, they got out of the pool and lay on the lounge chairs to relax for a few minutes.

“I’m exhausted, but I feel really good,” Jacob panted out.

“Yeah,” Brandon agreed next to him.

Harold did not trust himself to say anything because he was trying hard to keep his erection away. His energy might be zapped out after hours of exercising, but his libido was obviously raring to go. In fact, he found it really difficult to stop himself from hardening even more as he turned to look at the two men on his left side. Thankfully, they had both closed their eyes, so neither one of them could see that he was sporting half an erection at this very moment. However, he noted that Jacob had the same problem he did and it made him feel a little better about his situation.

Suddenly, Jacob opened his eyes and their gazes met before the other man peeked down at his now fully hard cock. To his embarrassment, Jacob winked at him knowingly.

“I think we should take a shower!” Jacob exclaimed excitedly.

Harold was tempted to strangle his lover right then and there. He knew exactly why Jacob had said that, but there was nothing he could do without bringing attention to his hardened tool, so he gritted his teeth and nodded wordlessly. Brandon had only muttered out a soft “Yeah,” and they were soon walking towards the shower area. His only hope was that his erection would go down some by the time they got under the water. He definitely needed a cold shower to get rid of his obvious excitement because he really did not want to exert any unnecessary pressure on Brandon before the other man was ready for more even though he was dying to take things to the next level.

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Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2017

Jacob and Harold had been together for years, their rough, aggressive sex belying just how deeply they loved each other. As good as their relationship is though, it lacked any tenderness and they both knew they needed to add some to even though both out. Jason decided adding one of his employees, Brandon, into the mix might be exactly the sort of thing they needed. Harold isn’t as sure, but is willing to try anything to help their relationship be as perfect as possible. I found this to be an interesting take on how a committed, solid, long-term couple could include a third person and alter their relationship into becoming a ménage. Jacob and Harold were both very self-aware and honest about the issues in their relationship, and while it certainly isn’t conventional to add a carefully selected third party to balance – they were certain it would work for them. And they proved to be correct. The two strong-willed, alpha males understood themselves enough to know they couldn’t – wouldn’t – change, and Brandon acted as quite the buffer between them. I have serious doubts this would work very often (if at all) in reality, but the joy of fiction is that – for me at least – it only needs to be logical, not necessarily realistic. This short story also appealed to me as it showed and explained quite a few of the structural changes that need to occur when two become three. Jacob and Harold were both very open to each other of what sort of fantasies they were having when they decided to include Brandon, which I found helped greatly open their lines of communication – which is critical in a ménage. Also, they didn’t rush to immediately include Brandon in every aspect of their life. I was pleased to see that they took a more careful and realistic pace to the whole matter. With a nice slow pace, I enjoyed watching Jacob, Harold and Brandon integrate their lives together and become a threesome. With plenty of steamy, descriptive sex and plenty of alpha like passion I feel this is sure to appeal to a large audience of M/M readers.

Love Bytes
Written by Cinnamon on 17th Apr 2017

A Perfect Beginning is a sweet, erotic menage story and tells us how an established power couple finds a solution for their ongoing competitive struggles in the form of a cute young man. This is a fun, light and entertaining read with absolutely no angst, a pretty straight forward plot-line, hot characters, some great sex and a heartwarming happy ending. I adore menage stories. They have a very special allure to me and the special dynamic draws me in every time. This book is no exception. The writing is solid, but things stay pretty much on the surface all along. This is like an exciting plot from a porn fantasy come to life. I’m not sure I’m buying the reason Jason and Harry wanted a third in their relationship but they do and we get a sweet seduction. Brandon has great chemistry with both of them and I believe they have a great future together. I’m trying not to collect all things a bit unlike and accept that this book doesn’t want to be more than it is. A hot and fun fantasy scenario coming to life. We don’t really get any depth here, just three hot guys who eventually get together in and out of bed. The first full on sex scene being a DP was a bit unexpected for me and I felt it a bit unreal but I just decided to go with the flow and enjoy this entertaining ride as long as it lasts. If you are looking for an hour of fun, getting away from the hassle and stress of everyday life, this is a sexy and enjoyable getaway.