Animal Instincts by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Danika is too young and innocent, but also the daughter of Damien’s best friend. He should stay away, but he’s imprinted on her, and that means he has to have her. 

Danika Harrison has loved Damien Locke since she knew what the emotion was. He might be older than her, but she doesn’t care because she wants him. When they share one night together and he tells her he has imprinted on her, she knows she is lost for the older man. 

Damien, a lion shifter, and friend of Danika’s father, forced himself to leave his mate behind for four years. He’s imprinted on her, and that means he can’t walk away again. Now that his animal has awakened for her, he is obsessed, possessive for Danika, and can’t let her go. She is his and she’ll wear his mark to prove it.

Be Warned: rimming



She tried to move closer to him, to press her breasts even harder against his chest and alleviate some of this ache that settled in the stiff buds. Still kissing her, still thrusting in and out of her mouth with the muscle, he pressed his erection further against her pussy. He thrust against her over and over, dry humping her as he groaned against her mouth. He suddenly broke the kiss. They both panted and stared at each other. She may be a virgin, but she wasn’t a prude, but had never felt this kind of arousal move through her before.

“Danika.” His voice was gravelly and hoarse. “I meant to tell your father about the imprinting, about what you are to me, but things took a different turn.”

Yeah, she knew he was referring to her leaving her dad’s house when she couldn’t control her emotions.

“Doing this without telling your father is wrong.”

She knew he was right, knew that if her father ever found out he would never look at her the same again, and would probably break ties with Damien. But then again, she didn’t know that for sure, didn’t know if he’d feel a sense of relief because Damien was surely the only man that would protect her as fiercely as her dad did. She should have stopped, told him they would talk to her father, but she felt like she was losing her mind. She felt like this was right, like there was absolutely nothing wrong with being with him.

“I want this, Damien. I want you to be my first.” That sounded so cliché, but it was the truth. The few guys she had dated had never made her feel a sliver of the arousal she felt right now with Damien. It wasn’t as if she had been waiting until she was married, but more so she had been waiting until the time had been right. This moment, right here and now, was so right.

He rested his forehead on hers, closed his eyes and breathed out. “I’m a strong male, Danika, but when it comes to you I have no control, no reasoning telling me I should stop this. I just can’t because I’ve waited so fucking long to be with you already.” He cupped her face with his hands, leaned back, and said in a fiercely animal voice, “I will be your first, and the only male that will ever know how sweet and good you feel right here,” he placed his hand between her thighs. A gasp left her when he applied pressure to her panty-covered pussy.

“This is mine. Only mine.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 26th Mar 2015

Danika got the worlds sexiest present on her sixteenth birthday and didn't even know it. This is a short read so the author doesn't have much room to work with but I thought she did a good job putting so much effort into the establishment of the relationship between Tyler (Danika’s dad) and Damien. That’s the real wrench in the works as the story progresses and rightly so. Danika is like any girl and is growing up with only her father, a former SEAL. Yeah, he’s a bit over the top so she’s used to that kind of man. When Damien enters the picture though, she sees a whole different side of that persona with the added element of the lion that is a major part of Damien, instincts and all. The difficult part is the age they meet (Danika 16/Damien 34) and the fact that Damien’s lion imprints on her. Four years later, the gloves are off and Damien goes for Danika, but life gets in the way. Things get really messy when Danika and Damien proceed without informing Tyler (a courtesy). The story after that is really a lot of sex, very dirty language (thank you!) and posturing and possessive behavior on Damien’s part. Again, thank you. Danika isn't a pushover (thank you) and I liked how things resolved in the end. What got my attention was the steamy language in this read that was really hot and just this side of unacceptable. I recommend.

The Romance Studio TRS
Written by Shannon on 17th Feb 2015

Damien, a lion shifter, knows that Danika Harrison is too innocent and young for him and that he should stay away from her for many reasons. But once he has imprinted on her, he must have her, and only her, as his mate. Wanting to give her more time to experience college, Damien forces himself to leave her behind. After four years, he has returned and both man and animal are obsessed in claiming their mate. Danika is drawn to the powerful and dominant Damien. There is something that calls to the woman inside her. With one night together, she knows that the older man is the only one for her. Animal Instincts is a vibrantly refreshing and sizzling hot story filled with sensuality and a depth of emotion that readers can’t help but fall in love with. Readers will be hooked from the very first page, as the authors writes so sharply that it seems to pull the reader into each scene and with her expertly drawn characters that seem to leap off the pages with their sexy shenanigans and the challenges they are forced to face. The relationship between Damien and Danika moves forward in such a way keeping the drama moving forward with a few surprising twists the reader believes the span of years between the hero and heroines first meeting and when the time comes for their claiming, where the reader is left breathless and highly satisfied with the relationship. Damien is a dominant and possessive shifter and although Danika in the beginning is young and innocent, she soon shows her grit and resolve as the perfect ma

Really hot short story!
Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2015

I was impressed with Damien's control when he realized that Danika was his mate and let her grow up before claiming her. Damien was protective of Danika. Danika could feel the pull to Damien and couldn't resist it. This was a really good short story!

