Angelique Voisen's Complete Book List

Angelique Voisen's Complete Book List

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Wolves of New Haven TM

Sugar-Free Beta

Vegan-licious Omega

Gluten-Free Gama

His Bacon Sundae Werewolf

Fat-Free Alpha

A New Haven Christmas (free read)

Ketogenic Wolf

Dev's Wolf

Ravishing His Vegan Pup

Bulletproof Pup

Beyond New Haven


Havoc's Crew TM

Blazing Glory

High Voltage

Wrecking Havoc


Tor's Dragon

Broken Soldier TM

Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel

Dex's Dirty Biker


The Piston TM

Lost Boy

Broken Toy


Hellhounds MC TM

Revo's Property

Breaking Mace

Sweet Torment

Ride and Reap

Beg for Mercy


Bad Boys Need Love Too TM

Saber and Rusty

Orange and Mal

Claw and Ollie

Determined Mates TM

Just the Way You Are

Winning His Man

His by Choice


Lost Omegas TM

Rightfully His Omega

Love Me Broken



Denying the Alpha: Manlove Edition


Stand-Alone Titles

Poisonous Parley

Sunshine and Leather


Johnny's Toy Soldier

Little Bit

Mate Wanted for Christmas (free read)

Roped and Ridden

His Biker Bear

Mate Me, Keep Me

Never Let Me Go

Don't Shoot...I'm a Werebear

Dragon King's Prize

Sub for the Lion

Canary for the Dragon

Strip Me

Prodigal Alpha


Worth the Price

Crazy Bastard

Home Again

His Brand of Love

Strangers No More

Undone by the Beast

Ideal Mate

Pretend Mate

Savage Wolf