Backwoods Bailout by M. Levesque

Heat Level 2
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Bailout, 1

Lacy is recently divorced and decides she is going to live her dream of being a full-time writer. She uses every dime she has to buy a perfect little log cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, just as she’s getting settled in, the real owner of the house returns. 

Marcus isn’t upset to find the curvy brunette sleeping in his bed, but he is surprised. He knew his ex was going to take their breakup badly but he didn’t think she was going to con someone into buying his house. Now, he finds himself bailing Lacy out. 



My eyes fluttered open and what I thought at first to be a shadow quickly turned out to be something else entirely. A hair-covered man stood over my bed, glaring down at me. He was dressed in ragged clothes and smelled of pine.

I let loose a screech that could be heard for miles and scrambled back away from the angry man that resembled a Bigfoot.

“Get out of my house!” I pointed a shaking finger in the direction of the wide-open bedroom door.

He narrowed his eyes further. “Listen lady, I don’t know what kind of drugs you’re on, but this is my house.”

The voice that came from behind the beard was deep and booming but he didn’t sound angry, just a little confused. He was obviously confused; this was my house.

“Sir, I think you’ve lost your way. I’m sorry about the misunderstanding, but I just purchased this house last week. I’ve been living here since then, and I can promise you that I paid in full.”

His eyebrows rose from behind his long, curling black bangs. “You paid cash for a house?”

I nodded as a nagging ball of dread started to roll in my gut. “Yes, I bought it on the seller’s website.”

He leaned forward and pointed at me. “Let me guess, you bought it online without meeting the seller or even seeing the place?”

The rolling dread started to grow, but denial held it at bay. Bigfoot might have been onto something, but it couldn’t be true. Nobody is that unlucky. I nodded again.

He barked out a laugh. “Lady, you got scammed.”

Hearing it aloud made it feel that much more likely and I clapped a hand over my mouth.

Bigfoot jumped back with more grace than a man his size should possess. “Don’t puke!” He searched around him in vain for something for me to throw up in, but I jumped off the bed and managed to make it to the bathroom just in time.

Of course my good fortune was too good to be true. I gripped the cold sides of the porcelain bowl and heaved. I could not believe that after everything that had happened I’d been robbed. 

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Loved This
Written by Amy on 20th Jan 2018

A cute short story! I loved how the story kept taking different turns. Just when you think you've figured it out something new happens and changes your whole thinking process. A great short read!

Night Owl Review
Written by Confusedagony on 11th Feb 2015

In Backwoods Bailout, the character Lacey kept me laughing in the beginning of the book because she kept referring to Marcus as Bigfoot and Sasquatch. This is after he helps her to the couch when she finishes puking and passes out. She continued to make me laugh with her references to tequila, jail and babies with beards. The first meeting between Bigfoot and her dog Mastiff had me in stitches, I laughed so much. I loved Lacey’s response, which was to look at the dog and say, “ I think you scared Bigfoot.” The sex between them was fun and informative. Backwoods Bailout was a treat and I recommend it to anyone. A bounty hunter and a con artist, if that’s not a disaster waiting to happen then I don’t know what is. One of the reasons Lacey is out of money is because Marcus’ ex, Holly, conned Lacey into buying a house for $200,000. Needless to say, when Lacey found out she wasn't happy, she proceeded to show Holly how unhappy she truly was to make a point. Lacey’s blackouts were kind of alarming, but she does do some funny stuff because of them.