Always Was by Amabel Daniels

Heat Level 2
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Matter of Time, 1

It’s supposed to be simple. One week. A road trip. Point A to B. But everyone knows what they say about best-laid plans… 

Running from her family’s expectations, art student Samantha Millson enjoys some independence in San Francisco. When tragedy strikes, Sammy sets off for her childhood home, swallowing her pride and silencing her fears. She is both comforted and stressed that this time, her road trip won’t be solo. 

Adam Fallon refuses to tether himself to anything or anyone. Enlisting in the military straight out of high school, he has defied attachments, be they a job, a home—or one woman. But he commits for a week as co-pilot on a road trip across the country with his best friend’s younger sister. 

Reunited on this drive, they are uncertain in the face of chemistry. Together, they face dark memories of Sammy’s past, and challenge Adam’s antipathy to settling down. 



“Which is why the ball is in your court, Sammy. I can’t and won’t push. God knows you’re driving me crazy. Yeah, you had a crush on me back then. Jake used to tease me about it all the time. But just because I never reciprocated back then doesn’t mean I never noticed you.”

“So… Now what?”

“Now this isn’t a crush. Jake isn’t here to kick my ass when I say I want you. No one is going to say we need a chaperone because we’re eyeing each other with sinful intentions. We’re adults, and if you’re on the same page as me—” He leaned back abruptly and exhaled in a long whoosh. “I’m leaving it up to you. Ball’s in your court. Cold showers have never killed a man.”

A small smile almost crept onto her lips. When I say I want you. It was empowering to hear him admit it, even if she struggled to believe it.

She rolled her eyes. Like she had that much sway over him. Probably caught him between lovers. “That’s my point, though. I’ve come this far, and I don’t know what to do next. How to … make a move. I have no clue how this works.”

“You want me to give you the birds and bees talk?”

She sneered at his grin, reaching across to smack his shoulder as he picked up his burger.

“Want me to be your Mr. Robinson of some kind?”

She kicked him under the table, unable to refrain from laughing at his teases.

“So then, what do we do?” he asked.

Impatience didn’t lace his tone. Nor annoyance. Maybe some hope. Curiosity.

As fantastical and unbelievable as it was to convince herself of his words—he, Adam Fallon, her first crush, desired her as a woman, not a sidekick, tagalong pal—Sammy supposed it really was quite simple.

Do nothing. Or … something.

The idea of acting on her desire, actually taking a sample of Adam, had her blushing.

“Ah.” Adam grinned and pointed at her. “Those are the kind of thoughts I’ve got in mind, too.”

Just please don’t let me sink too fast.

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What a Fun Read
Written by DBCooke on 20th Apr 2018

Samantha is your typical young woman searching for independence. Adam is your typical military man, no attachments and a stubborn streak a mile long. Together in a car for a week for a coast to coast road trip, changes everything for both of them, forever.

Coffee Time Romance & More
Written by Delane on 27th Mar 2018

Sammy has to go back home and fight for what is rightfully hers. Not because she wants it, but because she has a friend who needs it. Her brother ask her to give a childhood friend on her journey to the past and he is one she had a huge crush on. Adam has always had a crush on Sammy, so he joined the Army to get away from a woman he could never have. When they meet again he realizes something bad has happened to Sammy because she is not the same girl he once knew. Sammy has a secret she only told one she thought she could trust who blamed her and she was never the same again. Adam is enraged when he finds out that the one woman he deeply cared for was assaulted and suffered alone. Can two lost souls who never settled down find a hoe in each other after all home is where the heart is, right? What a heartbreakingly beautiful story. In the beginning the story presented as a typical romance but then it started to morph into one of the most moving romances. Sammy is so strong for someone who was let down by someone she should have been able to trust. Adam is a man every woman wants, and not just for looks. Together they make a truly outstanding romance into something spectacular.

The TBR Pile
Written by Jean on 7th Nov 2017

A LONG AND WINDING ROAD All roads may lead home, but for Samantha Millson it's a trip down not-so-good memory lane. Saying goodbye to her affluent family years before and moving to San Francisco, helping a friend in need means crawling back to stuffy Concord, New Hampshire to reinstate the trust fund she hoped she'd never need. A five-day road trip takes a few left turns when Sam accepts a ride-a-long in the form of her childhood crush Adam Fallon who needs a lift from Vegas to Vermont. Reuniting as an adult with one's first childhood love is a secret fantasy everyone harbors and is what makes watching Sam and Adam tread that tricky path of getting to know each other again both excruciating and satisfying. Add in a traumatic incident from Samantha's past that severely cripples her capacity to be intimate, it takes forever for these two to get closer than a bucket seat away from each other and allow the sparks to fly. An endless string of awkward motel-room situations and needless dog-sitting details makes the reader itch to get on with the story, but sadly must remain scratching for a long time. However, the drawn-out pacing lends the advantage of really getting inside the character's heads and turn what might have been bland, predictable cameos into real people that we care a great deal about by the end. The end itself is rather rapid, and the resolution coming a little too easily after such a long buildup. It's a bit like a roller coaster ride, slow to the top and stealing your breath to the bottom--but who doesn't love the thrill of a roller coaster? Whether you prefer amusement park or open road, Always Was offers an interesting ride

A five star must read!
Written by Amazon Customer on 30th Oct 2017

I love this book and this author! Sammy has a huge heart. She doesn't want her trust fund until a friend needs her help. Now she's going to drive cross country to make amends with her family. When her brother asks her to bring someone along for the ride, she's not sure she should. Why? Because it's Adam. Her childhood crush. Need I say more? There is so much tension you could cut it with a knife. Love the sparks that fly and things do get HOT! This is a must read. Excellent writing from Amabel Daniels. You feel what the characters feel. I've read everything she's written and can't wait to read more! What are you waiting for? Go click now