Adira's Mate by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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Space Wars, 1

If you had one shot at a love beyond anything you’ve ever known, would you take it? What if it meant leaving behind everything you’ve ever known? 

Adira Lora never thought the love of her life would be a prisoner of war who kidnaps her at gunpoint. When Craegin General Fintan Daykin forces her to help him escape from an Imarian prison, Adira finds herself ripped away from the only home she’s ever known. All of a sudden she is the captive, bound for a world where the men were born to rule…and dominance is a way of life. She never expects to realize the Craegins are not the barbarians her people have made them out to be, and soon finds herself falling for the large, strong warrior.

Be Warned: light BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking


“Since you have locked everything down you should let me have a look at your injuries.” She should just let him bleed to death, but with him having locked her out of her own ship that would end very badly for her. “It’s beneficial to me for you to survive. The least I can do is tend to your injuries. I am a medical doctor, allow me to assist you.”

A derisive snort was her only answer as he continued away from her. He disappeared from view a couple of times, checking out the additional spaces afforded on the craft. Finally he reappeared from the sleeping quarters and signaled her toward him.

Adira cautiously moved forward. “Yes?” she asked as she looked up into his gray eyes. They were actually rather beautiful and ringed with a bright green that captured her interest. Adira shook her head. No, not her interest, something else. “I have a full medical bay. It’s very small but it has everything that we could offer. I could close your wounds and do a scan of your leg to find out what’s wrong with it. If you will let me?” She couldn’t push him to do as she asked, but she itched to ensure that he was okay.

“I know what’s wrong with it. I was there when they did it,” he said. No, it was more of a snarl, given the curl of his lip. “Inside. You’re going to sit on the edge of the bunk and not move while I clean up. I need to get the blood off of me so I can evaluate the exact amount of damage your colleagues inflicted.”

She winced and nodded. “I know that this isn’t a good time to tell you this.” She settled on the bunk and watched him as he moved. “And please don’t shoot me for telling you this truth.” She was chewing her lower lip as she watched him and gasped at the injuries that he wore. “By the stars, how can you even be mobile?” Gone was what she was going to tell him about the Craegin female. Instead her medical training kicked in and she wanted to heal.

He turned a cold look on her as he dropped the coat and shirt he’d removed to the floor. “Sheer will to not die in an Imarian testing facility. It’s amazing what the body and mind can do when the goals are so simple. Do not move,” he warned again. He took the pistol, and one other she hadn’t realized he had, and set them inside the shower—up high so they wouldn’t get wet, and where he could easily reach them but she couldn’t. He turned on the water and dropped his pants. No warning, no closing the small sliding door, nothing. Down they went, and a moment later his ass disappeared behind the sliding pane of the enclosement.

Adi simply watched him. Her mouth had gone suddenly dry and her mind went places that an Imarian held captive by a Craegin should never go. He was stunning. His height was massive, over two meters tall, easily, and his build was thick but it was the markings on his body that captured her attention. Well, that and the musculature and his ass. By the mother, his ass was impressive. “I’m sorry that you were taken,” she told him honestly. “There was a Craegin female that was held there as well.” Please don’t let them be related, she prayed.

“So I’d heard.” His words were barely loud enough for her to hear. “She was the one feeding your people information about us. Once I’m back I’ll be ensuring that anything we’d done prior is never done the same again. I will not allow our people to be easy prey for you sick freaks.”

“How did you know?” she asked with a frown and tilt of her head. “Yes, she has been feeding my people information for years, from what I surmised. They are sick.” She mumbled that last part. She didn’t protest on the sick freaks comment, because he had that right. Sadly. Her people weren’t supposed to ever take prisoners of war and abuse them as this man had been abused. “She watched. She took glee in telling me that when they did their first procedure on you she was able to watch. I’m so sorry.” Her people had a lot to answer for, but not every being who was Imarian was a sick freak, as he had stated.

