Beauty and the Gargoyle by Tamsin Baker

Heat Level 3
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The Gargoyles of New York, 2

During the last attack on him and his brothers, Rafael Mansovich was turned into a monster. His face and upper body are badly scarred, and the PTSD of the attack has left him trembling at the idea of being frozen in his Gargoyle form every day. But he has no choice because as soon as the sun rises in the morning, he is transformed into a real, stone beast. 

Isabella is the head librarian at the New York City Library, and she loves her quiet life away from the corporate rat race. But when she meets a spectacular man with silver eyes and an attraction she can’t fight, she’s thrown into a world where winged creatures are being hunted, and shifters are a very real thing. Can Isabella’s love reach Rafael, or will her heartbroken beast not care if his attackers find him once more?



The library is finally empty, except for Chrissy and myself. Time to go home.


I walk towards her as two men step out of the ancient lift in the corner of the library and move into the foyer.


What were they doing up on the roof?


“Christiana.” The larger man’s voice was deep, and had a threatening edge I didn’t like. Perhaps this was Roman?


I hasten towards Chrissy, coming to a stop as the men turn to face me.


They both have bright silver eyes that are as eerie as they are beautiful. That isn’t natural.


The man closer to Chrissy pulls her into his side, his handsome face twisting into a look of protective annoyance.


The man next to him, clearly his brother if the strong jaw and silver eyes were anything to go by, drags his gaze away from mine and turns his head so I can’t look at him properly.


“Bella, this is my partner, Roman, and his brother, Rafael. Roman, this is the curator of the library, Isabella.”


My mind goes blank, and my whole body begins to quiver with arousal and awareness. Who is this man?


A power I cannot explain draws me closer, making me circle him until I’m standing in front of him again.


My heart pounds so hard in my chest I can barely contain it. I’m not scared, though this man’s injuries would make me flinch on any other day.


“What’s happened to you?” I ask Rafael, raising my hands and cupping his face so that he is forced to look at me.


What am I doing, touching a complete stranger? The reasonable voice in my head screams at me to stop. But it’s as though a puppeteer has control of my limbs, because I cannot stop myself.


He glares at me the best he can, steel in his eyes, his mouth turned down.


“I was shot.”


I take a closer look, my hands still clinging to his strong jaw. His injuries don’t look like gun wounds. His lip is torn, and one side of his face looks like it has been burned, or cut up in some way.


It is strangely ugly, and yet my knees shake and my core melts as arousal floods me like a hot storm.


He is still staring at me, but this time, his lips are parted, dragging in air.


“Let go of me,” he says, though his voice is strained.


He’s twice my weight. I’m tall, but thin, and he’s huge. Warrior size. If he wants me to stop touching him, why isn’t he stopping me himself?


“I can’t,” I whisper, though it sounds utterly ridiculous. Every educated, independent, “strong woman” part of me screams at me to let go.


I don’t.


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Beauty and Rafe
Written by Holly on 19th Apr 2018

I like these Gargoyles, I just wish the Stories weren’t chopped off at the end. Hopefully the last story of the last brother we will get the “WHOLE” story with a proper ending.

Coffee Time Romance & More
Written by Delane on 15th Jan 2018

Rafael is a gargoyle and vulnerable to enemies who discover the perch of him and brothers and attack. Unfortunately, during the day they are stone and unable to defend themselves. The result of the attack leaves Rafael disfigured forever which is a long time for an immortal being. Bella is a librarian in every sense of the word and has little time for nonsense. When a pretty woman walks in and seems desperate for a job, she never could have imagined the detour her life was about to take. Rafael cannot believe he has found his beloved when he looks like a monster. Bella can do no other than give in to the draw of the disfigured man. When the truth comes out, will Bella accept and will Rafael let her in, or forever remain in the shadows? The writing of Ms. Baker brings the world of the Gargoyles of New York to life and leave the reader looking for more about Rafael’s brothers. I found the story line unique because Rafael is so unexpectedly vulnerable and the staid librarian is so much more than what she is perceived to be. I fell in love with the story and I am eager to read the others books in the series.

awesome love story
Written by MicheleAnnBoyle on 5th Jan 2018

In book 2 and this time its rafes turn to find his beloved what happens when bella meets christy and she is danger does rafe save both bella and christy romans beloved what happens when bella deals with her beloved the truth highly recommended read

Quick Read
Written by Charity12 on 5th Jan 2018

I really liked this book. The story was a quick read and also fun to read. I would have liked more history on both Isabella and Rafeal to better understand their characters but overall, the story was good. I look f o reward to reading more from this series. I voluntarily reviewed an ADVANCED READER COPY of this book.

The Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 18th Dec 2017

BEAUTY AND THE GARGOYLE is the second novella in Tamsin Baker's The Gargoyles of New York series. I really enjoyed the first one, so I decided to try this one out as well, and I certainly was not disappointed. This book is about Raphael, or Rafe, who was hurt in book one when the gargoyles were attacked a month earlier by someone wanting to destroy them. The attack has left Rafe with lots of scarring, especially on his face, and has turned him into a hermit when he's not guarding the library as a gargoyle. His friend's mate gets bored and takes a job at the library where Isabella works, and through Krissy, Rafe gets to meet Isabella. They are attracted to each other. Bella turns out to be his beloved, but can she accept him, scars, gargoyle, and all? This was a sweet, romantic quick read. And proof that beauty is only skin deep. A wonderful story in the series and I certainly hope there is more!

Great Quick Read
Written by Tara Heilman on 23rd Oct 2017

Great quick read. I loved the idea of the gargoyles. Definitely goes along with the shifter insta-love theme, which is ok for a short story. I look forward to reading more about the brothers. This is my honest review of an advanced copy I received.

Fun Read
Written by Debi on 23rd Oct 2017

This romantic sci-fi is a good afternoon read. I really liked how every shifter has one beloved that cannot be denied or it could kill them both. Danger & romance are a great combination. It's definitely worth the read! I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Beauty and the Gargoyle
Written by Mezmerising on 23rd Oct 2017

This is a beautiful insta-live shirt story. A re-adaption of beauty and the beast this book tells the story of the wounded brother with devastating, disfiguring wounds and the attraction of a woman who sees past it. I really enjoyed this book, it is very short, but it makes up for it with content. Theres plenty of action and the emotional roller coaster associated with such a traumatic experience.

Great Read
Written by Brenda on 23rd Oct 2017

This is a well written book with an interesting story line. It's a short fast paced story with well described characters and tons of action.The author does a good job moving the story and holding your attention.She brings drama,suspense and fear along with acceptance,hope and love. I loved reading Isabella and Rafael's story and I would recommend reading. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

Written by Juanita E. Arp on 15th Oct 2017

Enjoyed reading this

Great read!
Written by Pat W on 15th Oct 2017

Fantastic plot with great characters pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me totally enthralled until the very end! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

Library roof
Written by Kindle Customer on 15th Oct 2017

A quick fun read in this gargoyle series featuring Rafe and his Beloved Bella. Enjoyed this 2nd book as we learn more about the brothers and the hunters chasing them. Looking forward to the next book. ARC gift from the author for review.

Short but Sweet!
Written by Tamara Kasyan on 15th Oct 2017

I received an ARC copy of this book. This was a great quick read. Rafael sees himself as the beast he is forced to change into during the day because of his injuries. He can barely function and doubts anyone would ever love him. Then he meets Isabella. Instant love and lust but he tries to deny their bond. In the end, their love for each other helps them overcome their problems and the danger they face. The struggles of both main characters is well written and I can't wait for more Gargoyle brothers stories!

They were meant for each other but he is fighting it.
Written by Rebecca Grove on 15th Oct 2017

Rafael is suffering from PTSD ever since he was attacked when he was frozen in his gargoyle form. The bullets left scars that have made him bitter and reclusive. Then his sister-in-law gets a volunteer job in the library they sleep on. When Rafael and his brother go there to find his sister-in-law, he meets Isabella. Sparks fly and Isabella is drawn to Rafael. Rafael almost collapses and suspects he has found his true mate. He doesn't want to claim Isabella because he is afraid that his scars and emotional issues would drive her away. Isabella has never felt this way before for any man. She is not sure how to handle her strong feelings or the unusual goings on around her. When her new friend and co=worker explains about gargoyles she is relieve and confused. Can Isabella help Rafael over his problems or will he leave her for her own good? This is a good short story that is stand-alone but probably be better after reading book 1. I loved watching rafael come to terms about his feelings for Bella. I voluntarily received a copy of this book and this is my honest review.