Arresting Love by Shawn Lane

Heat Level 3
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Aspiring chef, Taylor Gershwin, needs a new place to live and someone in his friend’s apartment building is advertising for a roommate.

It sounds perfect. He’d be close to his best friend and it’s not too far from his job as a short order cook and the chef school he attends. Sure the guy he’d be roommates with, Mike Hanovan, is something of a Neanderthal. A big brawny guy with a snake tattoo who also happens to be a Vice Cop…and hot as hell.

Be Warned: m/m sex


The apartment door opened with a bang and Taylor rushed in holding two big canvas bags filled to the top with what appeared to be groceries.

“Oh! You’re home,” Taylor said. “Can you take one of these? Weighs a ton.”

Mike walked over to him and took both bags. “I hope there’s something good to eat. I’m starved.”

“Then I arrived just in time.” Taylor followed him into the kitchen as he set the bags down on the counter. “How was work?”

“Hell,” Mike said simply. “You threw out my food.”

“I did not. I left them in the box. But, I’m not sure that can really be called food. In your line of work it’s more important than ever to eat healthy. Keeps the stress down.”

“I don’t really have time to cook.”

Taylor rolled his eyes. He actually rolled his eyes at Mike. “Many healthy dishes take no more time than those processed foods you buy. Besides, now you have me here.”

Mike smiled and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I do, huh? So you’ll be my own personal…chef?” He’s wanted to say slave. Sex slave actually. Right now he was so turned on by Taylor his jeans were becoming too damn tight. But fuck, Taylor was hot and sweet.

“Yes, whenever I can. Of course, I have school and work. But I can also make you food that you just have to heat up. Just as easy as that box of noodles and salt you mix with hamburger.”

“Ah, I should have known a guy who wants to be a chef would be a food snob.”

Taylor nodded. “Now go sit down on the couch or something while I unpack this stuff and make you something to eat. You want a beer or something?”

“I don’t drink beer,” Mike said. “Or anything. I don’t drink alcohol.”

“Wow, really?”

Mike shrugged. “Never really cared for the taste. I see plenty of people messed up by drugs and alcohol in my line of work. I’d just rather not get in the habit.”

“Huh. I had no clue. Okay. Well, what do you drink then?”

“Right now I wouldn’t mind a cup of strong coffee.”

“All right,” Taylor said, moving to the pantry. “I assume you have coffee in here.”

“Of course.”

Taylor sighed.

Mike came to stand behind him and peered inside the cabinet. “What now?”

“The brand of coffee you have in here. It’s absolute swill.”

He was tempted to rest his hand on the small of Taylor’s back. Because damn, he wanted to touch him. Badly. But he resisted. For now. Instead he laughed. “It is, huh? That brand has been around in households for decades.”

Taylor wrinkled his nose and removed the container from the pantry. “Probably been using the same grounds for decades too.”

“I don’t go in for the fancy gourmet coffee.”

“I can see I need to turn you away from the dark side,” Taylor said. “But for now I’ll make this crap. Go sit down and I’ll bring it to you.”

Mike did as he was told—which now that he thought about it—had to be a first. But he made sure to sit on the easy chair instead of the couch so he still had a pretty good view of Taylor at work in the kitchen.

“I suppose you’re one of those macho gritty dudes that like your coffee black, huh?”

“I won’t deny being a macho gritty dude, mostly because I’m not sure what that means, but no I like it with cream and sugar.”

Taylor pursed his lips. “You’re sort of an enigma.”

“How so?”

“Well, to be honest, when I first saw you while I was helping Archie move in I figured out some first impressions.” Taylor filled Mike’s coffeemaker with a filter, grounds and water, then flipped the on switch.

“Do I want to know?” Mike asked.

“I sort of decided you were a Neanderthal.” Taylor smiled, which Mike guessed was supposed to be some sort of apology. It was lame as far as apologies went.


Taylor waved his hand as though dismissing any hurt feelings on Mike’s part. “You’re big and beefy and kind of gruff and you do have a snake tattoo. And you were sort of leering.”

“Neanderthals leer, do they?”

“I imagine so..."

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Written by David on 13th Mar 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this read! I could totally relate to Taylor and all his quirks and bi polarness, and Mike is every gay boys fantasy (well this one any way)! The sex is stellar and very hot and I love the implied ending, kind of like "you figure it out"!! Fantastic read!!!

Top2Bottom Reviews
Written by undefined on 7th Dec 2013

Taylor is absolutely adorable, he collects stuffed animals, wears make up on occasions and has bipolar disorder. Mike is a big tough vice cop who can’t believe how beautiful Taylor is, but he’s a little confused about the stuffed animals, make up and the Taylor’s bipolar disorder. In this short story, the sex is hot and once the misconceptions about each other are cleared up, the decision to try a relationship is decided upon and yes…the sex is still hot! I liked this story and it is left up to our imaginations where the future takes them two men. Shawn Lane is always a delight to read, I recommend this story.