Bad Alpha

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Bad Alpha features a select collection of stories with shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack. These aren't sugar-and-spice heroes. Our alphas are feared, inked, and don’t ask questions first. They take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak—until they meet their mate. Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart?



For Blood by J.R. Gray 


Destiny Realized by Khloe Wren 


Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan


 Drakon’s Prize by Moira Callahan 


Tiger’s Mate by April Zyon 


Dark Heart by Elyzabeth M. VaLey 


Resisting His Mate by Lynn Burke 


The Alpha’s Vixen by Jocelyn Dex 


Always Midnight by Ashlynn Monroe 


Becoming the Alpha’s Mate by Harper Shaddock


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A Must Read for the Paranormal Lover!
Written by SSP on 12th Apr 2018

Loved this collection of short paranormal stories! While I do think that J.R. Gray's strength is in his M/M writing, I definitely loved this short story as well. If you want to read some quick, suspenseful and steamy paranormal this anthology is definitely something you wanna snatch up!

Amazing collection!
Written by LeeAnn P on 12th Apr 2018

Every story in this collection was so well written! The Alpha's, their mates and how they came to find each other and the love they found kept me turning the pages until I had read every story. I love a great love story and each and every one of these was just that! The conflicts they faced whether it be from others or their own stupidity at times, always ramped it up to a great level that had me rooting for each and every couple. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves shifters, their mates and fate.

More Roman and Victoria (Bad Blood)
Written by Lynne on 12th Apr 2018

Is there anything that JR Gray can't write? For me my first foray into his mindset was the Bound Series, an M/M story then Veil of Scars (M/F/M) and now For Blood (M/F Paranormal). All three books have the same quality that Gray effortlessly instills: strong, dominant characters and a dynamic storyline. "For Blood" is the story of Roman and Victoria. Two people that have grown up in different wolf packs. Roman is the leader of his pack and Victoria's brother, Alex, leads theirs. There is extremely bad blood between the two. And in order for the bloodshed and chaos to seize, they decided to join the packs by having Roman and Victoria marry. Not something either of them want, but know it's necessary for it to happen. What Victoria doesn't realize is that her brother has a devious ulterior motive in giving her away to Roman. Once those truths come to light will she be able to turn to her new husband to put a stop to her brother or allow the bloodshed to continue? For such a short story this one packed a punch. Roman is badass, tough and a mush when it comes to Vicky. C'mon he knows he is. He's had feelings for her since she use to knock him around on the playground when they were younger. He's just not sure he can trust her or his feelings for her. I loved Roman, sexy as hell man. JR wrote this man perfectly. Vicky couldn't have been portrayed any better. She was fearless, no nonsense, strong female. Another badass. Can I be her when I grow up? When Roman gave her crap she went right back. Did not care. Love that. They grew to trust each other in such a short period of time. The two of them is such a force to be reckoned with. My only gripe? I wish it was longer! But JR gave the whole story cohesively. I didn't feel like I was thrown into the story and not know which side was up. I don't think he's ever made me feel like that with his work. What a great start to the anthology. A girl can only hope there is more Roman and Victoria down the road. Would love to see them stick it to her douche of a brother. Out of a 5. Giving this a 4.5!! Awesome read.

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Jenny on 13th Oct 2015

This anthology brings you a variety of authors with multiple voices and styles that will captivate you at times and make you want to kill them at others. I think that the most refreshing part of the story is having the various stories defer from one another. I think that all of this alphas have something to bring you to enjoy as you read it. I’m not going to give you inside of the short stories within, but I can tell you that is worth reading and owning it. I would give this anthology 4 diamonds because with the exception of 1 or 2 characters I enjoyed each of the stories, found the plots interesting and not overplayed. But let’s be honest, the short stories here bring steamy hot sex with ALPHAs that you want to take home. I give it 4 flames because some of the stories are beyond steamy; So totally give it a try. Get your copy at Evernight Publishing or Amazon

