An Unexpected Night by Laura Jardine

Heat Level 3
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Danielle hasn't had sex in a long time. Her friend Adam hasn't had sex in a really long time. So it's a sensible idea to sleep together, right? It's the simple solution to both their problems. 

Of course, that simple solution might make everything weird and awkward and ruin their friendship. Or it could be amazing. And maybe it could turn into something more…



“What’s wrong with me?” Danielle muttered.

Adam had a very long sip of his imperial stout. Or whatever the hell he was drinking.

“Sorry,” he said. “Am I supposed to say something here?”

“You’re supposed to tell me there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“It doesn’t sound like you mean it.”

He thought for a moment. “I suppose that’s because there is one thing wrong with you. You’re drinking a rum and Coke when you could be having beer.”

She reached over to swat him, but he leaned out of her reach. As usual.

“Glad I dragged you out tonight?” she asked.

“You didn’t drag me out. I came willingly. Always happy to drink beer. And see your smiling face, of course.”

“I was worried you were becoming a hermit again.”

“When have I ever been a hermit? You just have a strange definition of hermitism. Nearly everyone qualifies in your books.”

Bit of an exaggeration, but he had a point. She used to be a real party girl and rarely spent an evening alone in her apartment. A Saturday night without plans? That would have been unbearable.

“I don’t get out as much as I used to,” she said. “And I haven’t hooked up with someone in a long time.”

“How long is that?”

“Four months.”

He nodded slowly, a hint of a smile crossing his lips.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Who said something was funny? I didn’t laugh.”

Danielle rolled her eyes. “So how long has it been since you had sex?”

“That’s secret information.”

“I told you how long it’s been for me. It’s only fair.”

“Fine.” He put a finger to his chin. “Two years? Yeah, that sounds about right.”

“Two years?” She nearly spit out her drink. Holy shit, that was a long fucking time. “For real?”

“For real.”

“So that’s why you wanted to laugh. Because I consider four months a long time. But two years is … what? Six times as long?”

“Good job on the math.”

She might have made some snarky remark, but she was still trying to wrap her mind around this. It was true that she’d never seen Adam even attempt to pick someone up when they went to the bar together. And it was true that she’d never heard him mention a woman since he broke up with Louise. But she assumed he was getting action somewhere. Hot neighbor, secretary, boss, personal trainer … something like that. Not that she gave it much thought. Adam’s sex life wasn’t something that occupied her brain. At all.

“Anyone here who interests you?” she asked, her gaze sweeping the patio.

He shook his head. “It’s awkward to try to pick up a woman at a bar. What would I say that isn’t a terrible cliché and wouldn’t make me seem like a creep?”

“You won’t seem like a creep when you’ve got a female friend with you. Actually, I think it would be hard for you to come across as a creep. You’re not a creepy sort of guy.”

“Thanks. Best compliment I’ve gotten in months.”

“Always glad to help.”

“Sure you are.”

“Really,” she said. “If I can be of any assistance in getting you laid, I’m happy to help. Anything you need. Anything at all.”

He leaned forward and brushed his hand over hers.

“You offering?” he said, his voice low.

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Four Stars
Written by Amy on 18th Mar 2016

This is a sexy little story about friends to lovers. They had such great chemistry.