Abel's Obsession by Lynn Burke

Heat Level 4
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A young man of religious fervor and self-control, Abel Beiler has every intention of honoring his parents and being baptized into the Amish church. The woman with red curls and flashing green eyes in the back of a convertible, however, makes Abel wonder what life with the English might be like. 

He strives to withstand temptation, but the memory of the woman he yearns to dominate, coupled with the explicit images in his cousin’s filthy magazine, threatens his restraint. 

Red, his sinful obsession, haunts his shameful dreams and becomes a secret part of his life. When faced with truth beyond faith, Abel must decide where he belongs—with the Amish community, or the woman who owns his heart.

Be Warned: BDSM, restraints, sex toys, anal sex, spanking



Much later and hoarse from singing for two hours, my curiosity overrode my better sense, and I followed Eli into the hayloft of their barn. While I held the kerosene lamp, he climbed high into the rafters and returned with a magazine clutched in his hand.

“Got this from my new English friend, Toby.” He sat on a bale, opened the magazine, and turned it toward me.

Lust kicked me in the gut, and I couldn’t speak.

A naked woman lay spread eagle and bound by ropes to a bed, a blindfold and some sort of ball gag in her mouth. A man loomed over her, whip in hand. Tear streaks lined the woman’s face. Red slashes marked her thighs. Wetness coated the pink folds of her sex, glistening, and set my mouth to watering.

The image burned into my brain—submission in an entirely different way than the Old Order’s definition of the word. Spirituality is submission, is what had been reiterated in my ears since childhood. Self-surrender. The willingness to give up oneself to the community and Gott’s chosen leaders.

I soaked in the sinful picture, and for the first time in my life wanted power. Wanted control. I wanted a woman’s submission like the man in leather beside her owned. Unable to tear my gaze off the image, I struggled to swallow.

“Didn’t know people actually did this shit.”

Eli’s curse, the first I had heard from him, barely registered past the blood rushing in my ears. My body tensed as longing to be the man standing over that woman, whip in hand, raced through me faster than any thoroughbred—or car.

The image of Red flashed in my mind, and suddenly it was her bound to the bed in the picture, breathing heavily, trembling, and begging for me…

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Deliciously Steamy!
Written by Rachel on 5th Jan 2018

Amount of sex 3.5 / 5 How explicit 4 / 5 Story 5 / 5 Overall: 5 / 5 Abel’s Obsession is a standalone story that is thought-provoking as well as panty melting! The storyline is captivating, unique and incredibly hot! I plunged into Abel’s world and thoroughly loved it! I did have a little difficulty with understanding some of the Amish expressions but was able to figure it out with little trouble. In this story, Abel is a very likable character and I could understand his trust in his communities traditions. It was all he knew. Abel also saw how everyone treated his cousin, who left the community during his Rumspringa. So, when Abel saw Red for the first time, he felt guilty with the feeling he had for her. Deliciously steamy! Don’t forget an extra pair of panties for this one!

I was pulled in
Written by London Saint James on 5th Jan 2018

Let me just say when I first found out about this book, I was intrigued. When I sat down to read it, I was pulled into Abel's word and his struggle. With an original storyline, complex and interesting characters, and smoking hot scenes, I wasn't disappointed. This story is well-written, well thought out, and well researched. Great job, Lynn!

So well portrayed
Written by Lea Bronsen on 5th Jan 2018

I was intrigued by the premise of this story and was not disappointed!! Abel is a most convincing character, a confused young man full of desires on one hand, and a strong and faithful member of the Amish community on the other. He's so well portrayed, my heart bled for him when tragedy hit and he had to make a major decision. And his experiencing sensual and sexual interaction with another person for the first time is exceptionally well written. I will definitely read more by Lynn Burke!!

Written by Rêvvâ Tênâg on 4th Sep 2017

I've never read an Amish book before and I'd normally steer clear of 'religious' books, but since this is in the bdsm category I was definitely keen to give it a go! I found it a very easy read that I basically read in one sitting. I loved the way the main characters interacted with each other and enjoyed the overall story line. It's a very well written and edited book. I voluntarily read an adv. reading copy