Night Owl Review
Written by DebA on 2nd Oct 2015

Bad Alpha is a ten author anthology. Overall it is just awesome! I mean it rocks! You get very different storylines about bad boy alpha shifters with their ink (tattoos). These guys are sexy and have dominant personalities. The heroines are strong willed women who are great matches for their mates. The stories are spicy, well-written, and entertaining. Readers are in for some original storylines. The characters have chemistry and great dialogues. The settings are vivid. You'll have trouble stopping at one story, so make sure to have plenty of time to settle into this anthology. Bad Alpha is absolutely awesome! It deserves 5 stars! ---------------------- Now on for the stories: For Blood by J.R. Gray The hero and heroines packs have made past mistakes. They come together with the intention to end the rift between them. Will they succeed or is there a hidden agenda? Readers are in for a hot romance! This story is well written with enough going on that it kept my interest. It deserves 5 stars! ---------------------- Destiny Realized by Khloe Wren This story includes a M/M/F consensual relationship. A serial killer has been on the rampage for six months. Felicia Johnson and Meghan are on the run. The mother and child barely evaded the killers grasp with help. The big questions is, will the mom’s two shape shifter mates convince her to stay? This book is another winner and it deserves 5 stars! ---------------------- Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan Get ready for another hot one! In this story an exiled alpha comes to the old pack for a rescue and gets a mate. What more could he hope for. Nothing. He gets a mate and hope for the future. Readers and our heroine couldn’t wish for anything more. This was another stunning story that gets 5 stars! ---------------------- Drakon’s Prize by Moira Callahan This is a wonderful tale about a human female finding an alpha dragon mate. Readers won’t be disappointed with this great paranormal romance. Let there be dragons. It deserves 5 stars! ---------------------- Tiger’s Mate by April Zyon This is one wild and exciting story. Readers are going to be going Tigers crazy. Like the rest of the stories in this anthology, this one was just awesome and gets 5 awesome stars. ---------------------- Dark Heart by Elyzabeth M. VaLey The hero in this story has gone through so much and is able to move forward. He picks up the pieces when his mate is in danger. Readers are going to enjoy love this story. I feel it deserves 4.5 stars! ---------------------- Resisting His Mate by Lynn Burke In this story the heroine really deserved her HEA after all that has happened to her. She discovers a secret about her dad. This is another 5 star winner. ---------------------- The Alpha’s Vixen by Jocelyn Dex Love and a mate find Dax when he's not looking. This yummy story gets 5 well deserved stars. ---------------------- Always Midnight by Ashlynn Monroe Taryne and her brother's lives change due to a werewolf bite. Readers will just be going Wow after reading this story. Be on the lookout for more from this author. This book deserves 5 stars! ---------------------- Becoming the Alpha’s Mate by Harper Shaddock Brenna life takes an unexpected journey when she decides to start over. Her life didn't prepare her for someone like Remy. This story was an awesome conclusion to the anthology. Read it find out why. What a way to end a book. This story gets 5 stars. ---------------------- Readers will be seeking more of these types of excellently written and plotted stories.

Great short reads
Written by Susan Parkes on 28th Sep 2015

If you are wanting a quick read that you can put down and pick up when you have a few minutes - then this is for you. This is an anthology of 10 stories by different authors, they all include alpha male shapeshifters and some strong women that tame them, I have only read one of the authors before but will now be looking out for the rest as I enjoyed all the styles of writing. These stories contain werewolves, dragons, tigers, pumas, vampires, hawks, foxes, wolves, danger, murder, corruption, love, lust, and passion. This is definitely a must read for Alpha loving shapeshifters out there!!! I just wish there were full length novels giving more in depth details to these stories as I would love to learn more about these alphas.

