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Backstage Dirty by Jenika Snow


Product Description

The Savage Light Rockers, 1 

Fans. Sex. Rock & Roll. 

The only three things a rocker needs, or so they say. 

Seeing Jackson "Jacks" Lorde again, leader singer and guitarist for the band Savage Light, brought back the raw feelings that Tanner Mason had for him. But success can change a person, and can transform someone overnight. Now Jacks is wanted by women all over the world, is wealthy, and has chemical temptation thrown at him daily. 

Jackson has spent the last five years immersed in his passion for music. Now his band is one of the biggest names in the music industry. But then he sees Tanner again after five years—the one person that still consumes him even after all this time. 

Being in love with a rocker has its own obstacles. Can they stay together when everything that comes with fame and the limelight are thrown their way?

Be Warned: spanking, anal play 



He had his hands on her breasts, clenching and unclenching the mounds through the material of her bra, and in the next instant he had that article of clothing pulled from her body. She felt the tug of the elastic and underwire on her flesh as he ripped it from her, and heard the sound of fabric rending.  Her jeans and panties were next to go, as was his underwear, and then they were pressed together naked, his cock hard on her belly, and the tip slickened with his pre-cum. His hands on her breast were almost painful as he squeezed and released her flesh, and then he slid those hands down her sides, moved one of them to cup her ass, and had the other one right over her pussy. A gasp left her when he speared his fingers through her soaked folds, and the gruff sound he made had her heart beating faster.

“Fuck, you’re so wet for me, Tanner.” He murmured against her throat as he continued to move his fingers up and down. She didn’t know if he was aware of the low grunts he was making, or the fact he was pushing his dick into her stomach, back and forth, harder with every passing second. But she wasn’t going to stop him, because feeling Jacks like this again had all sanity and common sense leaving her. He teased her for several more seconds, rubbing her clit every time he stroked his fingers up her cleft, teasing her hole on every down stroke, and leaving her so thoroughly on edge that she was ready to beg him to fuck her. He removed his hand, brought it up to his mouth, and spread her wetness that was clearly visible on the digits across his mouth. He spread them along the top, and then bottom lip, and before Tanner could say anything, or even make a sound of deep rooted need, Jacks was kissing her. He made her taste herself on him, almost demanding she surrender as he gripped her hair behind her head and tugged at the strands. He hadn’t been like this all those years ago, or maybe he had and the alcohol had numbed what was right in front of her? Either way, she stroked his tongue with hers, moaned at the musky flavor of her wetness on his lips, and of the spicy taste that had always been a part of Jacks.

He broke the kiss and started moving his mouth and tongue down her neck, along her collarbone, and stopped when he was right above her breast. The small, hard, and hot pants of his breath bathed her flesh, caused her nipples to harden even further, and had her clenching her thighs together almost painfully.

“You’re making this worse.” She hadn’t meant to say anything out loud, but as soon as the words left her Jacks stopped and pulled back enough that he could see her.

“You want me to stop?”

Tanner licked her lips and shook her head. “No, but I’m dying here.”

He groaned deeply, but didn’t fuck her like she had hoped. Instead he latched his mouth onto her breasts, and sucked her nipple until her clit pulsed and more wetness spilled from her. Over and over he tormented her until the pain and pleasure morphed into one and she wasn’t just thinking of begging him, she actually was.

“Please, Jackson, God, please be with me already.”

And with one last drag across the stiff peak Jacks stepped away only long enough to grab a condom from his wallet tucked in the back pocket of his jeans on the floor, and slide it on. He was pressed fully against her once more, gripped the cheeks of her ass, and lifted her with a strength that made her feel petite and small instead of plus sized.

Mouth parting on its own when she felt his length slip through her slit, Tanner wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her breasts against the hardness of his chest, and was now the one kissing him brutally. It was like a floodgate was opened and all of her passion, desire, and need for Jacks came bursting through. Never breaking the kiss, Jacks grabbed his cock, placed the tip at her entrance, and with her back still to the wall pressed his erection all the way inside of her in one fluid move. Tanner had to stop the kiss and gasp at the feel of being stretched so fully by him. Big, long, and thick were all perfect words to describe Jacks, and when he started thrusting in powerful strokes, Tanner knew she would come within minutes.