“It’s amazing what we can hear in that place. They figure since we’re all going to die they don’t need to watch their words.” She watched him tip his head back, his face into the spray. He was tall enough that his shoulders, neck, and head were above the partition. The water shut off a moment later, and he shook his head before slicking his hair back from his face. He locked eyes with her as he pushed the partition aside and stepped out to collect a towel.

“Holy mother,” she whispered a moment before she turned her face from him. He was…there weren’t words to describe the perfection of this man. Even with the injuries that he had sustained he was impressive. Her gaze had gone straight to his cock and she had to bite her lip at the memory of that brief glance. He was soft, but his shaft hung low and was thick. He was very large, all over, and he made her heart do things that no Imarian had ever made her do before.


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Susan on 10th Dec 2015

Adira’s Mate starts off with a bang as Adira meets Fin when he points a gun at her head. They are from different planets--Adira is Imarian and Fin Craegin with no love lost between the two races. Fin is escaping a medical facility as Adira is there investigating claims of torture being performed on captive Craegins. The journey across the galaxy brings new things into both of their lives. Souls are binding and feelings are unleashed in an erotic adventure for both Adira and Fin. Even though they have no problems with the mixing of their races, there is more trials ahead of them as they forge ahead to a future in his world where things are not as simple as love. Adira’s Mate is sweet love story that crosses the galaxy. I liked the characters and see a great promise for more interesting romances coming out of the secondary characters too. Adira and Fin’s romance wasn’t too complex and the relationship lacked angst, but the story held my interest with erotic love scenes and characters I really liked. The world building and premise is interesting which flows well within the story. Overall, it is a good read. The relationship develops easily, almost too easily. I like angst, conflict, danger, and overwhelming chemistry between the main characters which I didn’t feel with this one. It’s an easy read with hot scenes and good for a quiet evening by the fire.

Coffee Time Romance and More
Written by Lototy on 19th Jul 2015

Head of the Medical Ministries of Imaria Adira, Lora is horrified when she learns of the capture and treatment of a Craegin prisoner. Stepping in to rectify the situation puts Adira in the direct path of her destiny. Three months of torture would kill most men, General Fintan Daykin of the Craegin Armada, is not most men. Escaping is his top priority, which he will do by any means necessary. Becoming a hostage to Fintan is like fate giving Adira the greatest gift of her life. Fin is the mate of her soul despite the fact their people are mortal enemies. Everything about Adira sets Fin’s body and soul on fire, and there is nothing he will not do to protect this woman. She is his whole world. No matter what planet she is from or how different their people are, he will destroy anyone who tries to come between them. The love and devotion between Adira and Fintan is so all-encompassing it drowns out nearly everything else. I would really enjoy having more detail of their contract, the days Fin is put in isolation and how he survived, and how they work to make a life on his ship. In my opinion this would add a wonderful depth to the characters and their environment. Fin and Adira have an amazing connection which makes you want to learn more and more about them and their story. - See more at:

New writer for me
Written by Ginny on 20th Apr 2015

This is a new writer to me and for those who follow my reviews, yes I really did pay $5.99 for this ebook. What can I say, it looked good. And it was nice. The hero while supposed to be an alien General and Dom into BDSM is more of a pussycat. The sex scenes are standard with the heroine saying Sir and topping from the bottom drastically. The heroine is the Minister of Medicine or something, the highest ranking female position in all the worlds and star systems her race includes, and she's a medical doctor ... so of course she loses all brain functioning and becomes Anastasia Steele as soon as the hero grabs her. The story probably would have been a bit better if she had just been a med tech or new nurse as then I wouldn't have expected her to act like she was damn smart and the kind of woman in charge of a half million staff, hundreds of facilities, and capable of running all that. There is insta-love between the hero and heroine and the rest of the story is the two of them complimenting each other and repeating how they treat each other respectfully. Actually that part is so refreshing that I came darn close to giving this five stars. It is a pleasant read and I give it two thumbs up.

