After the Mirage by Olive East

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-1-77339-988-1

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The life of a con artist isn’t easy. Perry knows that better than anyone with her overbearing dad and sudden interest in growing a conscious. Telling her dad she wants to plan her own scheme for once, and needing to ditch her current con, she lures him to Las Vegas. The truth? Perry’s oldest friend, Lavender, has a job so big it could land all three in financial security for the rest of their lives. All she has to do is convince a wealthy, old man to buy Lavender’s ex-boyfriend’s house then get out of town as soon as the check clears. Simple, right?

Wrong. The old man is meaner than anyone. Keeping her dad out of the loop is proving to be impossible. Lavender failed to mention the dream house she is selling needs a complete makeover, and the man she left behind, Calvin, suddenly returns to reclaim her affections.




My instincts have always served me well, so I listened to them. Swinging my leg out, I kicked backward at half force. Vegas is a town full of more strangers than enemies, but at large, I’d obtained far more enemies than friends in my life.

“What the hell, Tori?” The voice sounded familiar. Too familiar. Velvety and smooth. Sexy. It only took those four words to know for sure. I didn’t have to turn around, but of course I did. I wanted to.

“Calvin.” The name came out in a whisper, like a ghost of a word, because that’s what I was doing—talking to a ghost from my past.


I stood there staring at him like my mind was playing a trick on me. He looked the same, tall and lean, but muscular. His honey brown hair had grown out in the past few weeks leaving it in waves around his ears and the raging attraction I felt for him hadn’t faded at all.

“Of course you are. Or else you wouldn’t have kicked me.” He ran a hand through his hair. It was remarkably the same color as his eyes “Or did you mean to kick me?”

I took a step closer, paused for just a fraction of a second while my brain tried to comprehend the situation, and then threw myself at him. He caught me, holding me off the ground in a hug that crushed me to his chest. He smelled of Old Spice and new car and I buried my face in his shirt.

After a minute or ten or twenty he set me down. “How’d you find me here?”


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Surprising Sweet Sexy
Written by Avid Reader on 23rd Jun 2019

I loved this book. The story was a lot deeper than I was expecting it to be with the romance between Perry and Calvin feeling pretty developed. I love how her dad and Lavender weren’t throw away characters. The story is touching, funny, and of course sexy. I enjoyed the dialogue with Perry and Vic having great banter. Overall I really loved this book.