Awesome read!!!
Written by Connie on 26th Jan 2015

Awesome read! I was drawn in from the start and could not put down. Shifter storyline was quick, entertaining and so dang hot like panty dropping hot!! Possessive alpha male meets sweet young girl. Damien's a much older lion shifter who waits patiently for four years for Danika to mature and live life a little before he claims her for his mate. Loved the chemistry and passion between them. Would recommend.

In love with
Written by Book Addict "Shanna" on 24th Jan 2015

This story. Finally a shifter story where the shifter and shifter fall for each other and act like real deep down mating and the mate acts like the have one brain cell. Finally a paranormal book that seems like it could be real life.

Animal instincts
Written by Linda Markwie on 23rd Jan 2015

Omg!!!!!! I'm in lust with this book. Love everything about it. Really wish I could have rated this book higher than a 5**** star. Thank you Jenika Snow for a great book!!!!!

Another Great Read
Written by Kindle Customer on 23rd Jan 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this plot.It has everything.Hot alpha male shifter,sweet and beautiful female, and enough excitement to make it whole.Damien and Danika make a great match. Loved it all. Jenika Snow has done it again!

A must read!
Written by Romantic Bookaholic on 23rd Jan 2015

Everything that this author writes is so much fun to read and so freaking hot!!! Her style writing makes it seem like you are part of the story. The only thing I didn't like about the story is the fact that the main character was so young and the guy was so much older and friends with the father. But other than that you will love everything about this book!

Loved it
Written by Tabbykat77 on 23rd Jan 2015

I so love anything she writes. This was a great book. Lion shifters are my favorite shifters. A must read!!

Written by Linda W on 23rd Jan 2015

The only bad thing about this book is its too darn short!!!! This would be a great full length book instead of a novella. The characters really draw you in and I wanted so much more! That's a sure sign it was good. I love Jenika Snow books and grab them up on release day. This was a sweet story about a girl loved by an older man who was so much more than she expected. He was strong, possessive and territorial over her. Nothing like she ever experienced before, but exactly what she always wanted.

Hear Me Roar - I loved this novel!,
Written by Christine Slaughter on 23rd Jan 2015

Jenika Snow is a must buy for me. Her novels range from the sweet to the extreme. This was on the mid-to-far end of the scale. I loved this because it was so much more than the May-December romance. Added to the significant age difference was the fact that the FMC is the MMC best friend’s daughter. What made this romance difference is that the relationship was initiated when the FMC was 16-years old (when they met). Where it is different than other romances is that the MMC waited years before actually acting on anything (the FMC was 20 years old). This story revolves around a Lion shifter and his young mate and the challenges they face of coming to terms with her understanding of what that actually means. It was great to see a strong FMC that didn’t just swoon and say Yes, I’m here and yours forever, instead it was Let’s discover what all this means and ease into it. Of course because this is a Jenika Snow novel there is panty-melting sex, but it is done in an appropriate manner. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Ms. Snow, and once again she delivers with a novella that is a quick, fun and sexy read.

Written by Christy Hebert on 22nd Jan 2015

Another awesome book from Jenika Snow! My only complaint was that I wish it was longer. I wanted more. Lol It was super hot, as only Jenika can write. I loved the huge, tough guy Damian. So Alpha and sexy, very hot. Lol I definitely recommend this book. Jenika is always an automatic buy for me! Enjoy!

Loved it
Written by liz stevens on 22nd Jan 2015

It is always a pleasure to read books by Jenika Snow, she a unique style of writing that keeps you coming back for more. I Really like Damien the lion shifter he totally screamed alpha male and how he handled finding Danika was his mate.. The dynamics of this relationship was a pleasure to read.. This book has a nice flow to it. Would recommend it to everyone congrats Ms Jenika Snow on yet another awesome read

You Did It Again!
Written by Review Love on 22nd Jan 2015

I love this book! Your writing is awesome! We get a possessive male, and a cute young girl who falls in love with an older man! Love the drama in the story, and also the steamy scenes! Can't wait for the next one!

Written by Rhonda on 22nd Jan 2015

I was given a ARC for an honest review so here goes: I loved this book. I"ve gotten to where I love the older man/younger woman books and this one was perfect. He knows she is the one when she is only 16 but forces himself to leave so she can grow up. Now 4 years later, he's back and is going to claim her. It was hot and sexy and steamy. Thank you for the chance to read the book before hand. If you're a fan of Jenika Snow, you will love this book. If you've not read any of her books, get this one, read it and then go get all her other books. They are all awesome!!!!