“Christ, Tanner.” Jacks panted against the side of her neck and never stopped pumping in and out of her. “Yeah. That’s it.” He grunted and groaned against her. Their flesh was already becoming slick with their combined perspiration, and she held onto his shoulders tighter as he became frantic in his motions. “You feel so fucking good.” He scraped his teeth along her neck, and a shiver worked its way through her whole body before taking root in her clit. Every time he thrust into her the base of his erection rubbed the hard bundle of nerves and had her silently crying out. “So good, baby. You’re so fucking tight and hot, and so damn wet for me.” He took control of her mouth with his once more, but this time it was a sloppy, heated, and almost angry kiss.

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Product Reviews

  1. Sizzling Hot Books 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2014

    Backstage Dirty by is yet another wonderful book by Jenika Snow. She is my list of favorite authors and is on my list of auto buy authors. I have yet to read a book by her that I did not enjoy. Backstage Dirty is the first book in The Savage Light Rockers series. I thought it was a great start to the series and I am looking forward to upcoming releases. Backstage Dirty is Jackson and Tanner’s story.

    Tanner has known Jackson for years. They go way back before all his fame and they were very close. Her life hasn’t been the same since they parted ways. She thought she was over it all until she sees him again. Her feelings come flooding back and she isn’t sure what to do about it. He isn’t who he used to be because fame changes everyone. The more time she spends with him and the band the more she can see that underneath all the fame and the image he’s created he is still the guy she fell for years ago. She knows she is falling even harder for him this time then she did before but she is worried that his busy schedule is going to get in the way. Will they be able to make things work? Or will they end up going their separate ways again?

    Jackson has always loved music and all his hard work has paid off. He is the lead singer and guitarist in a popular band. He loves it. The only thing missing in his life is the one he left behind. He misses Tanner like crazy. He has never forgotten her and she is constantly on his mind. He wonders if it is the same way for her. When he sees her again he knows that he has got to convince her that they belong together and that they can make things work. He can see that his feelings are reciprocated and he is enjoying the time that they are spending together. He wonders, though, how long this is going to last. Will they stay together this time? Or will he have to endure a broken heart when their ways part once again?

    I devoured Backstage Dirty in one sitting. It was a quick, easy, and enjoyable read. I liked the plot and characters. I liked Jackson because he was living out his dream. He was dedicated to it and to Tanner. He wasn’t a typical rock start that is into groupies and all the sex and drugs that were readily available to him. He didn’t let fame change him either. I liked Tanner too she was a believable character. I would have had some of the same concerns that she did if I were dating a rock star. I liked the chemistry between the Jackson and Tanner. I thought that they had a perfect balance between give and take. The two of them complimented each other as well. I would recommend Backstage Dirty to anyone who enjoys a contemporary romance read.

  2. Tattoos, piercings, tour life 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2014

    Definitely different from her usual hotness, but still hot. Jacks and Tanner steam it up. I love all of the characters. You can tell that they all have their own demons, motivations and personalities. Can't wait for more

  3. A brand new series 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2014

    This is a brand new series by author Jenika Snow and I am loving it! It's very different from all her other books but in a good way. To me, this book felt very raw. It's full of true emotion and friendship that last lifetimes. Jacks and Tanner are the two main characters, and they truly balance each other out. Their relationship is the type that everyone wants. As for everyone else, I can't wait for their stories. You will love this book

  4. CJ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2014

    Wow! Loved it! Another great read by Jenika Snow. Storyline was well written, entertaining and hot. Bad boy rocker Jacks gets a second chance with Tanner, the one girl he never forgot. I enjoyed once Jacks made up his mind to be only with Tanner, he stayed faithful to Tanner despite being surrounded by groupies. Loved Jacks and Tanner's chemistry, friends before lovers and their interaction. Loved the whole band. Can't wait to read more in this new series. Would definitely recommend.

  5. Love This Book! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2014

    You never disappoint Jenika Snow! I love a rock band romance. I love how both characters were childhood friends, and one unforgettable night made them not speak to each other for five years! It was good seeing them reconnect after the five years, and fall in love! Love all your books!

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