Just an OK read
Written by undefined on 17th Apr 2015

I think the author is very talented and her characters are well written. I just can't give this more than an "average" review. I'm a voracious reader and I am bored at less than a third way into the book, and that's where I'm stopping because the story didn't hold me. The dialogue is just a bit too stilted and there isn't much chemistry between Fin and Adira.

This series is about two races that hate with each other
Written by Linda Estes on 16th Apr 2015

This is an new series by April Zyon. This series is about two races that hate with each other. Fintan is a Craegin General that was captured by the Imarian scientists. And has been used for experiments to find out what his weaknesses were. Adira is an Imarian doctor who was head do the medical departments on her home planet. When Fintan escapes he uses her as a host to get to his home planet. Adira is shocked at what the doctors under her had been doing to Fintan. She aids him in getting out of the faculty and home even though she is now his prisoner. She felt something for him as soon as she met him and then decided that they were soul mates. This story is suspenseful at every turn. The characters are very powerful. I would recommend this book to anyone!!! I am ready for the next one!!!!

I've read by April Zyon and I was not disappointed. What a fabulous book
Written by Amazon Customer on 16th Apr 2015

This is the first book that I've read by April Zyon and I was not disappointed. What a fabulous book! First of all, the way that the book was written was intriguing and made me want to read more. Secondly, the characters had such depth, such emotion that it was as if they were real people. I really loved learning about the Craegin and Imarian people and if I were being completely honest, I want to know more. I want to learn more about their cultures. I want to learn more about their customs and more. The BDSM in the book was actually really good. I was impressed. I enjoyed this book a great deal and recommend it highly to anyone that wants a well written, well thought out book.

I really enjoyed Adira's Mate by April Zyon
Written by Titania on 14th Apr 2015

I received a free copy in return for an honest review. I really enjoyed Adira's Mate by April Zyon. And if you are looking for a story that focuses on the characters and their budding relationship you will too! That is one of the things that I have not only come to expect with Ms. Zyon's writing but also to expect. She gives us story with heat but it isn't necessarily the focus. The relationship between her characters have a courtship feel and I adore that about her writing. Adira and Fintan should never have met. Not only is their meeting improbable but their ability to look beyond the heritage even more of a hindrance but Ms. Zyon found a way that allowed Adira and Fintan to begin a relationship in a way that made sense. I loved that in spite of the fact that their people are on the verge of war, both characters were able to look past that and accept the spark between them. Ms. Zyon gave us a strong female character in Adira. She knew something wasn't right and she was determined to find out what. She took a stand and took steps to rectify what she could. And Fintan should be bitter. He has been tortured all in the name of science, but he doesn't allow the bad actions of others dictate his code of honor. Together Adira and Fintan fit, and while their road to happiness wasn't straightforward it was honest and heartfelt. Ms. Zyon rounded this story with a wonderful secondary character in Bracken and to a lesser extent Petr. Both men added to the depth of the story and I hope that Ms. Zyon allows us to learn if they will have a happily ever after. This story is a wonderful story and full of emotional growth and depth. While the chemistry between Adira and Fintan was apparent I appreciated the emotion even more. I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Zyon will take us in this new and exciting series.

Written by Amazon Customer on 9th Apr 2015

Fantastic book! I literally could not put this down after I bought it this morning. I loved the witty banter and Fintan, the hero, I WANT ONE! How do I get to Craigin?

Where can I get a Craegin male?
Written by SiK Reviews on 8th Apr 2015

This is an amazing new series by April Zyon. This sci-fi romance series is about two races that are at odds with each other. Fin is a Craegin General that has been captured by the Imarian people. And has been put through hell. Adira is an Imarian doctor whom he uses to escape so that he can go home. Adira is shocked at what her people have been doing to Fin. She aids him in getting home even though she is now his prisoner. Little do they know at the time, that they are fated. This story is suspenseful, interesting and just plain hot. Where can I get a Craegin male? Ms. Zyon paints a wonderful picture of these new worlds. I have high expectations for this series.