The TBR Pile
Written by Laurie P. on 28th Aug 2015

If you love snarly Alpha males and sassy in your face females, you want to read this anthology. A variety of shifter types from dragons to foxes, all of them are badass alphas who get mates whether they're wanted or not. For Blood by J.R. Gray - 5/5, To forge peace between packs, this Alpha is mating the enemy’s sister. How can he trust her? She wants him, always has. Can she change his mind? Destiny Realized by Khloe Wren - 5/5, When your sister sees yours and your brother’s destiny, what can you do? Stop the car like she asks and find your mate. Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan - 5/5, When you need help, who do you ask? The exiled alpha that your dad ran out of the pack. Oh and he’s your mate. Drakon’s Prize by Moira Callahan – 5/5, When a human spy for the council invades the dragon clan, what’s the Alpha to do? Bed and mate her of course. Was this the council’s plan? Tiger’s Mate by April Zyon – 5/5, A tiger assassin is in town to take care of a problem. What he finds instead is a psychic. She’s his mate, but his job puts them both in danger. Maybe it’s time to give up his day job. Dark Heart by Elyzabeth M. VaLey – 4/5, When a human agent from one of those alphabet agencies of the government comes recruiting, this alpha says no. But when her life is in danger, he comes to his mate’s rescue. Resisting His Mate by Lynn Burke – 4/5, On the run from her abusive bear shifter ex, Clare doesn’t know she’s a hawk shifter. Until she’s rescued by an alpha hawk, who helps her find the animal spirit inside her. The Alpha’s Vixen by Jocelyn Dex – 5/5, This alpha fox shifter doesn’t want a mate. And he really doesn’t want a mate, ever. Then a sexy little vixen thief steals his heart. Always Midnight by Ashlynn Monroe – 5/5, Taryne’s world is turned upside down when a rogue wolf bites her brother, turning him into a werewolf. Now the King of the pack needs this problem taken care of. Instead the hunter helps them both when the rogue bits Taryne too. Becoming His Mate by Harper Shaddock – 4/5, She just wants to be left alone, for her ex to never find her. After hearing his lone wolf mate howl, this alpha needs to find his mate before the neighboring pack finds her. He knows she’s strong enough, but does she know it? This is the first anthology in a long time where I hadn’t read any of the authors previously. I enjoyed these stories a lot. The writing styles were all different, as were the shifters and situations in the stories. All of the authors wrote great characters and entertaining stories. I recommend this anthology, I found new authors to follow and so will you!

Red. Hot. Awesome.
Written by Dana19018 on 28th Aug 2015

This is for the whole anthology. What a great collection of authors and stories. I love some paranormal shifter crack and this has it all! These ladies are to be put on your favorite watch list if you haven't done it already. Sexy alphas to keep you reading through the night. Awesome read and I can't wait for more shifter collections from this publisher. Red. Hot. Awesome.

Five Stars
Written by Mary Campbell on 25th Aug 2015

Tiger's Mate by April Zyon This was a very interesting book; that had a paranormal twist in wasn't expecting. However, it made it all the more interesting. The main heroine, Alexa, has a talent one might say that would be enough to get most people committed. While getting some groceries, she met a man named Kurt, who as luck will have it is the perfect man for her. After a second meeting and some secret sharing, they accept each other for who they are. But there is another challenge to face, will they survive? You will have to read to see... this book was a short read, but very well written. I loved reading about Kurt and Alexa and hope to see more of them in the future. If you like Alpha males willing to protect the ones they love, you will definitely love this book as well.

An anthology of 10 great Alpha stories. All different but all good in their own way! A very good read!!!
Written by Monsterella Reviews on 25th Aug 2015

This collection of 10 very different but also very intriguing stories will take you to places you never imagined. If you're in the mood to read about Alpha's who take charge; about women who stand up and fight for what they believe in; about danger, murder, corruption, love, lust, and passion; well then this is definitely a must read!!! For Blood by J.R. Gray-When the sister of Alex, the alpha of a fueding pack, convinces him to allow her to marry the Alpha of the opposing pack; he thinks her intentions are for his own gain and agrees. Though is that what she really wants? This short is full of desire, lust, and hidden agendas. It will keep you wondering how will the story end, and you won't be disappointed when it does! Destiny Realized by Khloe Wren-With a serial killer on the loose looking for his next victim, there was no way Leo or Val were about to let there sister go to the store on her own. There was no way they would allow that evil man to harm another woman if they could help it. And as fate would have it on their journey they came upon a car stalled along the road. But would they arrive in time to help whoever it was? Or was it to late? This short is very intense and I absolutely love the fact that this Alpha of the leader of a Puma shifter pack. This story had me gasping through every point, and to watch what fate had in the cards was spectacular. Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan- What is one to do when their father, who just so happens to be the Alpha, is murdered? How do they avenge his demise? Well for Rachel the answer was to go find Arkady. He was the former Alpha of their pack after all, before her father fought for the right to the pack and kicked Arkady out. A big, bad werewolf who could take out just about anyone. But what would it cost her and was she willing to pay the price? This short is raw and intense filled with carnage and canal nature which will have all your emotions on high alert. It will have you filled with anger and grief as well as steamy and aroused all at the same time. A very good take that ends with a twist. Loved it! Drakon's Prize by Moira Callahan- After numerous unsubstantiated claims were made to the Supernatural Council, they decided that for one year they would have a human live with each Clan and report back to the Council on a weekly basis. This way they would know if anything was going on that went against Council law, and it could be taken care of promptly. Allegra Hanson, daughter of Councilman Hanson, was chosen to oversee the Blackened Clan. Her father along with the Councilwoman Chavez told her it would be a good fit since her thesis paired with the current situation the Blackened Clan was facing. Ali wasn't convinced but knew that since it would ultimately help her out she couldn't pass up the opportunity. Once she arrived on Blackened lands and laid eyes on the Alpha, she realized things in her life were about to change. Though at the time she didn't understand just how much our in what way. By the end of this short Allegra experiences many life altering situations and an unexpected fall that could end everything she knew. Would the dragon shifting Alpha be the one to save her, or was she destined for another fate? This story was so intense and powerful, making the reader see that just because our mind may not understand doesn't mean that the heart hasn't known all along. Tiger's Mate by April Zyon- This was such a creative story; one in which two individuals from two different worlds unexpectedly run into one another and find themselves surrounded by death. Kurt, a tiger Alpha, left his streak not wanting to take on the role instead choosing to live his life by his own terms. Alexa, a woman able to communicate with the deceased, lives her life avoiding highly populated areas in order to keep a semblance of calm and quiet. A chance encounter puts them in each other's paths and they find an undeniable connection which could have them facing have danger. Will they be able to overcome all obstacles and find their happy home, or will the members of Kurt's streak interfere and leave them in turmoil? I thoroughly enjoyed the way this story was so different from most that you read; it definitely had me purring with excitement and intrigue. Dark Heart by Elyzabeth M. VaLey- The vampires are coming out of the shadows and threatening to overthrow the entire country. The SOA must find a way to immobilize them and keep them from wreaking havoc on humanity. Unfortunately the doctor who was working on a venom that would do just that left the Agency after his family was murdered by vampires and he was unable to save them in time. The task of finding him and getting him to return to the aid of the Agency is left to a female agent, Sylvia. Will she find him in time? And will she be able to convince Daryl to help before it's too late? This short is full of darkness and despair and in the middle of it all is passion and lust; definitely an all consuming read that will keep you enthralled until the end. Resisting His Mate by Lynn Burke- This novella is so full of emotion it's like reading an entire series. A woman trying to escape the torture of her ex-husband finds herself near death, hypothermia staying to set in while she floats down an icy cold river clinging to a long for dear life. Clare suddenly felt the wind whipping hard around her and after finding the strength to open her eyes saw the most miraculous goshawk she'd ever seen in her life, her love of birds and vast ornithological knowledge allowed her to notice the glimmer of something more humanlike in its eyes. Then the voice in her head told her this hawk was precisely the one she needed to find in order to save her life, when he flew off all she was left with was dispair. Would he come back? Would he save her? Or would she die after finally escaping the clutches of the man who held her captive? The words of this story grab hold of your mind from the very start and make you feel like you are living in the story and not just reading it. Absolutely phenomenal! The Alpha's Vixen by Jocelyn Dex- Living life as an outcast is never fun or easy. When Opal find herself in a bind facing down a man so terrifyingly stunning he makes her panties melt and fear for her life at the same time, she does the only thing she knows and has done so many times before. She shifts into her beautiful fox and runs for her life. She mistakenly ends up trespassing on another foxes property, one who doesn't take kindly to trespassers and takes her down nearly killing her. As he is preparing to take her life another fix shows up and protects Opal. Who is the handsome stranger? And did he make it to her aside in time or will her injuries be too much for her body to recover from? The time of this short is rather dark and menacing, though in the pitch dark there is a flash of white. It is in this new light that the truth find a way to overshadow any doubts and love finds a way through. Always Midnight by Ashlynn Monroe- This story brings old Indian legend into modern day existence. With a maniacal werewolf on the loose, killing anyone who comes near his family home, nobody is safe. Though the unsuspecting visitors don't even realize they are in danger since his families lands have become a public park. When Taryn's brother, Travys, goes missing she is beside herself. He is all she has left. They never knew their father, and lost their mother to cancer years ago. When Trav walks through the door one day, Tar realizes there is something different about him; he's not the same person that disappeared. Will they ever get back the relationship they once had? Or will Lucian track them down to finish what he started? The darkness and danger seeping throughout the story and the love surrounding Tar make this story play on every emotion at the same time. A very good read. Becoming the Alpha's Mate by Harper Shaddock- A new pack is trying to force their way onto Remy's lands and take over. He would love nothing more than to wipe them out, but without proof of their shenanigan's he doesn't want to chance the other local packs thinking he did it without just cause. Then one night he hears the cry of a female wolf, a sound his wolf is instantly drawn to and is itching to find out whom it belongs to. Remy can't just give in and follow the call, it's near daybreak and she could be anywhere. And it could be a trap set by the Gray's, but the one thing he does know is that he will find this woman and stake his claim. This story is about the plight of a woman who finally found it within herself to escape the torture of her ex and make a new life for herself. She ran as far as she possibly could and found a quint little place in the middle of a lush forest to rest her head. She would live peacefully with nobody around to bother her, or so she thought. Her life was about to change and in a very major way. Was she strong enough to make it through the things that were coming her way? Would she be able to follow her wolf and let her past go? Or was it destined to return? The pain, passion, and plight of this story are remarkable and make for an amazing read.

I recieved this book for an honest review
Written by mary on 22nd Aug 2015

There are multiple books in this anthology, and each one is amazing in a different way. Here is a little about two of the books included in this book, and my review on them. Hopefully this helps you choose to take a chance to read this book and discover it's hidden treasures. Enjoy :) Drakon's Prize by Moira Callahan Drakon's Prize is about a dragon shifter named Drakon who finds his mate in the unlikely form of a council spy. At first she is unwanted. Because let's face it, no one likes to be spied on. However, this changes when they actually meet. This is a great short story to read, and I hope it turns into more. There is a couple bad guys, a Hot dominant Alpha, a women taking a job that turns out to be her happily ever after. It's a great story. I loved reading about Drakon and Allegra, and I guarantee you shall as well. Tiger's Mate by April Zyon This was a very interesting book, that had a paranormal twist in wasn't expecting. However, it made it all the more interesting. The main heroine, Alexa, has a talent one might say that would be enough to get most people commited. While getting some groceries she met a man named Kurt, who as luck will have it is the perfect man for her. After a second meeting and some secret sharing, they accept each other for who they are. But there is another challenge to face, will they survive? You will have to read to see... this book was a short read, but very well written. I loved reading about Kurt and Alexa, and hope to see more of them in the future. If you like Alpha males willing to protect the ones they love, you will definitely love this book as well.

Well look no further than Bad Alpha anthology
Written by Amazon Customer on 22nd Aug 2015

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. Are you ready to meet smoking hot Alphas? Looking to see shifters who know what it means to take charge? Well look no further than Bad Alpha anthology. While I struggled with a few stories in the anthology, overall I really enjoyed it. My favorite stories were Tiger’s Mate by April Zyon and Always Midnight by Ashlynn Monroe. Both authors did a wonderful job of giving me everything I needed to enjoy both the stories and the characters. Both gave me strong female characters which I thoroughly enjoy. Now April has always provided me with a good read and Ashlynn was a new to me author that I will be looking to see what else she has to offer. A few of the authors gave me stories in which I found myself confused. It felt like I was dropped into the middle of the story and it was a struggle to immerse myself into their worlds. The characters were interesting but I felt that I missed part of the story. Overall, this anthology was well balanced. I had an opportunity to look into the minds of new to me authors as well as a couple of old standards. And I am looking forward to getting to know a few of them a little better. This anthology is well worth your time and money.

A so bad its good anthology!!
Written by Not Another Damn Blog-Blog on 22nd Aug 2015

Ok so this is for the whole boxset! First and foremost it takes a lot to impress me with paranormal books and each of these ladies has done it!! This is by far my fav boxset this year! You will love the heat, the emotion, the sexiness! Each book is unique and caters to the authors writing style. I fully admit I have only read 2 authors previously but now I'm hooked on all of them! Seriously amazing!!! I will reread this anthology over and over! Each book is short and sweet, perfect for anthologies, do I wish there more to them? Sure, but I do for nearly every book I read. These books are all great and not to be missed!!!